Jon Snow

5 Facts about Game Of Thrones sequel, Jon Snow Becomes the Main Focus of the Story!

One of the best film sequels of all time, Game Of Thrones , which was stopped until season 8, brings good news for its fans.

HBO , as the production house as well as the TV station that broadcasts every episode of Game Of Thrones, has announced that it will soon be working on the sequel to Game Of Thrones in the near future.

Check out these 6 facts about the Game of Thrones film that is rumored to be telling the story of Jon Snow .

1. Jon Snow’s character is the main character

Do you remember the character Jon Snow who is famous as a democratic leader? In this latest sequel produced by HBO, Jon Snow’s character will be the main character and is told from his perspective.

In several previous sequels, Jon Snow’s character had died before being resurrected.

2. Return to being the heir to the Iron Thrones

Kit Harington , as he is called, will reprise his role as the potential heir to the Iron Throne as has been told in the previous season, despite so much criticism from fans of this film in Season 8.

3. Release date has not been confirmed

Although HBO has confirmed that they will soon be working on the film, which is often shortened to GOT, but to this day there is no clarity on when the latest sequel to GOT will return to the small screen.

HBO admitted that his team was focused on promoting the latest sequel Game Of Thrones: House of The Dragon on August 21, 2022.

4. The end of season 8 is a clue for the next sequel

At the end of season 8, Snow, who was previously considered the “illegitimate” child of Ned Stark, realized that he could be the heir to the Iron Throne throne.

In the final scene, Snow goes into exile from Westeros to start his new life. The end of this story will be a clue in the next GOT sequel.

5. Kit Harington’s achievements as Jon Snow

During his eight seasons as Jon Snow, Harington won a pair of Emmy nominations for best supporting actor and was nominated for a Golden Globe.