How To Download Instagram Photos

10 Step How To Download Instagram Photos 2022

Previously, we have provided how to download Instagram videos in a separate article, now it’s the turn of how to download Instagram photos/images , which we will discuss.

The Instagram platform is a place where Android & iOS users share their daily videos, photos and pictures.

You can find thousands of interesting & cool photos on this one social media platform, even all the available photos/images or videos can be downloaded via PC or Android.

In today’s modern era, almost all Android users cannot be separated from the Instagram platform. There are users who use it only as entertainment, there are also those who use it as a place to find additional income or do business.

Unfortunately, this popular social media platform does not yet provide download/download options for each photo/image or video upload. So many users are confused when they want to download Instagram videos & photos.

But actually you can easily if you want to save photos/images from the Instagram platform, the way is to take advantage of the SS feature or screenshots that your mobile device has.

However, saving images / photos through the screenshot technique is not as high quality as the download. Therefore, users are looking for ways to download Instagram photos & videos from various sources.

If you are looking for a way to download Instagram photos with or without an application, then you should refer to this article because in it we have prepared various ways that can be applied.

Download Instagram Photos with Apps


You can find various sophisticated applications on the official Play Store & App Store markets, including applications that help the process of downloading photo/image files from the Instagram platform.

So in this review we will only recommend a few applications, but the applications we recommend have been proven to work and help users download videos and photos on Instagram.

Before we provide the Instagram photo & video downloader application, you should first consider how to copy the link/URL of posting an image or video in the Instagram application as follows:

  • Enter on the Instagram platform that you have, every upload that is available has a three line icon and please press the option.
  • Several menu options appear, you select the Copy/Copy Link option section.
  • Good luck.

After knowing how to copy post URLs on Instagram, now we start the main discussion, namely how to download Instagram photos/images using the application. Check out the reviews as follows:

1. Download Instagram Photos Via Download For Instagram

Our first recommendation for a downloader application that you can use when you want to download photos/images is the download application for Instagram.

This application is also provided for free on all official markets, both in the Play Store and App Store.

The process of using this application to download images from Instagram is very simple. More details you can see the following review.

How to Download Photos/Images with Apk Download for Instagram:

If you see an interesting photo/image post on the IG platform, of course you often want to be able to save an image from that post.

Now with this application, you can easily save images / photos in IG posts directly to the gallery. To use it, you can see the tutorial below:

  • First, you have installed the download for Instagram application on your Android/iOS device. If you don’t have it, you can download it via the link provided in the review.
  • Also make sure you have the IG image/photo link you want to download. How to copy the image link, we have provided a complete guide above.
  • If you have copied the photo link, now run the download for Instagram application on your device.
  • The main page of the application provides an empty box, you can paste a photo/image link in the box.
  • This application automatically searches for images from the links you paste, please wait until the results come out.
  • Then press the Save Image option to save the image.
  • Good luck.
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Can you understand the Instagram Photo Download tutorial above? If it’s a little complicated/difficult to do, you don’t need to worry because there are still many easy ways to save images from Instagram that we will provide.

2. Download Instagram Photos Via Video Downloader for Instagram

The second recommendation for the photo download application on Instagram from us is the video downloader apk for Instagram.

Just like the first application that we provided, even this application is easy to use and you can download it for free via the play store.

Even though the name of the application is Video Downloader for Instagram, you can also use it to download photo/image files from the Instagram platform.

Then, how is the process of downloading photos/images from posts on Instagram with this application? Check out the full tutorial below.

How to Download Instagram Photos via Video Downloader Apk for Instagram:

The main function of the Video Downloader for Instagram apk is to download IG videos, but you can also download Instagram post photo/image files through this application.

Of course, the process of downloading photo/image files via the video downloader apk for Instagram is easy to understand. But for those of you who are still confused about how to do it, just follow these guidelines:

  • First, you have to download the video downloader for Instagram apk first. Please download the apk file for free on google play store or app store.
  • After that, you can enter the Instagram platform to copy the link to the photo/image post that you want to save in the cellphone gallery.
  • Then just paste the IG image/photo link that you will download in the search box that appears in this application.
  • The photo file search will be carried out by this application system, you just need to wait for the results to come out.
  • Please press the Save Image option to start the file download.
  • The Instagram photo file download process only takes a few seconds, please wait until it works.
  • Photo files that you take from Instagram posts are automatically saved in the cellphone gallery.
  • Good luck.

