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Apple adds these innovations to your iPhone with iOS 16

Apple adds these innovations to your iPhone with iOS 16 Apple will release the iOS 16 software update for the iPhone on Monday evening, which will add all kinds of new features to the phone. We list the most important ones.

New lock screen

It’s probably one of the first things users notice once they install iOS 16: the lock screen has been completely revamped. They get more options to personalize the screen. For example, users can choose their own font.

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It is now also possible to add widgets to the lock screen. This way you can quickly see information from selected apps, such as the weather, your calendar and your set alarms.

Battery percentage visible again

The battery percentage at the top of the iPhone’s screen disappeared in 2017, but returns in iOS 16. It does look slightly different than before: only numbers are shown, the percent sign is missing.

The battery icon also always looks full, because otherwise the numbers are not easy to read. While charging, the battery turns green and when the power save mode is on, the icon is yellow. That is now also the case.

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Remove background from photos

iOS 16 also has a new feature that makes it possible to bring out the subject in images. It is also now possible to completely isolate the subject by removing the background. This option makes it easier for users to create stickers for iMessage and WhatsApp.

Edit or undo messages

Users of iMessage can now edit messages they have just sent. It is also possible to completely undo the sending of the message. Both options are only possible within fifteen minutes of sending the message.

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In addition, users can mark a message as unread. This can be a solution, for example, if you cannot or do not want to respond to a message until later.

Revoke or schedule emails

Mail that was not yet finished has already been sent? Or accidentally sent a message to the wrong person? Users can now easily retrieve emails that have been sent. This is possible for ten seconds after sending.

In addition, users can now also schedule an email for later sending. When they hold the send button longer, they get the option to send the mail at a later time.

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