Download Best Money Making Apps on Android 2023

Currently there are lots of money-making applications that you can find on the internet. Especially for you android users. This application carries different concepts from games, surveys, photography and so on.

For those of you who are confused about what additions to look for, we highly recommend using this application. There are dozens of applications that you can choose right now as a means to earn extra income.

The application that we will explain here has been proven to pay and is very safe to use. To download it is also not at all difficult because most of it is already available on the PlayStore. Curious what the recommended applications are? Just take a look at the full explanation below.

Download Best Money Making Apps on Android 2022

So far, we’ve rounded up the best apps that you can use to earn extra income. When you download and install it, you only have to complete each mission or task given by the application to completion.

After that you will immediately get a commission from the application. On the other hand, how to use this application is also not difficult. And most importantly, the applications that we will describe here have been proven to pay. Just look at the following explanation.

Snack Videos

Screenshot 15

The first recommendation we can give here is Snack Video. Who is not familiar with this one video streaming application? Nowadays Snack Video is even considered as one of the strongest competitors of TikTok. There are a lot of users all over the world. Of course, Indonesia is one of them.

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In addition to being official and registered on the PlayStore and AppStore, Snack Video has also been proven to pay. To get income from this one application is also not difficult at all. You only need to watch the content in it. Every time you watch content, points will be credited to your account.

In addition to watching, you also have to complete various tasks given by the developer. The more tasks you complete, the more points you get. You can redeem these points through various types of E-Wallets such as Dana or ShopeePay.

Download Here


Screenshot 16

Our next recommendation is CashPop. This application also went viral some time ago. Users also come from various circles. Of course this application has also been proven to pay. There are many users who already get paid from CashPop.

When you use CashPop, the task is more or less the same as using Tiktok or Snack Video. There are lots of videos to watch. But it turns out that the task is not only that, when you use CashPop, you can also get points from chatting and other interesting tasks.

You can download Cashpop for free on the PlayStore. Every time you complete a task, you will get points that continue to accumulate in your account. Later, you can cash out these coins into an E-Wallet, pulse, or use them as online shopping vouchers. It’s easy isn’t it?

Hello Apk

Screenshot 17

Another recommendation that is no less mandatory to try is the Helo Apk. Maybe this app is not as popular as CashPop or Snack Video. But we guarantee you will get paid for using this one application. Many users have already received the prize.

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When you use this application, you have to watch various types of videos that are in the application. Every time you finish watching content submitted by the application, you will automatically earn.

Not only that, you can also earn income by uploading photos into the application. Don’t forget to only upload videos that comply with community standards on Helo Apk. Otherwise, the video will not be accepted and no payment will be made.

Cash Gift

Screenshot 18

Cash Gift claims to have disbursed more than IDR 13 billion for millions of users. There are many advantages that this application has. Among them the small payout amount is only 3 dollars.

In addition, the redemption time is relatively fast, because it can be entered into a PayPal account in a matter of minutes.

This app uses a point system, 1,000 points is equivalent to 1 dollar. Points can be earned by watching advertisements, installing applications, and doing tasks provided by the application.

Cash for Apps

Screenshot 19

Its use is quite simple. To get points, you can download , install, and play certain features in the Cash for Apps application. Every 300 points, can be exchanged for one dollar.

Later these points can be withdrawn via Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, GameStop, Starbucks, Best Buy, and so on. Unfortunately, payments cannot be made via PayPal.

The average points you can get each time you install an application are 50-400 points, depending on the offer. With this amount, you can get a lot of points in a short time.

Google Opinion Rewards

Screenshot 20

If you don’t like the hassle of having to install and use applications, you can try “Google Opinion Rewards”. As the name implies, you only need to write your opinion in the survey column provided by Google.

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You must fill it correctly and validly if you want to get points. But take it easy, the questions asked are not difficult, really. For example, “When are you planning to go on a trip or traveling?” or “Which logo do you think is the best?” Very easy, right?

Although the task is relatively easy, it is not every day that a survey is received. In fact, it could only appear once a week or two weeks.

Another drawback is that you have to install an IP changer service such as a VPN to change your location when using this application. Because Google Opinion Rewards is not yet available in Indonesia.


Screenshot 21

Another cool apk recommendation is the ClipClaps Apk. Has anyone ever used this application? This app is only available on android and not yet available for iOS users. You just need to visit the PlayStore to download and install this application on the respective device.

ClipClaps is a free money-making application service that you can access without any deposit. Many smartphone users have used this application on their respective devices. Of course there are a lot of tasks to be gained from using it.

Every time a task is completed, you will get a commission in the form of coins from the application. Later, you can exchange these coins directly for money through the various types of E-Wallets currently available. You can also convert coins into fund balances, shopping vouchers and others.

The task given by this application is quite simple. In it you only need to download various types of applications and install them on each device. There is also a task to watch videos of a certain duration and users are required to give likes or comments to them.