Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Las Vegas

Dream wedding Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Las Vegas: ‘It was worth the wait’

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married. Lopez confirms this in her newsletter, after American media had already reported that the couple secretly tied the knot in Las Vegas this weekend.

Lopez (52) and Affleck (49) got engaged for the second time in April this year, after getting back together last year. Affleck asked for her hand while she was taking a bath, the singer and actress then shared with her fans in her newsletter.

‘We did it’, JLo now writes in her own newsletter. “Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out, love is patient. Twenty years patiently.’ In 2002, the couple had also been together for a few years and were engaged, although it did not come from a marriage. In 2004 the relationship broke down. Affleck next married Jennifer Garner, Lopez married Marc Anthony. Both had children with their ex-partners.

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In her newsletter, Lopez goes on to say that the couple flew to Las Vegas yesterday. There they queued for a permit to marry four other couples. “All couples who had taken the same trip to the wedding capital of the world. Behind us were two men holding hands. In front of us was a young couple from Victorville who had driven for three hours on their daughter’s second birthday. We all wanted the same thing: for the world to recognize us as partners through the ancient and universal symbol of marriage.”

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Jennifer Lopez's Marriage to Ben Affleck

Elvis impersonator

The pop star explains that they barely made it to the wedding chapel and arrived just before it closed. They would have liked an Elvis impersonator to perform the ceremony, but one was unavailable. The photos she has attached show how the wedding took place in the presence of their witnesses, some of their children.

Lopez calls it ‘a dream wedding’. “They were right when they said, ‘All you need is love’. We are so grateful for the abundance we have, with a wonderful new family with five wonderful children and a life we ​​have never had so much reason to look forward to.” She concludes: “Stay around long enough and you might find the best moment of your life in a Las Vegas drive-through at 11:30 a.m. in the tunnel of love, with your kids and the one you’ll be with forever.” will spend. Love is a wonderful thing, perhaps best of all – and it is worth the wait.”


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