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GTA Vice City Mod Apk Download Latest Version 2023

Here we have prepared the latest download link for the GTA Vice City Apk game that you can get in seconds. For the direct link from Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk Mod, which is indeed an Android version. The point is if you are looking for a modified version of the GTA game to hack, crack, play easy, cheat, code , then we will provide the information.

That way you can play much better than other players. Moreover, we will share the download link below if you are really curious and have never tried it. Then you must also really like high-quality games. To be honest, there are currently only a few players who play this one game according to the number of players.

However, after playing the modified version or GTA Vice City Apk, there are even more users to play it, because it is very interesting and different from the previous version. There are lots of excellent features that you won’t get at all in the previous version. Try asking people who lived in the 90s about what this GTA Vice City game is.

The game was one of the games that made teenagers and children lulled thanks to the excitement and high popularity at that time. Interestingly, until now this game has never been bored to play. For that we think you must play the latest version of GTA Vice City Apk. For complete information, please refer to the following explanation.

What is GTA Vice City Apk?

What is GTA Vice City Apk


Right in 2002 Rockstar North did the Combination of Action and Adventure stage which resulted in a game which is now known as the GTA Vice City game. But do you know what GTA Vice City Apk actually is? Know that this game is Grand Theft Auto Vice City, which is quite popular and has received various awards.

For example, in 2002 the game was first released for PS2 and was immediately warmly welcomed by many players. Furthermore, along with the success he got, this game was also released in May 2003 for Microsoft Windows. This was followed by the launch for the Xbox in 2003. So what exactly is it?

Believe it or not, this GTA game has managed to attract many people and make it an addiction to keep playing it. In December 2012 the game was launched for Android types. So now you can play it on Android devices, Microsoft Windows, PS2, PS3, PS4, iOS, macOS, Fire OS, and others. But we will specifically share for Android only.

Now it is available on the Google Play Store service which has been downloaded by more than 1 million with a file size of 1.5 GB and a review of 175 thousand.

GTA Vice City Apk Mod

If you pay attention, more than thousands of people are looking for APK + OBB of GTA Vice City Apk on all internet lines to play it on Android devices. Right? But unfortunately, many of the players feel disappointed because the information they get is invalid and just a lure. But fortunately you are here who will get a safe download link.

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In this latest version, you will be presented with various interesting features that are far superior to the previous version. So it would be a shame if you don’t try to play it. This is the best opportunity for those of you who like the gameplay of this GTA Vice City. Later you can be much easier to achieve missions and victory in the game.

The main factor that makes the GTA Vice City Apk version increasingly sought after is the “Unlimited” feature. This means that you are now given access to the freedom to use all the important items in it without being charged the slightest bit. Interesting right? What’s more for the quality of the graphics, the easier control, and more. For more details, please see below.

GTA Vice City Apk Game Featured Features

There are lots of excellent features that the GTA Vice City Apk game application has that will entertain all players with a different impression than before. We are here to invite all of you as fans of the 90’han version of GTA to reminisce again with a different sense of playing, much more fun, and full of fun.

Thanks to this interesting feature, GTA is able to compete with other games. Curious about the superior features it has? Below we present the points:

1. Unlimited Money

As it is known that in the official version of the GTA Vice City game, all players must first complete a series of missions in order to make money. With that money you can buy and unlock various important items available in the game. Of course it’s different from GTA Vice City Apk or its modified version.

How not, you can get unlimited money for free and easily. This is because this latest version has been designed as attractive and as easy as possible for the players. The existence of this “Unlimited Money” feature allows you to get a variety of fun and satisfaction while playing it through items that are free to access.

2. Unlocked All Items

You don’t just stop at money, you can get all important items including weapons and vehicles in one version. The existence of the “Unlocked All Items” feature is one answer. With the free features it provides, you don’t need to bother looking for similar GTA cheats . Moreover, it is quite difficult to find for the Android version.

The availability of this one feature allows each player to play with satisfaction, free access, and explore as freely as possible regarding all the uses of the various items available in it for free.

3. Free Download

Unlike the original version, which is subject to a download rate of 4.99 US Dollars. Of course, the costs are quite large for students, especially the majority of the players are dominated by students, children and teenagers who do not have an income. Well, if you don’t want to spend money, then the Mod Apk version of GTA Vice City is the solution.

4. Multiple Languages

Now you will be given a choice of 8 languages ​​in the GTA Vice City Apk game when you want to play it, starting from English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, as well as Japanese. It is likely that in the future there will be many more languages ​​available, so that all players from various countries can understand them according to their nationality.

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5. Graphics

Furthermore, graphics are certainly one of the main and most important parts in a game, regardless of the type of game. Attractive and realistic graphics, more and more people will play it, as is the case with the Mod apk version of the GTA game. Each player will be faced with a fairly good high-quality graphic presentation.

