5 Anime Companion Characters Are Stronger Than The Protagonist

This anime companion character who is stronger than the protagonist often steals the attention of fans. In some cases, they are even more popular than the main character (MC).

Their bows were considered more attractive and the MCs had to fight hard to match their strength. This stronger companion character could be the MC teacher or their comrades in arms.

These characters have strong willpower and different abilities from the MC. Their level was way above them. In addition, most of them also have a more interesting backstory than the MC in the series. Unfortunately, not all of these companion characters have that much screen time. There are some of them that rarely appear.

Of course there is a reason. The series makers certainly don’t want their MC to be less popular than this companion character. In fact, that’s what often happens. Which companion characters are stronger than the protagonist in the anime? Here’s the review!

1. Levi Ackerman — Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman

Levi’s nickname is not without reason. As a member of the Reconnaissance Squad, he is incredibly powerful and unrivaled in the series.

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Levi’s power was so terrifying that the Titans were relieved that he wasn’t around. Levi’s stiff expression made it dangerous because it was almost impossible to read his mind.

With his power, Levi managed to save the lives of many people. The protagonist of this series, Eren, will not be able to do anything to compete with Levi without his Titan powers. Even then he had to be vigilant because Levi could slash him at any time.

2. Whitebeard — One Piece

Whitebeard shirohige

Ordained the Strongest Man in the World, Whitebeard is the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. He was considered to be the only person capable of confronting the Pirate King.

Whitebeard’s role in the series is short but very eye-catching. This man whose real name is Edward Newgate is also very strong. Its power is believed to be capable of destroying the world.

Whitebeard arrives at Marineford with his crew and allies. They then launched an attack on the Marines to save Roger’s son, Portgas D Ace.

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Whitebeard’s determination to save his “son” and face the Marines made him an immediate fan favorite. On top of that, Whitebeard died standing up after confirming that One Piece does exist.

3. Satoru Gojo — Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojo

As the strongest Jujutsu wizard, no one doubts Satoru’s strength. He has also repeatedly supported this claim. Satoru was never afraid of any curse.

While not holding a position of supreme authority, Satoru was never afraid to ignore his superiors. Moreover, Satoru did not let his power overwhelm him.

Time and time again, he seemed ready to help people in need. In addition, Satoru is also a fun person and rarely gets angry at other people. It would take Yuji Itadori years and a miracle to get to Satoru’s level.

4. Kyojuro Rengoku — Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro will always be remembered as the strongest character in Kimetsu no Yaiba even though he only appeared briefly in Mugen Train .

This Fire Hashira mustered all her strength against the Top 3 Demon, Akaza. All of this he does in order to protect the safety of mankind and the three young Demon Slayers he escorts, namely Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. Kyojuro has strong morals.

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He was unmoved by the lure of Akaza who would make him stronger as long as Kyojuro was willing to become a demon. Akaza even acknowledged Kyojuro’s strength. Kyojuro’s death saddened everyone. Tanjiro ensures that his senior’s death will not be in vain.

5. All Might — My Hero Academia

All Might Quotes

As someone who once held the title of Number 1 Hero in Japan, All Might is definitely a strong character. The One for All power that he has he can use against anyone.

Including his strongest enemy, All for One. However, the battles that All Might fought throughout his life were not without problems. His health continued to erode.

But, that didn’t make him give up. He mustered all his strength to face All for One. After getting weaker physically, All Might finally handed One for All to Deku. However, Deku must train hard to be on the same level as his teacher and idol.