What do you think, is the way to download IG (Instagram) photos through the application that we provide understandable? Please follow the steps properly and correctly.

3.Download Instagram Photos Via FastSave App

The next Instagram photo download application that you can use for free on both Android and iOS phones is FastSave.

Yes, this one application is quite popular among the public with more than 50 million downloads to date.

Interestingly, the FastSave application has a fairly light file size, so its use will not burden the performance of the phone itself.

How to Download Instagram Photos with FastSave:

For those of you who are using this ig photo download application for the first time, you may be a little confused about how to use it.

But actually to download photos on the Instagram application with FastSave is very easy and fast, here are the complete steps.

  • First, please download the FastSave application on the Playstore or App Store.
  • If so, please open it on their respective smartphones.
  • After that, enter your Instagram application.
  • Select the Instagram photo that you want to download.
  • Then copy the link to the Instagram photo link.
  • Next, please paste the link in the FastSave application.
  • If so, please click the download menu.
  • You automatically download Instagram photos.

However, if you don’t want to install these applications but want to keep saving photo files from Instagram. We recommend that you apply another way, namely using a site that can be accessed via a browser.

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Download Instagram Photos Online


Without a downloader application, you can actually save photo and video files from Instagram easily via existing video downloader websites.

This means, you don’t have to bother installing the application again so you can download videos or photos from IG. Simply use the browser on your cellphone, photo & video files from Instagram can be directly stored in the gallery.

The process of downloading Instagram photos (IG) without the help of an application is also quite easy for you to apply, for those who are curious to try to do it, see some of the complete guidelines below:

1. Download Instagram Photos Via

So, the first Instagram photo & video download site we recommend is

As we said earlier, this site can not only download photos, but videos on Instagram you can download through this site.

The appearance of this site is very simple, so the process when using it is not difficult.

How to Download Instagram Photos via

If this is the first time for you, then you should follow every step that we will share so that the photo file can be saved successfully. Here are the steps:

  • The first step, you need to make sure you have copied the photo/image link from Instagram that you want to download.
  • You can learn how to copy the IG photo upload link in the tutorial above, which we have provided previously.
  • After that, please enter the browser that is often used, such as Chrome or Mozilla.
  • Visit the website
  • Then paste/paste the IG photo link that you previously copied into the search box.
  • Press the Get Link option.
  • Please wait until the site displays the results.
  • Click Download Images.
  • Wait for the download process to finish.
  • Photo files / images are directly stored in your device gallery.
  • Good luck.

2. Download Instagram Photos Via

The website that you can use for taking photos/pictures on the next IG platform is the site. Just like the previous site, the process for saving photo/image files from IG via this site is very easy.

How to Download IG Photos via

The appearance of this Instagram photo download site is very simple & simple, although the presence of an advertisement often appears.

However, this does not make this site abandoned by internet users, because from the past until now the InstaVideoDownloader site is still popular.

If you want to try downloading Instagram photos through this one site, please follow the steps as follows:

  • The first step, of course, is to copy the link from the photo/image post on the IG platform first.
  • If so, you can immediately visit the InstaVideoDownloader site via chrome or another browser on the device.
  • Please find the search box and then paste/paste the photo link that you copied earlier.
  • Click Get Links.
  • The image file search will take place, wait a few seconds for the results to appear.
  • Then press Download Image.
  • Then wait a while until the photo / image file is successfully stored in your HP gallery.
  • Good luck.

3. Download Instagram Photos Via

A website that is capable of converting photos/images on the Instagram platform is Zasasa. The display carried by zasasa is slightly different from other photo & video downloader sites.

Because, the appearance of the zasasa is a little more unique and interesting, but all of its functions are not much different. For those who are curious to try using this site to download Instagram photos and videos, see the following reviews.

How to Download IG Photos via

Interestingly, the site does not display ad ad impressions, so the process of download Instagram photos & videos via zasasa can be done more comfortably.

