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Clash of Clans APK Mod Unlimited All Update Latest Version 2023

One of the best and best-selling old-school games that is still widely played by game lovers around the world is Clash of Clans APK. This game provides very exciting gameplay and makes the gamers feel at home.

In this strategy game, you can build many buildings, kingdoms, recruit soldiers, and so on. However, to be able to do all of the required items such as gems, gold, and a lot of elixirs. That way, you can do it easily.

Of course, getting these items is not an easy thing. Because you have to try first and take a lot of time. Therefore, if you want to get it instantly. We recommend Clash of Clans APK Mod.

Clash of Clans APK Mod provides more excellent and very advanced features. Of course different from the original version. You can use all the premium features in this game for free.

That way, making the game you play even more exciting than usual. All the features provided are unlimited. So, you can use it as you wish. Curious and want to try playing this interesting game? Come on, see more below.

Review Clash of Clans Apk Mod

Review Clash of Clans Apk Mod

The name COC is more widely known when compared to Clash of Clans, the market is relatively short in terms of mention and a lot of people use the clash of clans APK keyword.

COC or Clash of Clans is a popular game and is still widely played by gamers in Indonesia. clash of clans apk games are old school, but many still play them today. Clash of Clans is developed by Developer Supercell in Finland.

Coc is a series of games for Android and iOS. And has a lot of fans all over the world. You can play this game online. In addition, the 3D graphic display that is presented is very charming and makes anyone feel at home playing this game.

clash of clans apk mod gameplay is very exciting and unique, this game will invite you to fight with other players from around the world. And to date, COC is a strategy game and the best-selling of all time.

Clash of clans has received the highest rating from other gamers and is a proof that this game is one of the highest earning games on the Google Playstore or App Store platforms at its time.

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And if you feel interested and curious to try playing a game full of strategy. Please see the explanation below.

Features Clash of Clans APK Mod

This game provides various advantages and more features for you to use when playing the game. What’s more, if all the features you need are available and free, of course, making the game even more exciting when compared to the original version.

Therefore, before deciding to download this strategy game. It is better to know in advance what features are contained in the clash of clans mod version of the 2022 APK as follows.

1. Unlimited Gems

Features that are sought after because they are difficult to obtain are gems. By using this feature, you can get various items you need for free. Unlike the original version, you have to buy it first at a predetermined price.

You can buy coins, and other resources in order to speed up the development and improvement process that you do in this game. All the gems given are unlimited, so you don’t have to struggle anymore to get them directly.

2. Unlimited Gold

In addition to gems, you can also get unlimited gold which is no less important for you to use. You can buy various items needed in the 2022 clash of clans apk mod game. All the features provided are unlimited, so you can buy them according to your individual wishes.

3. Unlimited Elixir

In this game you need a lot of resources, and to get it, a strategy is needed first in order to be able to forcibly seize the enemy’s resources. However, if you don’t want to try or are reluctant to do it.

Then you can play clash of clans APK mod 2022 which offers unlimited unlimited elixir easily and you can use it to unlimited.

4. Unlimited Dark Elixir

And another resource that is difficult for players to get is Dark elixir. This feature is useful for adding dark troops, but no need to worry because in this mod game you can get it easily and unlimitedly to make it easier for you to play the game later.

5. Unlimited Trops

Because you have got the elixir feature, then you can get a lot of troops or trops to infinity. And you no longer need to wait long to train it first. Because the troops you can recruit already have high skills or abilities.

6. Unlimited Speed Up

Another interesting feature that you can get in the game Clash of clans apk mod 2022 is unlimited speed up. If you manage to build a defense structure in the game then you can recruit soldiers.

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This game provides an arsenal of types of warriors, such as swordsmen, sorcerers, dragons, and others. Not only the defense structure, the soldiers in this game you can increase their strength thanks to the unlimited gems.

7. Fight fellow Clans

In this game, you can make as many friends as possible and join guilds so you can get help when you have to fight and so on. In addition, your guild will provide assistance by sending rescue teams and can attack fellow clans.

This game is very exciting and makes anyone feel at home playing it. Moreover, all the features you need are already open and can be used freely and for free.

8. Building, Defense, and Troops

In this game, you can start with territory. So, with the available resources you can create your own kingdom freely. In addition, building buildings, recruiting soldiers and so on.

The game also offers tons of defense jobs such as traps, cannons, walls and towers. You can upgrade all of these items again to be much stronger than usual. And can help you to fight against a collection of monsters and other players.

9. Graphics and Sound

The graphic display and sound effects presented by this strategy game are very charming and beautiful. The quality of the 3D graphics is sharper, brighter and eye catching, making you more immersed in the game that will invite you to fight.

In addition, there are landmine explosion effects in battle and symphonic music that makes you feel like you are fighting like real. So, make sure to download the game right now.

10. Max Town Hall

This Clash Of Clans APK  mod 2021 provides an unlimited number of items and you can use them freely. You can also increase the level of the town hall or town hall to the highest level and can unlock all buildings, decorations, defenses and so on.

Those are some of the mod features that you can get in this clans of clans apk mod game, maybe there are many other features that you can use to play the game later. And make the game even more exciting than usual. If interested, please download the game now.

Download the Latest Clash Of Clans Apk Mod 2022

There are so many interesting things that you can get in this mod game and it will make it easier for you to play the game later. In addition, all the features provided are free and can be used according to their own wishes.

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In this game, you can do various things such as create a kingdom, recruit troops, build buildings and so on. You can also offer lots of other defense jobs. For example towers, cannons, walls and traps.

In addition, you can get various unlimited features such as gems, gold, elixir, troops and many others. So that you can increase the defense of your respective kingdoms. COC Mod Apk has a large size under 200 MB.

Please check the storage space on each device whether it meets or not. In addition, make sure that your device specifications meet the requirements because this game can only be played with 1GB RAM device specs and operating system 4.1 higher.

If you can’t wait to play it immediately, please press the download button below.

App Name Clash of Clans Apk Mod
Version v14.42
Size 174 MB
Os Android  4.1+
Publisher Supercell
Link Download Download

You can play this game on various devices such as Android, iOS, PC and others. In addition, this mod game is safe for you to access and play now with friends online and easily. And all the features provided can be accessed for free.

How To Install Clash Of Clans Apk Mod

The COC version of the mod APK 2022 is an application made by a third party and requires manual installation to be able to install it on each device. The trick is to activate unknown sources first through settings or settings. And to find out more details, please see the full tutorial below.

  • As usual, please download the game Clash of Clans APK mod version above first
  • After that, go to the settings on the respective device
  • If so, select Security or Security
  • And check the allow installation from unknown sources
  • Next, open the file manager on the phone
  • Then, look for the downloaded APK file earlier
  • Please click install and wait a while until the process is complete
  • Done

Make sure you have implemented all the above processes correctly, so that the game can be installed on your respective devices. And if the process is successful, then you can play the game right now. And use all the excellent features provided freely.

This game works and you can play on each device. However, make sure that you always update it so you can get the latest updates from the mod version of the clash of clans game. In addition, you can get a variety of more features.


Thus the explanation of the Clash of Clans APK Mod 2022 that you can play with friends and others, we have shared the download link for you to download for free and install it in the way we have shared in this article.

Hopefully what we say can be useful for readers, don’t forget to look forward to other interesting information from That is all and thank you.