Get to know Joy Boy, a Historical Figure in the One Piece

Get to know Joy Boy, a Historical Figure in the One Piece !

Who is Joy Boy, this historical figure that Roger wants to meet? Come on, get to know one of the characters from One Piece ‘s past!

Who Is Joy Bob

1. Living in the Age of Void and promises to the Fish-Man !

Living in the Age of Void and promises to the Fish-Man

It is stated in the One Piece manga that 900 years ago, Joy Boy was someone who had made a promise with the residents of Fish-Man Island to bring the island to the surface.

That is, this Joy Boy lives in the Void Century, a time when the Ancient Kingdom was still victorious.

Joy Boy is said to have built Noah’s ship in the past to help lift Fish-Man Island to sea level with the help of Poseidon. This confirms that since long ago, living above the ocean was the dream of the Fish-Man race.

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Unfortunately, this promise was later broken by Joy Boy so that Fish-Man Island is still under the sea to this day.

This Joy Boy figure was first mentioned in the Ryugu Poneglyph which was read by Nico Robin while in the Sea Forest. The artifact tells of about 800 years ago, the inhabitants of Fish-Man Island made a pact with Joy Boy.

Joy Boy promises to help improve Noah with Poseidon’s help. He broke his promise to Fish-Man Island. However, Fish-Man Island promised to take care of Noah. In the Ryugu Poneglyph, Joy Boy expresses his apologies to Poseidon for breaking his promise.

2. His name is engraved in the Poneglyph!

His name is engraved in the Poneglyph

On Fish-Man Island there is a Poneglyph containing Joy Boy’s apology to the Fish-Man. This apology relates to a breach of a promise to bring Fish-Man Island to the surface.

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Uniquely, the residents of Fish-Man Island then promised to look after Noah’s ship until it was time to use the ship again.

The inhabitants of Fish-Man Island until 900 years later also still keep that promise, the proof is that before Luffy arrived on the island, Noah’s ship was still intact!

Who is this Joy Boy and why is he so influential in the world of One Piece ?

3. Joy Boy left “One Piece” on Laugh Tale Island?

Laugh Tale Island

One Piece 967 mentions that it turns out that Joy Boy left some kind of treasure on Laugh Tale Island which we later know as “One Piece” treasure!

Uniquely when Roger and the others arrived on the island, they laughed. What exactly did Joy Boy leave behind to make Roger and the others burst out laughing?

Roger even mentioned that if they lived in the same era, Roger would like to meet Joy Boy. Is this related to the treasure or is it related to real history?

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4. Joy Boy is reckoned to be back

Joy Boy is reckoned to be back

Joy Boy is reckoned to be back.

Although the way of his return is unknown, figures like Kozuki Oden used to want to open the Wano border to get ready to welcome Joy Boy’s return.

Kaido also indicated that he wanted to find Joy Boy, and was disappointed when Luffy fell in chapter 1014 .

5. Luffy Descendants of Joy Boy

Monkey D Luffy

There is a theory that states the connection between Joy Boy and Luffy. This is known because of the resemblance of Joy Boy and Luffy from the straw hats they wear. Many suspect Joy Boy has ties to the D clan family.

Gol D. Roger once mentioned that he was waiting for someone from the D clan. It is possible that Joy Boy is a person with the D clan. It could also be that the people from the D clan are natives of a large, defunct kingdom that was once ruled by Joy. Boy.

That’s information about who Joy Boy is in One Piece manga chapter 1043. Not much is known about this Joy Boy figure. The reason is Eiichiro Oda , the mangaka did not give a clear picture.

So that’s what is known about Joy Boy.

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