Billie Joe Armstrong

F**k America: Billie Joe Armstrong vows to renounce US citizenship over Roe v Wade

A rundown of well known people have denounced the US Supreme Court’s choice to upset the noteworthy Roe V Wade controlling and Green Day’s frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is the furthest down the line expansion to it.

Offering his important viewpoint during his exhibition in London over the course of the end of the week, the underground rock performer stated “there’s a lot f**king dumb on the planet to return to that hopeless reason for a country.”

Billie Joe Armstrong denouncing the Supreme Court’s decision comes a day after performers like Taylor Swift, Pearl Jam, Olivia Rodrigo with Lily Allen, Billie Eilish, and her sibling Finneas among others approached to criticize the court’s organization.

Online entertainment clients joked the artist lyricist severely while naming him an “American Idiot” which is likewise the name of perhaps of his most famous tune and studio collections.

‘I’m f**king renouncing my citizenship’

Billie Joe Armstrong, in his set, chose to address one of the greatest discussions encompassing the country. Talking on Supreme Court’s upsetting of the milestone Roe V Wade, the 50-year-old singer told the crowd, “F**k America.” The artist proceeded, “I’m f**king denying my citizenship.

I’m f**king coming here.” He added, “There’s a lot f**king dumb on the planet to return to that hopeless reason for a nation” prior to closing, “Gracious, I’m dead serious. You will get a great deal of me before long.” His dubious comments were purportedly met with a gigantic cheer and commendation from the group.

Olivia Rodrigo, who on June 25 acted in England at Glastonbury 2022, too got down on the Supreme Court judges who casted a ballot to upset fetus removal regulation in the US. The 19-year-old singer welcomed Lily Allen in front of an audience as they sang to the last option’s hit single ‘F**k You’.

The last option even showed the center finger as a method for fighting the US Supreme Court’s most recent choice. Nonetheless, prior to breaking into the tune, the previous Disney star uncovered she was “crushed and frightened”. She likewise got down on the names of the judges at her presentation at Glastonbury Festival.

‘Trying very hard to keep that rebel image alive’

Social media users swarmed to Twitter to savage the Green Day star as one of the clients posted, “Stop it, your weep for consideration will be heard for a couple of days in particular, when you wake up and return to America you will understand that there is no spot like it on the planet.

Simply continue making great music, continue to engage us and pass on the governmental issues to lawmakers.” Another expressed, “Being basic is a certain something. Being outrightly impolite is another.” One client shared, “At no point ever paying attention to Green Day in the future.” Whereas, one added that Billie Joe was “Making a solid attempt to keep that renegade picture alive.”

The next one tweeted, “Is he taking his American money with him or is he leaving it behind? I’ll wait.” Meanwhile, another added, “I don’t think he really understands what this entails.” And one dubbed him, “American Idiot” referring to the title of one of his songs.

Another user concluded, “He’ll be fine. Children always have an extreme reaction at first to things they don’t like. After he kicks and screams while pounding on the floor, he’ll spin out and calm down. He just needs one of dad’s special hugs.”