How to Share Location On Android and Iphone

8 Ways How to Share Location WA On Android and Iphone

Technological developments require everyone to master the equipment built on it, one of which is how to share location WA On Android and Iphone. With high mobility, of course this cannot be avoided. How to share location in WA is the easiest way to reach a place. Because this application will be directly connected to the GPS which will be a route guide for anyone in need.

How to Share Location WA On Android and Iphone

The feature of how to share location WA is quite popular. The reason is that with this application, you don’t have to bother knowing for sure the location to be addressed. Especially if you don’t know it at all.

WhatsApp provides a location share feature with the aim of making it easy for users to share their location with friends. There are two types of sharing methods, namely only in the form of current location or live location.

If you choose location sharing, the recipient will only receive a fixed location, it will not change even if you change places. This will certainly be very helpful for those who have never been to the place.

On the other hand, if you decide to share your live location , your friends will receive a location that changes according to your position. This choice will certainly be difficult for friends who will visit the address.

Although the method is very easy, not everyone knows how to do it properly. Often it is not precise because of the difference in points.

1. Share Location Using WhatsApp Application

The first way to share location in WA is of course using the WA application directly. Here’s how to share the location.

  • Make sure the GPS on the mobile phone is turned on first. If it’s still off, then you can scroll the screen until the GPS menu is visible. Select the GPS icon, press it until there is a notification “On” or on.
  • Open the WhatsApp messaging app
  • Open the contact name to which the destination location will be sent via WA.
  • On the send message bar, press the “clip” icon indicating you will insert the location.
  • 6 icon options will appear. Choose the one that says “location” or “ location”.
  • Wait for the settings to set the location to accurate until you see a map on the screen.
  • Look at the bottom of the map, it says “Send your current location”. Press.

On the contact name to be sent, you can see a map of the journey that must be taken to get to the intended location. The recipient just presses the map .

2. Sharing Locations By Setting Nearest Locations

The next way to share location in WA is to share the closest location. If it turns out that in a share location only shows where you are without mentioning the specific name of the place.

Pay attention to the following method below to share the location via WA with the place to be addressed at once.

  • The first step is to make sure that the GPS on the mobile phone is turned on. If not, turn it on first, so that this feature can be used and work properly.
  • Open your WA messaging application.
  • Choose a contact name to share the location with.
  • Look at the send message bar at the bottom of the screen. You will see a “clip” icon which means it will prepare. It’s next to the camera icon. Press the image.
  • Wait a moment. Furthermore, the mobile phone screen will show a map and at the bottom will be listed the names of several places closest to the location in question. Choose what you want. Press.
  • Wait until the sending process is complete.
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3. How to Locate WA Location Via GPS

The two ways to share location in WA above use the WhatsApp messaging application directly. Well, the technique that will be given below is to use the GPS already installed on your phone.

By using the GPS application, you can easily share your location. Follow the methods below.

  • The first time, open the Maps application that is already installed on your mobile phone.
  • Make sure you turn on the location feature. If not, immediately ‘ On ‘ right so that the sherlock process runs smoothly.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, you will see an icon indicating a gmail account. Press.
  • Select the option that indicates you will share your location.
  • Press the option to share location via WA
  • Look for the contact name you want to share the location with.
  • Click send. Wait a few moments for the process to run.

4. How to Share Live Location via WA

In this way of sharing location in WA, you will send a location that can change at any time. The indicated location can change according to the position of the mobile phone as a point point.

Here’s the method below to share the live location .

  • First, activate the GPS installed on your cellphone. The trick is to press the GPS icon in the HP notification menu.
    Open your WA application,
  • Choose a personal WA chat that you will send the location directly
  • Press the “clip” icon which indicates you are attaching something. This image is located in the messaging delivery menu.
  • Tap the “Location” button
  • Then press “Continue” when on the screen there is a request for confirmation of delivery location. Make sure the location that you want to send live is correct.
  • Then, choose a live location delivery deadline. You can choose from 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. This means that the live location will be monitored for the duration of the time sent.
  • Choose the send button” to start sharing your location. The recipient will get a notification about your location, because it will change according to the whereabouts of the cellphone.

5. Share Location Using Google Maps

If previously sharing live location only used WA, then how to share location in WA live can also use the Google maps application. Thus you need these two applications that are already installed on the cellphone.

Google Maps is an application created by Google to help users pinpoint certain places. This feature is also equipped with the ability to show the location of someone who is accessing the internet.

Check out the following steps below.

  • Open the Google Maps application installed on your mobile device.
  • Determine the location you are going to.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the “Share your location” option.
  • The next mobile screen will show your real time location share. There are two options, namely live location for 1 hour or until it is disabled. Choose one of them.
  • Proceed by selecting the messaging app that will be used to share it. This time choose WA. There is a notification about sharing the link . Select share.
  • The screen will show a chat room with several contacts that you can choose from. Press the name to which the link will be sent. recipient will get notification about real time location Click send.
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When sharing real time location via Google Maps, pay attention to the following so that your privacy is not compromised. Check out the explanation below.

