How to Delete Facebook Account

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2022

Facebook is a social media platform that has been around for a long time. Even for some people, the first social media they have is a Facebook account.

Along with the development of technology and internet networks, of course also developing various features that provide the best experience for users which makes Facebook more popular

Although it is felt that various kinds of social media have appeared, Facebook is one that still exists today and is used by many users.

However, due to some reasons, users sometimes feel the need to close or permanently delete their Facebook account.

For this reason, StoriesBase will summarize how to permanently delete a Facebook account, which is summarized from the official Facebook page.

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How to permanently delete Facebook account


Before deleting your Facebook account make sure that all your data on Facebook has been downloaded. This is because if your account has been deleted, you cannot restore it.

  • Log in to your Facebook profile
  • Click the down arrow icon in the top right corner
  • Select Settings & Privacy
  • Click Settings
  • Click Facebook Information in the left column
  • Click Deactivation and Removal
  • Select Delete Account
  • Click Continue to Account Deletion
  • Click Delete Account, Enter password
  • Click Continue

How to download a copy of Facebook data


Before deleting an account, make sure some of your data has been copied and downloaded. Here are some steps.

  • Click the down arrow icon in the top right corner of your Facebook homepage
  • Select Settings & Privacy
  • Click Settings
  • In the left column, click Your Facebook Information
  • Beside, Download Your Information
  • Click View
  • To add or remove data categories from your request, click the box on the right side of Facebook
  • Select more options, including the format of your download request, quality of photos, videos and other media, date range of specific information
  • Click Create File to confirm the download request
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After you complete the steps above, your request will be reviewed by Facebook and have a “Pending Approval” status in the “Copies Available” section. This review process takes several days.

Once done, you will receive a notification that the download is ready. To download it click the “Copies Available” section in the Download Your Information tool then click Download and enter the password.

Please note, once a user has permanently deleted their Facebook account, you cannot reactivate your account and all data cannot be recovered.

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In addition, you also cannot log in using a Facebook account to some applications that are registered using Facebook such as Spotify or Pinterest.