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ES File Explorer Apk Latest Version 2023

You can use ES FIle Explorer APK for easier file management on Android. With this application, you can manage and organize all types of files on Android effectively and efficiently. It’s a far cry when compared to the built-in file manager apps.

Yes, among the many file manager apps for Android, ES File Explorer Pro is the most used. Of course, this app has excellent features that similar applications do not have. If you are interested in installing it, you can check the explanation below first.

ES File Explorer Pro APK Review

ES File Explorer Pro APK Review

Android can run several files, ranging from photos, videos, documents and so on. To manage all these applications, Android already has a built-in file manager. With the built-in file manager, you can manage files, even if it’s simple.

Yes, Android’s built-in file manager app has only limited features. You can do simple file management, such as copying, pasting, renaming, deleting and so on. The basic features that should be in a file manager app.

Although the default Android file manager application is getting better, especially in the latest Android version, it still feels lacking. Therefore, we need a third-party file manager application. Usually, these applications have more complete features, one of which is ES File Explorer Pro.

1. Best Android File Manager Apps

So, what is ES File Explorer Pro? ES File Explorer Pro is one of the best file manager apps on Android. This application will really make it easier for you to manage files on Android more easily.

Many Android users use ES File Explorer Pro to manage files. Compared to similar applications, ES File Explorer Pro is indeed very popular. This application developed by ES Global has been used by millions of Android users.

Not surprising actually, because ES File Explorer Pro is full of features. One of the most important features is archive, where users can archive files in various formats, as well as open them.

Thanks to this application, you also don’t need a special application to open files with the extension .RAR, .ZIP and the like. You can do all of this using the ES File Explorer application, both paid and free versions.

2. Free

You can download ES File Explorer for free on Google Play. ES File Explorer Pro has a size that is not too large, can be installed on Android with minimal internal memory. In addition to its light size, this application will also not burden RAM performance too much.

ES File Explorer is free, so it’s only natural that some features are missing or still locked. If you want complete features, you can upgrade to ES File Explorer Pro. Of course, upgrading to ES File Explorer Pro costs a subscription.

However, many Android users are too lazy to use the premium version. Actually the price is not too expensive, but still not willing to upgrade to ES File Explorer Pro. For those of you who object, you can download ES File Explorer Pro APK.

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This version is free, you can directly download and install it without having to subscribe at all. No need to worry, we have provided a credible ES File Explorer Pro download link, you don’t need to be afraid that the link contains viruses, malware, phishing and other bad things.

3. ES File Explorer Pro interface

Supposedly, the interface of the file manager application is easy for the user to understand and operate. This is important, because it is needed when you want to move, transfer, delete and other file-related activities.

The good news is that ES File Explorer Pro is designed in such a way that it has a user-friendly interface. ES File Explorer Pro has an intuitive interface, so users can manage all files on Android quickly and easily.

When you open the application and enter the homepage, various categories of files will be displayed, ranging from applications, images, movies, music, documents, compressed files and so on. If you scroll down the screen, you’ll find the files that were just added to your Android.

You can swipe the screen to the left if you want to open the drawer, where there are many options in it. You can jump to different folders, enable and disable some features such as Root Explorer, Recycle Bin, Gestures and so on.

If you want to open the clipboard, you can swipe the screen to the right. ES File Explorer Pro also supports multiple windows, so you can move files from one folder to another quickly and easily. just swipe left or right with simple and anti-complicated.

ES File Explorer Pro APK Featured Features

Not without reason why many Android users rely on ES File Explorer Pro. This application does have features and advantages that are rarely owned by similar applications. No wonder ES File Explorer Pro has been used by many Android users from all over the world.

For those of you who are just about to install ES File Explorer Pro, you must understand what features this application has. This is very important, because if you don’t know the features of ES File Explorer Pro, then you can’t use it optimally.

Therefore, please see some of the features and advantages of ES File Explorer Pro below:

1. File Management

File management is the main feature of ES File Explorer Pro. With this application, Android users can manage all kinds of files quickly and easily. Of course, ES File Explorer Pro is more advanced when compared to the default file management application.

ES File Explorer Pro is equipped with basic tools for managing files on Android, such as:

  • Copy
  • Move
  • pasting
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Checking file details
  • File sharing

Especially with the windows feature, you can manage files faster than usual. For example, if you want to move files, you can simply open a new window of ES File Explorer Pro and open the folder you want to go to.

2. Built-in ZIP and RAR Support

That is, ES File Explorer Pro is equipped with a built-in feature that can open files with ZIP and RAR extensions. Because of this feature, you no longer need to use archive applications such as WinRAR, ZArchiver and so on.

You must have come across files with the extension ZIP, RAR and the like. Usually, the application must first be extracted using the application in order to be opened. Usually, these archived files are often encountered when you download them from the internet.

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With ES File Explorer Pro, you can easily open files with ZIP and RAR extensions without the need for third-party applications. You can immediately see the contents of the application after the quick extraction process is complete.

