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Google Play Store Apk Download Official/Latest 2023

Usually, Android devices already have the Google Play Store where the Google Play store apk is the default or the default of the smartphone itself.

But if there is a certain reason that makes this application not available on the smartphone, then you don’t need to worry.

Users can get it in a very easy way. Given that the existence of this application is very important because from here you can get various types of applications as you want.

Google Play Store Apk Review

Google Play Store


Some people may not know what the Google Play Store is. Even though the Google Play Store has been released since 2012 and until now it has brought many changes. For example, combining three big figures, namely Google music, Android market and Google ebookstore.

This is done so that it becomes one application and users are also easy to use. Initially, the Play Store offered a range of 450 applications and games that could be downloaded by its users.

However, as time goes by, the Google Playstore continues to increase until it reaches millions of applications. In addition, the Google Play Store also made changes in the design and interface.

So that everything can be done by the developer in order to maximize the experience of its users.

Advantages of Google Play Store

Google Play Store does have many advantages that until now there is no match. For that, for those of you who only know the Google Play Store as a place to download applications or games, this is a big mistake.

This Google Play Store also has super complete features. Here are the advantages that you can understand, including:

1. Security

In terms of security, the Google Play Store itself does carry out regular checks. This is done by detecting malicious activity on the device.

If there is a security risk found, the Google Play Store will automatically send a notification to its users. In this way, you can enjoy the application without worrying

2. Many Applications to Offer

The applications offered on the Google Play Store can be accessed for various content such as music, social media applications, movies, books and TV programs. All you have to do is search for the application you want. After that press the download button.

If you have then you can install any type of application as you want on the smartphone device that is used. Most of the applications in the Google Play Store are from original developers.

So you can download it for free. But there are also paid ones. If you are interested in an application, you can directly click on the application so that you can see the ratings and comments of each previous user.

3. Interface

In the search field at the top on the Google Play Store homepage, it is very possible for users to search for content based on keywords or names provided by the application at the bottom.

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Precisely in the search column there is a list of the top applications according to various categories. For example, such as top grossing which can display applications in the highest total revenue.

It doesn’t stop there, you can also see trending Apps which lists the applications with the most number of downloads.

3. Update

The advantage of the next Google Play store apk is that there are updates that are regularly carried out. The goal is to be able to add the latest features as well as fix bugs. In addition, this can also ensure that each user has the best experience.

Features of Google Play Store Apk

Google Playstore is the official store and Google Portal for Android content applications, games or others. This is also the same as the Apps Store which is owned by Apple because Google also owns it.

This is a fairly large Android market because it can provide active users on various digital media. Such as magazines, books, movies, music, and others. You should know that the Google Play store apk that is not available on the Google Play Store can be used as an application to download.

So you can install the APK file in the Google Play Store on Android devices. Indeed, Google has a lot of available features such as a security system and scanning for virus attacks.

In addition, it also has a legal payment method. For this reason, this application can be used as the safest place for the process of downloading applications on Android. The following features that you can get from the Google Play store apk include:

1. See Reviews of Applications on the Google Play Store

This feature is very useful so you can see if the application is worth installing or not. However, there are a lot of application reviews. Even this is not entirely based on the latest version or the same device that is used.

For that you can sort or filter the reviews on the application in question. You can swipe down from the screen. After that select review. That way you can see the rating statistics.

You can select the button on the left so you can immediately see the reviews with the highest ratings, the most helpful reviews and the latest reviews.

2. Bookmark Apps

There are times when you will find an interesting application or game to watch. However, the size is large, so it is very unfortunate if you download it using internet quota.

That way, the Google Playstore provides a feature in the form of marking the application so that it can be installed later after you get wi-fi. Before finding a wi-fi connection, you can first add the application to the wishlist.

When you have found a wi-fi network, all you have to do is open the wishlist, then download the application in question. To do this, all you have to do is press the bookmark icon which is located next to the application name. Then press the three line menu button.

3. Not Adding App Icon

If you are a person who doesn’t like the new application icon appearing on the home screen page, then you don’t have to bother deleting it. There is still a way you can do, which is to just open the settings page on the Google Play Store.

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After that, swipe down, you will find the add icon to home screen option section. Then just turn off the selection box.

4. Turn off Auto Update

To be able to turn off auto updates on the Google Play store apk, you can open the application page on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is select the menu and then select my apps and games.

Then just click install. The installation process is very easy and doesn’t take much time.

5. View Previously Installed Apps

Throughout the history of you using an Android phone, you must have tried several applications after uninstalling them. While Google provides a feature to view some applications that have been downloaded before.

If you want to see a list of these applications, just select Mi apps and games. After that see the library tab is complete.

