Download Youtube Videos on Telegram

How to Download Youtube Videos on Telegram 2022

How to Download Youtube Videos on Telegram – Telegram is a chat application with various features and offers privacy for its users. In addition, we can also use this application to download videos or songs from Youtube using bots available in the Telegram application.

Actually, YouTube itself already provides a download feature in its application. Where this allows users to download YouTube videos to watch when they are not connected to the internet.

However, this method has drawbacks. The reason is, the videos that we download can only be played in the YouTube application or not saved to the smartphone gallery. Therefore, this time we will share how to download YouTube videos via Telegram. That way you can download videos and save them on smartphone storage.

How to Download Download Youtube Videos on Telegram Apps

How to Download YouTube Videos Through the Telegram Apps

Before going into the discussion, you should first download and install the Telegram application on the PlayStore (Android) and the Apps Store (iOS) . After that, first create Telegram using the cellphone number that you use, if it’s already done, let’s go straight to the discussion.

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To download videos and music on Telegram we can use the available bots, in this tutorial we will use two YouTube video download bots on the Telegram application.

Download YouTube Videos on Telegram Using YTAudioBot

Download YouTube Videos Using YTAudioBot

  • First, open the YouTube app and select the video you want to download.
  • Then, open the video and click the Share button > Copy Link .
  • Next, run the Telegram application that you downloaded and log in using the account you created earlier.
  • Then, click the search icon and type YTAudioBot in the search box.
  • If so, select a bot with the name YTA Bot and click the Start button .
  • After that, paste the link that you copied earlier in the chat bot field.
  • Press the download button to start the download process, wait for the bot to finish processing the download link you requested.
  • Finally, click download and select Save .
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When downloading sometimes it takes a long time. If the process fails, you just have to try again. Before downloading, make sure your internet connection is good so that there are no problems during the process.

Download YouTube Videos on Telegram Using UtubeBot

Download YouTube Videos on Telegram Using UtubeBot

In addition to using the bot that we mentioned earlier, we can also download youtube videos using utubebot.

Here’s how to use utubebot:

  • First, open YouTube and copy the link ( copy link ) of the video you want to download.
  • After that, run the Telegram application . If you don’t have it, please download and install it first via the PlayStore or the Apps Store .
  • On the main Telegram page, go to the Search menu and type the search keyword utubebot .
  • Select a Bot with the name @utubebot2 .
  • In the chat room, click @utubebot and press the Start button to get started.
  • Paste the link that you copied earlier in the utubebot chat column.
  • Then, the bot will process. Please wait for it to finish.
  • If you have, a variety of video format and resolution options will appear that you can download. In addition, you can also download videos in MP3 format .
  • After selecting the format and resolution , the bot will process the download link of the video.
  • Then, click on the given link and press the Download button .
  • Done.
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Thus the discussion that we can convey about How to Download Youtube Videos on Telegram . Please select one of the bots to download your favorite YouTube videos or music, that way you can watch and listen when you’re not connected to the internet. Good luck and good luck. Thank you Before.

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