Tiktok Errors

How To Fix Tiktok Errors 2022tik

TikTok is not immune from problems or errors, Like online-based applications or services.

TikTok errors that users often experience, for example, the application cannot be opened, freezing or the display does not change even after pressing some features in the application, crashing or suddenly closing the application by itself, and lagging or the application running slower than usual.

If TikTok encounters an error, there are a number of things you can do. Here StoriesBase summarizes several ways to overcome TikTok Error.


1. Check internet connection

When TikTok feels disturbed , immediately check the internet connection on your smartphone. It could be, the problem does not come from the application, but comes from the internet connection used.

Tiktok Errors If the connection is indeed a problem, you can change the internet connection, for example from WiFi to mobile data or the cellular operator you are using or vice versa.

Then, you can check the speed of each network both WiFi and mobile data with several free connection checking sites such as nperf.com , fast.com , and speedtest.net .

You can check while changing your position. Maybe you’re in a location far enough from WiFi that the connection your phone receives is weak.

It could also be that you are in a room with thick enough walls, so that your mobile data network is not strong enough to get an internet connection.

2. Restart the app and Phone

One simple way that works to solve problems like TikTok not opening, freezing, lagging, crashing, is to restart the app or your phone.

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Tiktok Errors You can simply close the TikTok application completely, then open and restart the TikTok application. This step can be used for Android or iOS phones.

Then, if it still doesn’t work, restart your phone. Restarting your phone will stop other apps that might slow down your phone’s performance causing TikTok to lagging, freezing, and crashing .

3. Check application updates

Make sure the TikTok app you are using is the latest version. Thus, you must be diligent in checking for updates or application updates on the Play Store (Android0 or App Store (iOS).

The latest version of the application allows users to access services more smoothly. Because, it is not uncommon for developers to provide security updates to fix bugs that could be the cause of TikTok errors.

For Android users, the way to check for TikTok app updates is to open the Google Play Store, then select “Manage app and devices” or “Manage apps and devices”, then select “Updates available” or “Available updates”.

Just scroll down until you find the TikTok app. If not found, then your app has got the latest update.

For iPhone users, you need to open the App Store, then in the search field type TikTok to search for the app. When it is found, it will say “To update” in the application description section. If it doesn’t say “To update” then your application is already on the latest version.

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4. Clear the cache

The last way that can be done to solve TikTok errors is to clear cache data .

Cache data is temporary data obtained from applications running on mobile phones. This data is stored in the phone’s memory and is temporary or not permanent.

One example of the use of cached data is when a user is browsing on the internet. When visiting a site on the internet, it is not uncommon for users to come across content in the form of images and videos.

At the same time that the content is loaded, the browser will save the temporary files of the images and videos in the cache data .

By saving this temporary file, later the browser can load images and videos more quickly when users want to view similar content. Cache data that keeps piling up is one of the factors that can cause applications to make your phone work slower or slower.

Therefore, users are advised to clear cache data periodically, especially when the phone’s performance has become sluggish.

To delete TikTok app data you can follow these steps:

  • Open the TikTok application
  • Select “Profile” in the lower right corner menu
  • Select the menu in the form of three horizontal lines in the upper right corner
  • Then select “Settings and Privacy” or “Settings and Privacy”
  • Scroll down and select “Free up space” or “Free up space”
  • Then select Application cache in the top menu
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For the record, this method can be used by both Android and iPhone users. However, the steps for iPhone users may be slightly different. This method cannot be used on TikTok that is opened using a PC or laptop.

5. Check if the server is down

There is a possibility that the TikTok application cannot be opened because the application server is down or temporarily disabled.

The cause of TikTok errors or other problematic services is usually due to maintenance or routine server maintenance. Routine server maintenance is needed to maintain server stability and also check if there is intruder software that threatens the existence of the server.

However, don’t rush to the conclusion that the server is down . You can go to the Downdetector page . This free page serves to check if there is a connection blackout from the application.

You need to change your area in the top right corner menu on the Downdetector page, then select Indonesia. Furthermore, the page will show at what time the most reports of connection blackouts from TikTok occur.

If you’re at a time where there’s been a high number of reports of connection outages, then you’re not the only one having trouble opening TikTok. In this case, you can only wait until the application can be opened again, or monitor using the page. If the number of reports decreases, it means that the TikTok server is back to normal operation.