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How to Register Onlyfans Without Using a Credit Card

Onlyfans is a digital platform that provides adult content. To enjoy adult content, users are required to register and subscribe. Then how to register Onlyfans?

The condition for registering only fans is to use a credit card. While many netizens are asking, can I register onlyfans and subscribe without using a credit card? Because not everyone uses a credit card.

Before we discuss how to register and subscribe to onlyfans without using a credit card, first know what onlyfans are and how to register and use this service.

What is Onlyfans?

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Onlyfans is a social media platform that provides adult content. You could say this application is not recommended to be seen, bro. Because in it a lot of sexy photos that do not deserve to be used as a spectacle.

OnlyFans allows its users to sell photo or video content with elements of NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

The term NSFW refers to adult content that is not safe for the general public to view, especially those who are surfing the internet during working hours.

But what’s Mimin’s power, this site is actually being hunted by many users. To enjoy adult content on Onlyfans users are required to subscribe and pay a predetermined rate.

In short, OnlyFans is a place to ‘buy and sell’ exciting content from content creators registered with Onlyfans.

Onlyfans was founded by Timothy Stokely in 2016 and already has around 50 million registered users and about 450 thousand creators on it.

Until now OnlyFans has no application and can only be accessed via a link or website address.

How Does Onlyfans Work?

How does onlyfans work? Maybe some people are still curious and wonder how these onlyfans work.

Almost the same as other social media applications, at Onlyfans we can create a profile according to your photo, then you can also upload photos or videos on the account that you have registered with Onlyfans.

More than that, you can also get followers and can also follow other users that you find interesting.

Please note that the photo and video website on Onlyfans includes prohibited content, so to be able to view or access collections from onlyfans, you are required to subscribe to onlyfans.

Interested in enjoying adult content shared by creators on OnlyFans? You have to pay a certain amount of money according to the price of the subscription package made by the video creator onlyfans.

Then can you get money from onlyfans? The answer is yes. The trick is to ‘sell’ adult content which will be ‘bought’ by followers who have subscribed.

Guess that’s how it works at Onlyfans.

How to Register an Account on Onlyfans

Because this site is not a random site, but a site that smells of adult content which will be caught by the positive internet, therefore to access this site you are required to register first.

Everyone who will access the content on the Onlyfans site must first have a personal account. The steps to create a personal account at Onlyfans are as follows:-

  1. The first step is to visit the OnlyFans site (
  2. The second step Click the Sign Up for button. Fill in the data in the form of e-mail, password, and name. Check the Terms of Service column, then press Sign Up.
  3. You can also register using other options, such as through a Google account or Twitter account.
  4. Done, your onlyfans account is ready to use. You can upload profile photos and various adult content on your respective accounts.

Easy Ways to Subscribe to Onlyfans Without Using a Credit Card

As the admin discussed earlier, if you want to enjoy adult content from only fans, you have to pay. Because the purpose of Onlyfans is as a medium for buying and selling adult content.

Then what price must be paid by people who want to subscribe to watch adult content on Onlyfans?

The tariff that has been determined by only fans for those who subscribe to adult content is US$4.99 to US$49.99 per month using a credit card. This is the uniqueness of onlyfans who use a credit card payment system.

So is it possible to subscribe without using a credit card, because not all Onlyfans users have a credit card.

The answer is yes. Because how to use a credit card is a mandatory method and cannot be replaced, therefore you can only replace the credit card by subscribing via a virtual credit card or prepaid visa.

Only this is permitted by Onlyfans as a payment medium other than credit cards. So for those of you who want to try this method, please follow the instructions that the admin has summarized as follows.

  1. Open your onlyfans account.
  2. Then select “your card”.
    Then select “Add Your Card”.
  3. At the bottom of card details , fill in all card information including card name, card number, card validity period and other information.
  4. Then click the send button.
  5. Congratulations now you have subscribed to onlyfans without having to use a credit card.


That’s the way to register and subscribe to onlyfans without using a credit card. Do you want to try it? Please follow the tutorial above, because the admin has discussed it completely and thoroughly. Goodbye and thank you. Try.


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