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Download GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Pro Apk Latest Version

For those of you who are currently feeling bored or want to try new features that the original version of WhatsApp doesn’t have, please try GB WhatsApp. One of the WhatsApp Mod applications that is currently popular is WA GB. This WA Mod application has become very popular and many people use it because it is one of the GB WhatsApp applications that is safe for you to use.

On this occasion, we will review articles about this application and also guide how to download the latest version of GB WhatsApp. Not only that, we will also present a tutorial on how to use WA GB in this article.

GB WhatsApp is a well-known WhatsApp Mod and is one of the alternative versions of the official WhatsApp. Which is one of the Android apps with the top chat category for smartphones . The WA GB developer has modified the original WA version by adding some interesting features.

One of the coolest features of GB WhatsApp Pro is hiding double ticks, setting online status, changing fonts, changing themes and much more. The WA GB application also has additional privacy features integrated. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to pay to be able to enjoy this WhatsApp Mod feature.

What is GB WhatsApp?

What is GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a Modified WhatsApp that offers many interesting features that the original version of WhatsApp does not have. It is the earliest WA Mod application which is still being updated by the developer.

This application has many interesting features that the original version of the WhatsApp application does not have. No need to delete official WA on a smartphone if you want to download GB WhatsApp. Currently, WA GB is the most popular and safe WA Mod application for those who use multiple WA accounts in one smartphone .

Being able to use multiple accounts is not only the reason people use WhatsApp Mod , but also several other reasons for using it. You can install the latest version of GB WhatsApp by clicking the download button at the bottom of this article.

Main Features of GB WhatsApp

If you have been successful and successful in how to download GB WhatsApp, what you have to do next is learn some of the features of the WA GB application. You need to know that the user interface of this application has some differences from the original version of WhatsApp .

Although there are some differences, it is the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro that is safe for you to use. Please try these new features one by one. If you already know the functions of these features, feel free to use them according to your needs. Here are some very useful features.

Privacy Settings

This is a feature that you won’t find in the original version of the WhatsApp application. Privacy features are probably the main reason to install and use WA GB.

There are so many reasons that require us to maintain privacy in online social activities. And maybe including the GB WhatsApp Pro features that you are looking for the most right now.

The following is how to set WA GB privacy:

  1. Open the app
  2. Open the three point menu in the upper right corner
  3. Then select the GB Privacy menu
  4. Several menu options will appear, find what you need
  5. Select OK

Disabling Internet

If you don’t want to be disturbed during holidays, but also want to watch videos on a smartphone device, you can do this by activating the GB WhatsApp feature.

With the DND feature on the WA GB application, you will only turn off the application’s internet connection. Other applications will still be connected to the internet network.

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The following is how to activate the WA GB DND feature:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the menu with the WiFi icon at the top.
  3. Select OK

Changing Letters

Tired of the same text or fonts from WA? With WA GB, you will get the ability to change the type of font or letters. This will certainly make the experience of using WA more unique and interesting.

Here’s how to change the WA GB font or font:

  1. Open the app
  2. Open the three dot menu in the upper right corner
  3. Then tap the GB Settings menu
  4. Then select the GB Change App Font menu
  5. Several font options will appear, find the one that suits you
  6. Select Load Font

Changing Theme

If you feel bored and bored with the original WA look, you can change the theme. This will give you a new user experience.

Especially for those of you who spend more time on this WA chat application. The GB WhatsApp application has a large selection of interesting themes.

Here’s how to change the WA GB theme:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner
  3. Then tap the GB Settings menu
  4. Then select Download Themes
  5. Several theme options will appear, choose the one that suits you
  6. Select Apply

Sending Scheduled Messages

This feature allows to be able to send WhatApp messages automatically at the time specified in the GB WhatsApp application settings. This will be very useful, especially if you are a person who often forgets.

By activating this feature, important messages that should be sent according to the schedule will be sent automatically.