How to Install Google Play Store Apk

If you are interested in using the Google Play Store application, the steps taken are very easy, here’s how:

  • First of all you can open the settings menu or settings.
  • After that find and click on additional settings.
  • Then you just have to choose privacy.
  • If you have just slide the button next to the folder writing until the button turns green.
  • You can download the latest version of the Google Play Store via the link Here
  • When it’s finished then you open the file manager.
  • After that find the appropriate application file that you want to download.
  • Automatically, a pop-up notification will appear saying that the installation process will be blocked because it is not part of the Google Play Store.
  • You can give permission then click ok.
  • A pop up will appear stating whether you are sure to install the application on the device or not.
  • Then click the next button.
  • A message appears informing you that the application has been successfully installed on the device.
  • If you have you can use the default Google Play Store from Android as usual.

How to Update Google Play Store Apk

Actually Google is not one of the sources of the platform that provides many applications for mobile users. However, given that the security of the Google Playstore is unbeatable.

This is the reason why the Google Play Store has existed since its inception until now. Here’s how to update the Google play store that you can follow, including:

1. Via Play Store Settings

Surely you have when you opened the Google Play Store suddenly it didn’t respond or the Google Play Store couldn’t be opened. If this happens, you don’t need to worry, because the Google Play Store asks to be updated to the latest version.

As it is known that this Google Play Store will update it automatically. But you can also upload it manually if the Google Play store apk cannot be opened.

The steps for updating the Google play store through the settings are as follows:

  • First of all, you can open the application and look for the Google Play Store icon on your smartphone.
  • After that, just open the Play Store application on your cellphone.
  • Then tap the profile section.
  • You can find the settings menu in that section of the settings page.
  • You can choose about.
  • Next tap on Google play store version.
  • If there is an update to the latest version, the Google Play Store will automatically update it. If the Google Play Store has been updated, you will get a pop up
  • notification that the Playstore version is the latest version.
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2. Clear Storage Data

To update the Google Play store apk, you can also do it by cleaning the storage data. This is a way to force the Google Play Store to clean its data automatically.

When you do this, Google will check for the latest updates. The following are the steps you can follow to clean the data on the Google Play Store including:

  • You can open the settings menu on the Smartphone.
  • After that, in the general and general menu sections you can select apps and notifications.
  • If you have then you choose the info app.
  • You can search search.
  • After that when App info.
  • When the results appear then you can directly click on them.
  • Next, please scroll down and find the Google Play Store and you just have to click on it on the application information page.
  • Please look for the clear data option.
  • The next step is to restart the phone.
  • Then wait 2 to 3 minutes so you can let Google Playstore update automatically.
  • This method is perfect for those of you who often find the Google Play Store problematic.

Google Play Store Functions.

The Google Play Store does have many functions that you can take advantage of. It can be said that this Google Play Store is the heart of the Android operating system that cannot be removed for any reason.

If you don’t know what the functions of the Playstore are, please refer to the following reviews, including:

1. Downloading Games

The first function that cannot be denied is that the Playstore is a paradise for game downloads. Through this feature, you can download all kinds of games according to your liking. You can even find the latest games here.

Some of the games found on the Google Play store apk are free and some are premium or paid versions. You can download any type of application through the Play Store. This application provides various genres such as productivity, health, and even online motorcycle taxis.

The more applications available, the easier it is for users to be able to find various types of applications according to their needs and desires.

2. Buying an Ebook

Who would have thought that the Google Play Store also provides various types of premium ebooks that you can find there. For the price it turns out to be much cheaper than the physical book.

In general, the Google Play Store provides discounts because the manufacturer of the book also provides discounts. So the price is much cheaper.

3. Rent Or Buy Movies

You can also find several types of films there. You can buy or rent movies as needed. So if there are movies that you haven’t watched, you can download them via the Google Playstore.

4. Doing Updates

Games that are in all applications and games that are downloaded can be done directly through the Google Playstore. You can perform the update process automatically if it is connected to wi-fi.

It doesn’t stop there, manual updates can also be done if you want the latest version in a faster way.

5. As a Premium Content Bridge

You can download applications or games easily, namely through the Google Playstore. if you want to do this, all you have to do is connect the account you already have with a digital wallet or credit card.

In addition, users can also refill the Play Store. You do this by buying a voucher.

6. Maintained Application Security

It turns out that the Google Play store apk is not only used for downloading or buying things. However, this application can also be used for scanning and maintaining security in all applications and mobile phones.

Before deciding whether to install this application, there is usually a Google Play Store anti-virus scan intentionally. This process is carried out to avoid malware or viruses that cause problems in the application.

The Google Play store apk is indeed more possible for its users to be able to download as well as install Android applications on the Google Play Store in a safer and official way.