How to Deactivate Instagram Account

How to Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily and Permanently 2023

How to deactivate Instagram account is quite easy to do. Disabling social media can be a step to reduce activity in cyberspace and focus on doing something more important.

Instagram has become one of the most popular and favorite social media for most people. Currently, Kevin Systrom’s discovery platform has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. Instagram allows users to share photos, videos, stories , live broadcasts, to send messages to other users.

The various features available on Instagram make it easier for someone to establish social relationships. Not just a variety of social life, Instagram is also widely used as a profitable business platform .

Instagram is often used to promote products or services, reach a wider audience, build good relationships with customers, and various other benefits. However, some people choose to deactivate Instagram account. This is done for various reasons, such as wanting to focus on doing something, reducing activities in cyberspace, or wanting to calm down from social life.

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Deactivating an Instagram account can be done only temporarily or permanently. Here’s how!

How to Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account


If you have temporarily deactivated your Instagram account, you can reactivate it if you want to use this platform again. When deactivating an Instagram account, followers on your Instagram cannot see your timeline or search for your account. However, there are still traces that other users can see, such as direct messages . Only, the account name changed to ” Instagrammers “. Instagram will still retain your account information, including your list of followers and photos in your feed , if the user wants to reactivate it.

Here’s how to temporarily deactivate Instagram account:

  • Open on your device
  • Log in to your Instagram account
  • Click the profile picture in the upper right corner
  • Select Edit Profile
  • To delete a temporary account, click “Temporarily Deactivate My Account”
  • Select a reason from the question “Why did you deactivate your account?”
  • Re-enter your password.
  • Click “Temporarily Deactivate My Account”.
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How to Deactivate Instagram Account Permanently

In addition to temporarily, Instagram accounts can also be permanently disabled. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Instagram apps and tap on the profile icon from the bottom right.
  • At the top right, tap the Settings icon.
  • Select Help > Help Center.
  • To permanently delete an Instagram account, select Manage Your Account > Delete Your Account.
  • Select “How do I delete my Instagram account?”
  • Select the “Delete Your Account page” link
  • Determine the reason why you deleted your account.
  • Enter your Instagram password.
  • Click “Permanently delete my account”.

What Happens if an Instagram Account Is Permanently Deleted?

When an Instagram account is permanently deleted, your entire Instagram history will be deleted forever. That means all your photos, videos, archives, messages and followers will be permanently deleted.

You can’t get it back. Only you can delete your Instagram account. Therefore, for security reasons, Instagram cannot do that for you. It is also important to note that Instagram cannot reactivate a deleted account, so make 100% sure that you want your account to be permanently deleted.

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If you’ve permanently deleted your account and then you decide to go back to Instagram, you can do that. However, you cannot reactivate the old account and cannot register for a new account with the same old username.

After 30 days from the request for account deletion, your account and all of your information will be permanently deleted, and you will not be able to get that information back. The deletion process should take approximately 90 days after submission.

those are how to Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily and Permanently that you should try if you are looking for a way to Deactivate Instagram Account.

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