Here’s how to send a WA GB scheduled message:

  • Open the app
  • Tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner
  • Then tap the Message Scheduler menu
  • Then select the + icon in the lower right
  • Specify message recipient number
  • Next you are asked to write a message, the date and time when the
  • message was sent
  • Select Schedule

Hiding Online Status

If you don’t want other people to know if you are online or open the GB WhatsApp application, then this is a very useful feature. By activating this feature, other people will not be able to know if at that time you are online.

The following is a way to hide WA GB online status:

  • Open the app
  • Tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner
  • Then tap the GB Privacy menu
  • Select Hide Online Status

Hiding Typing Status

If you don’t want to be known when you’re typing or writing a message, then use this feature to not display WA status. Your chat partner will not be able to know if at that time you are actually writing a message for them.

Here’s how to hide WA GB typing status:

  • Open the app
  • Tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner
  • Then tap the GB Privacy menu
  • Select Writing Status
  • Next you choose to hide typing status from contacts or groups

Hide Tick Two

If you don’t want your conversation partner to know that in fact you have received the message they have sent, then this GB WhatsApp feature is very useful. This might be useful if you don’t want to reply to messages from your chat partner right away.

Or maybe you are busy at the time, and want to reply to their chat later without causing bad prejudice in the eyes of the chat partner. In other cases, your contacts will think that your WA is currently inactive.

The following is a way to hide the two WA GB checklists:

  • Open the app
  • Tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner
  • Then tap the GB Privacy menu
  • Choose Second Tick
  • Next, you choose to hide the two checklists from contacts or groups

Advantages of GB WhatsApp

The official WhatsApp provides some amazing features that no other chat app can provide. To be able to use even more cool features of GB WhatsApp Pro, several developers have made modifications and turned it into WA GB. Apart from being a safe WA Mod for you to use, the advantage of this application is that you can use two or more WA accounts on one smartphone .

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Feature GB WhatsApp Official WhatsApp
Status character length Long Short
Share documents at once Yes No
Media sharing size Big Small
Remove view status Yes No
Perform state copy Yes No
Supported languages Lots A Little
Sending a blank message Yes No
Themes available Yes No

In addition, if you download GB WhatsApp, you will have the feature to control personal privacy choices. This app gives you a manual setting whether you will let your smartphone tell others what you are doing or are online. Here are some features of GB WhatsApp:

  • Status Is Online
  • Double Tick
  • Blue Tick
  • Microphone Settings
  • Recording Status
  • Typing Status
  • Message Scheduling
  • Hide Last Viewed
  • Copy Status
  • Share Documents In Pdf and Txt Format
  • Sending a Blank Message
  • Changing Theme

WhatsApp Mod also provides advanced features which can be very useful for you to use. As can be used to read messages that are intentionally deleted or withdrawn by the sender before the recipient sees it or reads it.

Hiding the double tick in the application, removing the blue ticks or blue ticks you can do easily by using the GB WhatsApp feature provided.

For those of you who want to download statuses because they are funny or important, you can use the WhatsApp Mod application. Because WA GB already has this feature. The method is also very easy. You just press the button and then you can download the status and save it on your phone.

GB WhatsApp provides a wide selection of themes that you can use freely. So that the WA display will not quickly make you feel bored.

Lack of GB WhatsApp

The main thing that must be considered if you want to download GB WhatsApp Pro is that the account is prone to being banned/blocked by the WA party. Your account may be banned and locked for further use. We recommend that you don’t use your main account or main phone number with this WhatsApp Mod. Or rather, please use a temporary phone number if you want to use it. Here are the dangers of the GB WhatsApp application:

  • Messages that may be shared are not safe. There is no guarantee that no third party will read your messages. It is possible that private messages shared with your loved ones do not pass through secure servers.
  • It is not safe to share any personal information such as banking credentials, passwords or other details. So, be careful when you use it.
  • The WA GB application can inject Malware and Spyware like viruses because the server is less secure. This virus can cause damage to data and only you are responsible for any issues that occur because of this Apk.
  • This app is not illegal, but not official. So, this Mod is not available on Google Play Store. This means that the Apk file is available on the web, not on Google Play.
  • Official WA has restricted the use of WA GB. Many people have been identified using GB WA. The official version can ban you at any time if caught using the WA Mod. So be careful and think twice before using this Apk.

