The Best Screen Recorder For PC Devices

8 The Best Screen Recorder For PC Devices

Here we also want to provide information about applications that you can use to record on PC or Computer devices.

Especially for those of you who struggle with content creation or any project related to the creative world along with applications that can be used to produce quality videos through screen recordings that will make it easier for each user in the manufacturing process.

Doing screen recording or screen recording is certainly not as difficult as imagined, you only need special technology or software known as screen recording. You can use the screen recorder for PC device to record in its entirety or on a part of the screen. For example, starting from typing to the movement of the cursor. Then there are also various applications, you just have to decide according to what is needed.

For more details, please note the following description of the free screen recorder for PC devices, as follows:

The Best Screen Recorder For PC

1. AceThinker


First the Best Screen Recorder For PC, the AceThinker application or web-based computer screen recorder is very easy to use. Here you can use it to record the entire screen or only certain parts, it is also possible to edit in real time and simultaneously record audio from the microphone.

The application allows you to save and convert the results in MOV, MP4, and API formats. You can also use it here to directly upload the screen recording to Google, Drive, Dropbox to Youtube. Interestingly, this application is free and its features can be accessed without having to be connected to the internet.

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Download link: Here

2. DVDVideo Soft Free Screen Video Recorder

DVDVideo Soft Free Screen Video Recorder

Next Best Screen Recorder For PC is DVDVideo Soft Screen,Well, for those of you who are looking for an additional application to record the screen on a computer device that seems light but has complete features, the solution is a screen recorder from DVDVideo Soft Screen. Basically the application was released to record Skype chats without any limitations.

That’s why this application is very useful for you Skype interviews or virtual conference calls.

Advantages of DVDVideo Soft Free Screen Video Recorder

  • There is a basic image editor that is very easy to use.
  • Several modes are available for recording different screens.
  • Capable of producing quality recordings.
  • New users have provided instructions for use on their website.
  • Available in 10 languages.
  • The formats consist of JPEG, TGA, MP4, GIF, BMP, and PNG.

Download link: Here

3. CamStudio


Screen Recorder For PC For those of you who are beginners, we highly recommend subscribing to this CamStudio application, because the internal display is very simple so it is very easy to use and of course the capacity is light in size. The screen recorder application can produce video in AVI format and then convert it in SWF format.

Once again that CamStudio is not suitable for use by professionals because of the limited support for its features, so it is highly recommended for new users. But don’t underestimate the quality, because it can produce quality screenshots.

Download link:

4. Screencast –O- Matic

Screencast –O- Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is an online computer Screen Recorder For PC with the support of webcam and screen recording. Although the application cannot produce maximum recording quality and super high quality, the application is equipped with the option of recording options with a capacity of 800 × 600, 640 × 480 and others.

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Disadvantages of Screen-O-Matic

  • Has a fairly small video size.

Advantages of Screen-O-Matic

  • Help users to enlarge, draw, or add video files (overlay).
  • You can also directly upload the results to the Youtube platform without the need for additional applications.
  • The availability of additional features for editing audio and synchronizing recordings with video footage.

Download link: Here

5. Free Cam

Free Cam

Next Screen Recorder For PC is Free Cam, this apps can use for computer or laptop screen recording application that is quite simple with a built-in editor for audio and video. The interface is also very attractive, so the recording process is very practical and easy. Although it seems simple, the recording is free from watermarks and is anti-advertising.

Advantages of Free Cam

  • Can produce voice recordings and screenshots with super high resolution.
  • Can save videos in WMV format and upload them directly to the Youtube platform.
  • There is a feature to remove video fragments.
  • Then it can eliminate noise during recording.
  • Finally, there are various audio effect options for maximum results.

Download link: Here

6. OBS Studio

OBS Studio

Next Best Screen Recorder For PC is OBS Studio or known as Open Broadcaster Software which is a special computer recording device with free cost and easy to use. Then the application is also equipped with shortcut keys that you can set for the recording process.

Interestingly, OBS Studio is supported by an audio mixer that is able to produce video quality with clear sound. Interesting isn’t it?

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Advantages of OBS Studio

  • OBS Studio supports live streaming on Twitch or Youtube platforms.
  • Can save the project and come back later.
  • Finally, you can pair the recordings in FLV format and save them directly to storage memory.
  • Finally good luck.

Download link: Here

7. ShareX


The next Best Screen Recorder For PC is the ShareX application that can be used on Laptop devices which is definitely ad-free. The features in it also provide open source custom completeness features which are ideal for use by professional users. If users are new to operating it, of course, they will be confused because it looks complicated and sophisticated.

The advantages of ShareX

  • Able to record full screen, monitor, region, window, freehand, and scrolling.
  • Each user can also use Hotkeys or navigation shortcut keys to make it easier and faster.
  • It has been supported by many platforms from social media to share links.
  • You can also import videos, photos, music.
  • Finally, each user can add certain special effects and color grading.

Download link: Here

8. Tiny Take

Tiny Take

For the last Best Screen Recorder For PC , Tiny Take, which is a little strange in terms of its name, but you know that this application is free, lightweight, and certainly easy to use. Then also that Tiny Take is equipped with features to record screens, make annotations, and can directly upload them to social media.

Its simple appearance and complete features are ideal for new users who are looking for recommended screen recorder applications for computer devices. Here each user can also add graphics from local drives to later generate annotation files.

Download link: Here

Those are some Best Screen Recorder For PC that we highly recommend for those of you who are having projects to produce quality videos and clear sound. Please choose and decide for yourself which one you think is the most suitable and most interesting to use.