The process of downloading photos from Instagram on the Zasasa web you can see & learn below:

  • Just like before, you need to have an Instagram photo/image link first.
  • Then login in Chrome to access the site
  • After successfully entering the main page of the site, you just paste the photo link that you want to save.
  • Wait until the conversion process carried out by this site is successful.
  • After that, several download options will be directly displayed by the site.
  • You can have the Download Photo With This Name option or choose the Download Photo option.
  • Press one of the Download options and wait for it to finish.
  • Good luck.
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4. Download Instagram Photos Via

The next website that can help you download Instagram photos is This site carries a different look from the zasasa site, it looks much more modern but still simple.

The ingramer site prioritizes convenience for its users, as evidenced by the absence of any advertisements that appear. We also often take advantage of the services of this site.

How to Download Instagram Images via

If you want to try download Instagram photos (IG) using this site, you should follow the tutorials that we provide properly and appropriately:

  • First, you are required to have copied the photo/image link on Instagram that you want to download.
  • Please enter in one of the browsers available on your device, for example Chrome or Opera Mini.
  • Visit the site directly at
  • If you manage to enter the main page of the site, you just enter the copied IG photo link in the search box.
  • Then press Search so the ingramer site starts looking for the file.
  • A few seconds later will display the Download option.
  • Please click the Download option.
  • The files you want will be stored directly in the phone’s memory.
  • Good luck.

5. Download Instagram photos Via

Almost all users of popular social media platforms are familiar with this one video downloader site. Yes, savefrom ig is a site that can download instagram, tiktok and youtube videos for free.

The popularity of the SaveForm site is undeniable, its simple appearance and use make this site often used by everyone when they want to download videos & photos/images from the Instagram application.

How to Download Instagram Photos via

The process of downloading photos/images or videos on Instagram you can do easily on the savefrom site, but for those who are still confused about the steps, you can follow the following tutorial:

  • Just like other video downloader sites, you need to have the desired IG photo link first.
  • If you have copied the IG photo link, you just enter one of the browsers such as Opera Mini or Chrome.
  • Then access the site at
  • In the search field provided, you paste/paste the IG photo link you want to save directly.
  • Press Get Links.
  • The Download button will appear immediately.
  • Please press Download Image to save the photo/image.
  • Good luck.

6. Download Instagram photos

Even this one site is as popular as SaveFrom, the appearance and design of DownloadGram is very simple. All IG users, of course, have downloaded Instagram photos through this one site.

Users only need to copy & confirm the photo or video link on Instagram, then the file can be directly stored in your device’s internal storage.

How to Download IG Photos via

As we said just now, you are only asked to copy and paste the desired ig photo link. Then the system owned by the downloadgram site will search for or convert the file.

Here are the complete steps below to download Instagram videos without an application:

  • Log in to the Instagram platform.
  • Please copy the IG photo link that you want to save directly on the smartphone device memory.
  • After that, you visit the site via Chrome or your favorite browser.
  • Then the Instagram photo link that you have copied, please paste it in the downlaodgram search column.
  • Wait until the Download option is provided.
  • Click Download Images.
  • Good luck.

7. Download Instagram photos Via

The last recommendation for Instagram video & photo downloader sites is Like the name of the site itself, you can use the free Instagram video download service.

The user-friendly appearance and no ads make the site always used by users to download free Instagram photos & videos.

How to Download Instagram Photos via

Please follow every step we provide if you want to try using this site to download HD quality Instagram images.

  • Log in to the Instagram application with your account.
  • Please find the photo/image post that you want to save.
  • Copy the link for the uploaded photo.
  • After that, you visit the site via chrome.
  • The IG photo link that you copied earlier, please paste it in the site’s search field.
  • Then press Get Link.
  • Please press Download to start the IG photo file download.
  • Wait until the process is successful.
  • Good luck.

Please choose one way to download HD quality Instagram photos and videos through the popular video downloader site that we provide.


This, we can convey several ways to download HD quality Instagram photos through the application and without the application. We hope that the reviews that we provide on this occasion can be useful. Thank you