Well, besides being able to open archived files, you can also archive files in ES File Explorer Pro. Sometimes, we do have to archive files to be more secure, because not just anyone can access them.

3. Application Management

In addition to managing simple files, ES File Explorer Pro is also able to manage applications installed on Android. Application management will be easier thanks to ES File Explorer Pro, where users can easily install applications.

In addition to installing applications, you can also use ES File Explorer Pro to uninstall applications that you no longer need. Just open ES File Explorer Pro, and select which apps you want to remove from Android.

More importantly, ES File Explorer Pro APK is equipped with an app backup feature. So, before uninstalling an app from Android, you can back it up first, which will later become a file with the APK extension.

If you want to install it again, you can simply access the APK folder and install the application you want. It is easier than you download apps from Google Play and internet again. Just back up the application, so you can save quota and time.

4. Remote File Manager

That is, ES File Explorer Pro is equipped with advanced network features. This feature allows you to manage files on Android remotely and separately. This feature is important, for example, when you want to access files on Android via a computer.

ES File Explorer Pro can be used as an FTP Client, allowing PC users to access files on Android, either on the internal or SD Card. So you don’t need to use a USB cable anymore if you want to share files between Android and computer.

5. Media Player and Media Viewers

You can directly open and run the file you want in ES File Explorer Pro. This application is equipped with a built-in file player and opener, which can open many files with various types of formats.

So, don’t worry there are files that ES File Explorer Pro can’t open. Almost all files can be opened by this application, so you don’t need to download other media players and media viewers. All can be done easily in ES File Explorer Pro.

6. Display Thumbnails

Thumbnails for files and applications in ES File Explorer Pro are very important, because they can make it easier for users to find the files they want. Once you enter the ES File Explorer Pro application, you will find it easier to find the files you want.

All files and apps on Android will be displayed based on their thumbnails. So you just go into the category folder you need, then open the file you want. Everything is clear because the thumbnail is displayed.

7. Text Viewers and Editors

In case you didn’t know, there are files on Android that have a .TXT extension. That is, this file is similar to Word or PDF, because they both contain text. The difference is, the .TXT extension is simpler than the two, the text content is also not too much.

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Well, ES File Explorer Pro is equipped with text viewer and editor features. So, you can open files with .TXT extension in ES File Explorer Pro. In addition, you can also edit the file if needed.

8. Task Manager

You certainly already understand what a task manager is, you usually access it when there is a problem with the computer. The function of this feature is to manage the applications that are running on the computer. You can also use ES File Explorer Pro APK as a task manager.

Yes, with this feature, you can stop applications running on Android. Sometimes, Android has slow performance, so apps running in the background should be stopped. This is so that Android performance returns to normal as before.

You can stop running applications easily, it only takes one click. Even though it’s only one click, it’s powerful enough to free up Android RAM and improve its performance to make it more leverage.

9. Cache Cleaner

Usually, almost all the apps running on Android keep cache. Cache is important, because it is a temporary storage that allows users to quickly access applications. If there is no cache, the application will be slow to open the first time it is used.

The problem is, sometimes cache can accumulate and fill Android’s internal memory. Especially if you use a lot of applications, soon the internal memory will be full and cause a lot of problems.

If the internal memory is completely full and there is no space left at all, the apps on Android won’t run properly. Therefore, once in a while you have to check the application cache and delete it if it has accumulated.

The good news, ES File Explorer Pro is equipped with a feature called cache cleaner, aka cache cleaner automatically. Now you no longer need to clear app caches one by one, just use ES File Explorer Pro to clear unnecessary caches quickly.

10. Root Explorer

Have you rooted Android? If so, you can use ES File Explorer Pro as a Root Explorer. That is, this application is also compatible with rooted Android, so it can be used to manage files and applications that are in it.

Root can indeed provide extraordinary access permissions, so many users are tempted to do so. However, this activity certainly has its own risks, such as loss of official warranty, prone to viruses and malware, data leaks and so on.

There are many other features of ES File Explorer Pro, which makes it highly recommended for you to use. With this application, all file management problems on Android can be solved effectively and efficiently.

Download ES File Explorer Pro APK

App Name  ES File Explorer Pro
Version 4.1.85
App Size 15 MB
Developer ES App Group
Price Free
Download Link Download

How to Download and Install ES File Explorer Pro

You can download ES File Explorer directly from Google Play. But the version is still free, so the features are limited. If you want to update to ES File Explorer Pro, you have to pay a subscription fee.

Therefore, you can download ES File Explorer Pro APK via the link above, 100% guaranteed free. Here’s how to install it:

  • Download ES File Explorer Pro.
  • Open HP Settings, then enter the Privacy and Security menu.
  • Then tick Unknown Sources.
  • After the download is complete, go to File Manager > Internal > Download and search for ES File Explorer Pro.
  • After that click ES File Explorer Pro APK to install it.
  • Done

ES File Explorer Pro APK is the perfect file manager app if you want to easily manage your Android files and apps. Actually, even ES File Explorer Pro has other useful features like RAM booster, cache cleaner, file transfer tool and so on.