Apple is going to show even more ads in the App Store

Apple is going to show even more ads in the App Store

Apple is going to add more advertising to the App Store. In addition to the existing locations in the search field and search results, there will be two new places where developers can promote their apps.

Even more advertising in the App Store

Last year, Apple added advertising to the search field in the App Store . That was a great commercial success and so the company will soon be taking it one step further. Then you will also find advertising in the ‘Today’ tab, which was previously reserved for recommendations from Apple itself. This is probably the most important page within the App Store and will therefore bring in quite a bit of money.

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Apple emphasizes that the ad will be clearly recognizable. The rest of the tab remains for curated content. Yet it is a clear break with the current situation. The new advertising will not do the App Store any good.

An advertisement will also appear on the individual pages of apps. You will find it under the block with other apps from the same developer. Companies can’t choose which page they advertise on, but Apple makes sure that this advertising is relevant to users. In practice, that means you’re likely to see ads for similar, competing apps.

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Apple en privacy

Apple is selling the new ad in the App Store as a great way to discover unknown apps. Of course we don’t fall for that. Secretly it is mainly a way to earn more money. The ads do comply with Apple’s strict advertising policy. You can choose whether you want to see personalized advertising and underage users will never see this anyway.

In addition, Apple does not build a profile of individual users, so that your privacy is guaranteed. Sensitive information such as religion, political preference and health also do not play a role in the advertisements that you are presented with.

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Apple will soon begin testing the new ads. It is not yet clear when they will be visible to everyone.