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5 Ways How to Download Instagram Stories 2022

Download Instagram Stories – The Instagram application has indeed become one of the most popular platforms around the world, especially in Indonesia.

The popularity of this Instagram application is none other than because it has a display that is so simple and sophisticated that it is very easy to operate.

Of course, all smart phone users, both Android and iOS, have already installed this Instagram application, because you can communicate with other people through this IG application by using a feature called DM or direct messages.

In addition to having this feature, Instagram also has a story feature or what is often referred to as insta Story, where users can upload IG status/Story both photos and videos accompanied by music to make it look cooler.

However, to be able to own or download Instagram stories, you cannot directly enter the application because the developer has not embedded the IG story download feature directly.

Therefore, there are now many applications or sites that are able to download Instagram stories (IG).

So at this meeting, we will share how to download Instagram stories using the IG video downloader application and site.

If you are curious, please read this review about How to Download Story IG (Instagram) to completion.


For those of you who don’t want to be complicated to be able to download other people’s Instagram stories (ig) without the help of an application, instead, by using the official Insta Story IG video downloader site.

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Now there are lots of ways that you can do to download Instagram stories (IG) without using an application. Please see how to download Instagram story videos (ig) via the following online:

1.Download Instagram Stories via the StoriesI

The first Instagram Stories Download site that we recommend is the Stories.IG site. This one site already supports all types of browsers, both Chrome. Mozilla, Opera mini and others.

How to Download Instagram Stories (IG) videos via the StoriesIG site is very easy and simple, please see our guide below:

  1. First, please open the browser that you want to use.
  2. Then please enter the official site.
  3. If you have, then you enter the IG account that you want to download the Insta Story that you want to download.
  4. Then click Enter.
  5. After that, please select the IG account that owns the Insta Story.
  6. Next, please click on the three-dot option and select Download.
  7. Automatically the Insta video file will be saved directly in your respective cell phone storage.
  8. Done. Good luck.

That’s how to download other people’s Instagram Stories via the Downloader site.

Please follow the steps above properly and correctly so that you can successfully download Instagram stories on Android and iOS.

2. Download Instagram Stories Via InstagramSave

The next Instagram (ig) story download site that you can use is the site. This downloader site is not much different from the sites we have discussed above.

You can download other people’s Insta Story IG videos directly into your cell phone’s gallery storage, both Android and iOS.

As for how to download other people’s IG video stories via the following site:

  1. First, open the browser you want to use.
  2. Then please enter the site
  3. If you have, you will be asked to enter the username of the Instagram account that you want to download the IG Story for.
  4. Then please just click the Download Stories option.
  5. Please choose one of the formats, either MP4 or JPG.
  6. Then you wait until the download process is complete.
  7. Done.
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Please, you can choose one of the other Insta Story downloader sites that you think is suitable for use.

3. Download Instagram Stories Via SaveForm

Furthermore, there is an ig (instagram) video download site which is very popular compared to others, namely

Yes, you can open the site on your respective smartphone browser. As for how to download Instagram stories on the savefrom site as follows.

  1. First. please open their respective Instagram applications.
  2. Then copy the video link link, feeds or Instagram story that you want to download.
  3. When finished, please open the website.
  4. Then paste / paste the IG link in the column provided.
  5. After that please click the Download menu.
  6. Please select the MP4 Download menu.
  7. Automatically videos and ig stories are saved on your cellphone.

The interesting thing about this ig video download site is that it can be accessed by all browsers and of course it can be used for free without a limit on the number of downloads.

4. Download Instagram Stories Via Instagram Downloader

If you still haven’t found a suitable Instagram story download site, maybe you can try using iGram right now.

Using the Instagram downloader site on this one is very easy, you only need to paste the link to the Instagram content link that you want to download. Here are the complete steps.

  1. The first step, please copy the link to the IG content link you want to download, be it videos, stories, reels and others.
  2. If you have, please log in to the site in your respective browser.
  3. In the initial menu, please paste the link directly in the column menu that has been provided.
  4. Then tap the Download menu, then select Download MP4.
  5. Wait for the process for a few seconds.
  6. Instagram stories will automatically be saved on your internal storage.
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You can download videos and Instagram stories on this site with an unlimited number and of course free of charge.

5. Download Instagram Stories Via Snap Insta

Finally, there is a site called Snap Insta that you can use to download stories, videos and reels on the Instagram application.

The use of this downloader site is actually the same as most other sites, you only need to paste the link to the IG content link you want to download. If you don’t know how, please see below.

  1. Open the respective Instagram app.
  2. Please search for videos, reels or IG stories that you want to download.
  3. If so, please enter the site.
  4. Then paste the link to the Instagram story link that you want to download.
  5. After that please click the Download menu.
  6. Wait a few seconds until the process is complete.

You can have one of the ig story download sites (instagram) above. All of them have the same use, namely downloading, downloading videos, reels, stories and so on.


Maybe that’s all the admin can say about Download Instagram Stories 2022 Without Watermark on Android and iOS.

Hopefully this review can be useful for all of you. Thanks and good luck trying it!