Facebook is experimenting with multiple profiles per user

Facebook is experimenting with multiple profiles per user

Certain Facebook users may associate multiple profiles with their account as part of a test. They can create up to four additional profiles. They do not have to contain the real name or identity of a person.

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, thinks that this way it can give a boost to sharing and posting messages on the social network. For example, users can then have a special profile for their gaming, dining, or travel friends and another for colleagues, each with their own messages and photos.

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The idea of ​​multiple profiles is not new. For example, celebrities have been able to manage multiple profiles for years and the company allows users to create an extra identity for, among other things, its dating option.

It is not known when it will also be possible for other users to create multiple profiles and link them to one account. For now, it is still a trial for some American users and people in a handful of other countries.

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Even if you have multiple profiles, you must comply with all user rules. Anyone who violates those rules runs the risk of losing access to all profiles at once, according to Facebook.