Auto Clicker Mod Apk

Auto Clicker Mod Apk (Unlocked No Ads) Latest Version 2022

Auto Clicker Mod is in great demand because it greatly facilitates various types of work that require a lot of clicks. This one application allows users to set clicks automatically with ease.

Auto clickers are usually found and used on devices such as laptops or PCs. However, now you can also use the auto clicker application via a smartphone or tablet.

If you are interested in using this one application, then you are in the right article. In this article, we will discuss the auto clicker mod where you can use it freely and comfortably.

Get to know Auto Clicker  Mod Apk

Get to know Auto Clicker  Mod Apk

Maybe there are still many who are not familiar with applications that can facilitate this one job. Auto clicker itself is an application designed so that you can perform automatic clicks both on a computer and smartphone.

The function of this application itself is to simulate mouse clicks with the left, right, and middle buttons. Auto clicker can be set to use through the commands given.

You can set the auto clicker starting from every one second to 24 hours. Of course, this application automatically runs itself without you having to do supervision.

In addition to setting the duration of the auto clicker, you can also adjust the click speed of this one application. Therefore, this application is often believed to be used for hunting purposes, something that must be scrambled or competed quickly.

An example is when you want to watch a concert of a famous artist who has a lot of fans. Not infrequently, tickets sold out in an instant.

Or another example is when you are a flash sale hunter. As is known, flash sales on certain items require extraordinary speed to get them.

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You can use this automatic click application if you are in that situation. Of course you also have to keep an eye on the conditions at that time because there will be payments.

Some games that require continuous clicks to win can also use this application. So you don’t have to work hard to win.

Currently, there are many auto click applications available and can be downloaded. However, some apps require you to spend some money to enjoy the full range of features.

For that, we provide an auto clicker mod application so that it is more profitable and more convenient to use. And of course, you can use all of its features for free.

Auto Clicker Mod Apk Functions

As we know, auto clicker mod is just an application that is used to click automatically. But, it’s not that simple because this application has a variety of supporting features that can be used to facilitate your activities.

The functions possessed by this application also vary depending on the developer of the auto-click application. Although at its core, this app aims to help.

There is also a function to scroll on the screen automatically. This automatic screen scroll makes you not need to hold the device you are using.

You can while doing work or other activities while scrolling through your smartphone automatically to stay up to date.

In addition, if you like to copy writing from your phone to a book or paper, the features in this application are certainly very helpful. You can write in peace without having to hold your phone.

Writing activities that you do will feel more focused. And of course you won’t be easily distracted by distractions that appear through your smartphone.

This application is very efficient for any activity because it can make work easier and faster.

Comparison of Original and Modified Versions

Judging from the version, there are definitely some differences that can be felt when using it. Note some of these differences in the table below.

Auto Clicker Original Auto Clicker Mod
There are ads when used Free of ads when using the app
Need to make payment to access all features Free to use and access all features
Limited number of clicks or taps Unlimited tap and click usage
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From some of the comparisons above, there are some features that can only be felt through the modified version. The following are some of the features of the mod version of the application:

1. No Ads

When using an ad application, it sometimes interferes with user comfort. Through this modified application, users will no longer be bothered by the presence of ads.

2. Access All Features

The use of this automatic click and scroll application has several features such as speed control or number of clicks. Some features are of course locked if you use the original version of this app.

By downloading or using a modified application from auto click, you can easily access all its features. And of course, you don’t have to pay a dime to use it.

3. Infinite Taps And Clicks

As previously stated, the use of taps and clicks has a certain limit if you use the original version. Then you need to pay some money to activate the unlimited clicks feature.

It’s different if you use a modified version of the application, you no longer need to worry about this limitation. In addition, through this modified application you can also use the duration as freely as possible.

How to Use Auto Clicker Mod

Using auto clicker mod on android is very easy to do. If you don’t know how to use it, read this information carefully!

  1. First, you must have an auto-click application first. You can get this application on the link provided
  2. Open the auto clicker mod application that you already have
  3. Then select the target mode category
  4. Determine the target usage that you will use
  5. If for a single target, then select a single target in the mode selection
  6. If you want to automatically scroll and click, then choose the available multi-target mode
  7. After determining the mode used, press the activation button
  8. In single mode, sync the blue circle with the button then select play
  9. For multi target mode, after selecting activate you have to click on the plus button to add the point you want
  10. If you have determined the command, select play
  11. Auto clicker mod can be stopped by selecting pause
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Download Auto Clicker Mod

To download the auto clicker mod application, you must know the specifications that meet the requirements. The specifications must be considered so that the application can be downloaded smoothly. The following are some of the specifications.

App Name Auto Clicker Mod
Size 12.3 mb
Operating System Android 7.0 and Above
Price Free
App Ratimg For All Ages
Download Link Here

How To Install Auto Clicker Mod Apk

After knowing the information about the auto clicker mod, of course you want to download this application right away, right? You don’t have to worry about having trouble installing it because it’s very easy.

  1. Follow each step provided below so that the installation process can be successful without any problems
  2. Make sure the device you are using to download the auto clicker mod is Android
  3. Click the download link that is already available in the table above
  4. Then, click the available download button
  5. Wait a while until the auto clicker mod download process is complete
  6. Open the file manager and look for the auto clicker mod download file
  7. Click the downloaded file then press install to install it on the device
  8. Once installed, open the application and make sure the application can be used properly

Very easy is not the installation process of this automatic click application? So what are you waiting for? Immediately download this auto click application on your device and enjoy the benefits!


Work will be more efficient through the automatic click mod application where this application can be obtained for free. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and don’t miss other interesting articles on our website!

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