You will get a much different experience than before, because the developers themselves have made thorough modifications for the satisfaction of their fans. It would be an amazing experience and it would be a shame to miss it.

6. Easy Play Control

The last excellent feature you will be given a game control that seems very easy. This means that both you are a new user and whoever it is will quickly understand and understand all the tools and features it provides. You won’t get any difficulties while playing it, so naturally this latest version gets a pretty good response.

Download Link Game GTA Vice City Apk Latest Version 2022

For those of you who are already interested in the GTA Vice City Apk game, here we have prepared a safe and reliable download link complete with application specifications. Know that there are actually a lot of sources that provide links. It’s just that not all of them are really reliable. There are some parties who deliberately manipulate for mere sensation.

But you don’t need to worry, because we will provide everything for those of you who really want to play full of different impressions and experiences. That way you can more easily get winning points. For information on the download link, please see the table below.

App Name GTA Vice City Apk Mod
New version  1.09
File Size 1.3GB
Developer Rockstar Games
Minimum OS Android 7.0+
Download Link Download

How to Install the GTA Vice City Apk Game

Previously, you should know that the Rar file is an important file that you must have to be able to run the GTA Vice City Apk game on your device. Later, please download the following GTA game Apk file with the OBB file that we have prepared, the link is below. For a more complete process, please follow the steps below:

  • The first step, please uninstall the original version of the GTA Vice City game that is already installed on the device. Usually you get this version on the Play Store Smartphone.
  • The second step, please click Download which has been provided to get the GTA Vice City Apk file.
  • If it is successful, please go to the Settings menu on the device.
  • Look for the Privacy / Security menu again .
  • Please check the Unknown Sources text for the activation process and granting permission regarding the installation of game applications on the device.
  • After that, please search the File Manager again to find the file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Then install the application and extract the GTA Vice City Apk Mod via ES File Explorer
  • If you have done everything successfully you will see a folder in the file manager with the name rockstargames.gtavc .
  • If the folder is available, it means you can start playing the game right now.

How easy is the installation process? But for those of you who have just played the GTA game, the Mod Apk type, of course, will feel a little strange in the installation process. Actually, all types of game applications that are Mod Apk types actually have different installations from game applications that you usually download through the Play Store. The process itself, of course, only has a slight difference regarding activation.

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We also recommend here that you follow all the installation steps as we have provided above. Make sure you are careful and observant of every step, because if there is even one wrong step that is not appropriate, it will be fatal. That way, you inevitably have to re-download and reinstall the game application. Is it complicated?

Differences GTA Vice City Apk Mod and Original Version

Between GTA Vice City Apk and the Original, the gameplay is actually the same as that, the only difference lies in some additional features and access when using all the tools and features. Judging from the name alone, there are additional Apk Mods, of course in terms of advantages when playing it is also different. For more details, consider the points below.

GTA Vice City Original

  • Limited Money – In the original version of the game GTA Vice City requires each player to complete several previous missions. Only then can you get money to buy various necessities and other important items. Unfortunately, the money you get is very limited, so you can’t buy as much as you want.
  • Paid – For those of you who are interested in the original version, of course it’s legal, and that’s your own choice. But are you ready to pay the amount he asks to be able to download the game application? You must be willing to spend to be able to install the official version of the game. Please just check on the Play Store.
  • Locked items – There are lots of locked items as long as you use the original version. Starting from weapons, vehicles, and others. This is because it will never open if you don’t want to top up or upgrade to the premium version. Moreover, that is one of the advantages that will be obtained by the game developer.

GTA Vice City Apk

  • Unlimited Money – A good news for users of the Mod Apk version of the GTA Vice City game. Because you will get unlimited money which you can later use to complete the needs of the game, such as vehicles, weapons, clothes, and others. This feature again will only be found in the latest version or modification.
  • Free – You don’t have to pay any money to be able to play the game, because it’s completely free and you can download it right now without the hassle. The developer himself wants to provide easy access for all GTA game lovers. That way anyone and from any circles can enjoy the fun.
  • Open Items – The last difference is that in this version of GTA Vice City Apk, you will be faced with a wide selection of items, all of which are open for free and are free to use without the hassle of making payments. Of course something should be appreciated, because more and more facilities are provided to be able to play this one legend game.


We think so far there have been no reports claiming that the use of the latest game applications from GTA Vice City Apk often has errors or even doesn’t work . But if you often experience problems such as frequently exiting the game suddenly, or breaking, it is certain that there are files that you have not downloaded completely.

Make sure if you find problems like this to immediately download it again and make sure the installation steps really match what we have informed you. How about GTA gamers? Now you know the differences and advantages of each version. So what are you waiting for? Let’s immediately download your best version of the GTA game.