Google Announces Five New Chrome Features for iPhone and iPad

Google Announces Five New Chrome Features for iPhone and iPad

Some iPhone users don’t like Safari, a browser developed by Apple , and prefer to use Google Chrome. If this is your case, you will be happy with the quite useful features of the latest app update for iOS system.

Google Announces Five New Chrome Features for iPhone and iPad
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The first one worth mentioning is the improved safe browsing feature, which has been available for Android devices and the desktop version for months now. It is a security-centric tool that proactively warns of dangerous websites that the user is about to visit.

According to TechCrunch , the feature works by sending real-time data to Google Safe Browsing to scan for malware, phishing, and other threats lurking in the dark corners of the internet. When detecting any suspicious item, the tool notifies the user.

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Still in terms of security, Chrome for iOS gets another useful feature: alerts for compromised passwords. Although the iOS password service itself already warns about this, it is always good to be aware of the dangers that leaking credentials can cause.

To enable enhanced safe browsing, you must update the Chrome app on your mobile. Then just turn on the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature within Settings.


Another new feature for iOS is called “Chrome Actions”. It allows you to easily perform a certain task without having to delve deep into the app’s settings to find it.

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Just enter in Chrome’s address bar what you want to do. You can type, for example, “Clear browsing data”, “Open incognito tab” and even “Set Chrome as default browser”.

Furthermore, the browser can also predict when you will need a Chrome Action by the words you are typing in the address bar. So, you don’t need to memorize all the commands to benefit from this feature, just provide keywords.

Password Management

The new Chrome for iOS update also lets you set Google Password Manager as an autofill provider if the user wants to, instead of using Apple’s own password service or other third-party tools like 1Password or Dashlane.

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Also new is that the app’s main screen now includes more than just your recent tabs, adding access to your Discover feed. Unlike the features described earlier, this is something the Android version of Chrome does not yet have.

In addition to the five tools already mentioned, there are improvements to Google’s website translation feature. This can help the user to view the sites in the language they prefer. The feature, which uses on-device machine learning, is now getting an updated language identification model.

With it, basically, the browser will be able to more accurately recognize the language of a web page and if it needs to be translated for the user.