How to Download and Install GB WhatsApp

To successfully install GB WhatsApp on your phone, make sure you follow this Apk download method. The important thing you must do is not to forget to back up the conversation files before using this application.

You can back up your chats from the Settings > Chats > Backup menu . You can back up chat files on your phone or Google Drive. But if you use the GB WhatsApp Pro application, you can only restore local file backups. Google Drive will not work.

Now it’s our time to download this safe GB WhatsApp. WA GB like WhatsApp Plus will not be found in the Google Play Store. So you have to download GB WhatsApp from this site by pressing the blue Download button which you can find in this article. After pressing it, you will go to the download page. Click the blue Download button again and confirm the operation by clicking the Download Link button in the last window. Here’s how to install and how to download GB WhatsApp Pro for Android:

  • To manually install files into the Android operating system, you may need to enable the ‘ Unknown sources’ setting which is usually located in the Settings menu > Security > Unknown sources . Then just follow the steps on the phone screen.
  • If the Android smartphone device has been allowed to install from unknown sources, please download WA GB via the following link.
  • After successfully downloading the application, open the folder where you saved the downloaded WA Mod file. Tap on the Apk file to install it.
  • Log in to your WA account and enjoy the fantastic features.
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Latest GB WhatsApp Download Link

You need to know that GB WhatsApp will not be found in the Google Play Store. So you need to download the WA Mod from our website and then install it manually on the cellphone. If you don’t know how to install WA GB for Android, you can follow the installation guide in this article.

If you have installed the old version of the WA GB application before, make sure you have backed up your data and then delete the old version of the application before downloading GB WhatsApp Pro and installing the latest version.

Here’s the download link for GB WhatsApp:

App Name GB WhatsApp
Version 18.30.0
Update 21/11/2021
File Size 52.5
Feature Anti Banned

Download Gb WhatsApp

You can do the installation quickly. But if you have problems and obstacles with the installation process, you can read how to download WhatsApp Mod above or write in the comments column at the bottom of this page.

How To Update Update GB WhatsApp

Before updating the GB WhatsApp app, you should back up your messages. To do this, tap the icon with 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the Chats tab, then Settings, then access Chats. You will find the Chat Backup option in these settings.

Just click on the option to back up the conversation so you don’t lose the conversation if something goes wrong in the future. Even though it is classified as a safe GB WhatsApp application, you have to do routine data backups .

One option to perform an update is from the application itself. However, usually this method doesn’t work properly, and maybe the app thinks you have the latest version of WA GB but it’s actually still the old version. This is why we recommend that you use the manual update method by following the GB WhatsApp download method above. Here’s how to update WA GB:

  • Tap the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and GB Settings .
  • Select the GB Updates menu .
  • Tekan menu Check for updates.
  • If there is a new version, you will be shown a notification and can
  • directly download the application.

If you have got the latest version of GB WhatsApp, a message or notification will appear saying Good job! You have the latest update! and don’t need to do anything. You cannot update apps with Google Play Store Services, as other Android apps that you download from the official store can do. This is why the only way to update is to download the Apk file by following the WA GB download method and then installing it manually.

Thus reviews and reviews on how to download GB WhatsApp. Hopefully this review can be useful for those who want to use WA GB. Lots of WhatsApp Mods out there. But we can say that this WA Mod application is a safe and best application. Not only in terms of existing features, but also from the consistency of updates that developers do regularly.

If there are difficulties and obstacles or there are other questions regarding how to use the WA GB application, please mention them through the comments menu at the bottom of this page. May be useful!