  • The length of time you want to share can be selected by pressing the – or + sign to the right of the time. Subtraction from 1 hour will be 15 minutes. While the addition will be as much as 1 hour.
  • Recipients of the link you share will be able to see your photo and name.
  • During the duration of time that you have specified, the recipient can see the real time location and that is covered with the Google Maps service. You can even see when you’re not using this app.
  • Some information may be known by the recipient, such as places you have recently visited, battery capacity, and the way you traveled.

With the information above, you should consider when sharing your real time location with people you don’t know well. Because, this feature will potentially be misused.

6. How to Share Location To Go

The following way to share a location in WA is if you are going to travel to the same location, where you and your friends are not at that location. This can be done on condition that you know the name of the place you are going to.

Follow these steps to easily share the location. First, make sure your internet connection is smooth so that the recipient can receive the message clearly

  • The first step is to open the browser installed on your mobile phone.
  • Type in the name of a specific place in the month of the browser search . Next on the screen you will see an image of a map heading that way.
  • Tap on the map image until it doubles in size.
  • Specify the name of the place to go.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see several menu options. Swipe left on the option until you find the share sign. Tap on that option.
  • Then you will be presented with many options for sharing it. Choose the green WA icon. Tap .
  • Then the screen will show a chat with the words “send to”. Choose the contact name to which the map of the location you will be going will be sent. Then press the send sign on the screen below.
  • Hit send. On the private chat screen in the contact you select, the map mark will change to a description of the place and its address that can be accessed via Google Maps.

Next, the friend you have sent just presses on the address that has been given. On the screen it will turn into a map again which can later be used as directions.

7. How to Share Location To Go Without a Name

Maybe you’ve wanted to share your location WA On Android And Iphone, but apparently there’s no name indicating that location. Don’t worry, you can still share it via WA even without a name.

Check out the following ways below to share an address or location that doesn’t have a name. Do not forget to make sure that the internet connection that will be used is stable.

  • Make sure your GPS is on or ” On “.
  • Open the chat room with the name of the friend you want to share the location with.
  • Then press the “clip” icon on the message sending bar. This mark is next to the camera image.
  • The screen will show several options that you will pin on the messaging menu in the chat room . Choose a location.
  • The screen will then show a map with multiple pins. In the upper left corner, you will see a square that is in a circle. Tap .
    Next select the red pin. Tap .
  • Move the pin to the location or place you want it to be. zoom in on the map so that it is clear the route or address you are familiar with. If you are sure, place the pin in the selected location.
  • Once you’ve pinned a specific location on the map, look at the bottom of the screen that says send this location. There will be written the address where the pin is placed. Continue by pressing the “send this location.”
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8. Share Maps Location Using Google Maps

How to share your location WA On Android And Iphone this time using the help of the Google Maps application. This is usually done if the location to be addressed is located far from where you are.

It’s easy. Follow the steps below to share it with your friends.

  • On your mobile, open the Google Maps application.
  • Continue to browse the place, or select the option to find a place on the map. If it’s not detected, you can perform a search using a pin. Long- tap the pin you want to position.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the name or address of the location you want to go to. Make sure the address is correct and in accordance with the existing one.
  • Next, select the share menu with a picture like a cable. If your phone doesn’t have the icon, tap the three dots in the right corner of the screen, then select Share.
  • Then the mobile phone screen will show several application options that can be used as a medium where you share the link . Choose the WA application. Press.
  • Next the screen will show some people ‘s chat rooms . Choose the name of the contact to share. Press send. The recipient will get a link in the form of a link using Google Maps.

Activate GPS

Accuracy is very important, when you do how to share your location WA On Android And Iphone. If the number that shows the accuracy is very large, for example up to hundreds of meters, then double-check the GPS on your cellphone.

If not, then it could be because the existing GPS is not “On “, In addition, the strength of the GPS signal and network connection also affects the level of accuracy of WA positioning .

Follow the steps below to activate the GPS on your mobile phone, so that the position given is more accurate.

  • Open the settings menu on the mobile phone
  • Choose the “privacy” option on the menu
  • Then select “Location services” to enable it.

The final step is to change it to “ On”. Thus, your GPS will turn on and become active. Without an active GPS, your location will be inaccurate and potentially misleading.

You can also have Location Mode built into your Android phone. To determine the level of existence there are three options that you can determine according to your needs.

The options are high accuracy, battery saving mode and device only. If you select battery saving mode, then some installed apps will not work as they should.

When doing the location sharing methodshare your location WA On Android And Iphone, it is recommended that you are outside. The reason is, the GPS will be better at determining the location if it is outside the room compared to when in it.

Now, by knowing how to share your location WA On Android And Iphone, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you need it. Just follow the steps that have been given and it will work fine.