How To Temporarily Disable WA Without Disconnect Wifi or Mobile Data

How To Temporarily Disable WA Without Disconnect Wifi or Mobile Data 2022

Disable WA – WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media applications because of its various quality and attractive features.

Perhaps it can also be said that WhatsApp is the most widely used chat application as a tool for carrying out communication and social media activities.

In addition to being able to send short messages, the WhatsApp application also has a feature to share status with other users and reply to it so that many people use it for daily activities.

There is also a business WhatsApp created to separate personal accounts from work so they won’t be mixed up because they can use two different numbers.

But sometimes there are also some people who want to disable WA (WhatsApp) for whatever reason so they want to stop this chat application.

To be able to temporarily disable wa can be done using many ways that can be used such as without a help application or you can also use a WhatsApp Mod help .

we will try to explain how to temporarily disable WA (WhatsApp) without turning on data packages both messenger, regular, business and others so that they can no longer be used.

How to temporarily disable WA (WhatsApp)

How to temporarily disable WA

WhatsApp is an application or tool that is installed on the Android or iPhone operating system by using the internet to work together.

Because this application is an additional application on smartphones so users can stop WhatsApp very easily either temporarily or permanently.

Most people disable wa only temporarily because if one day they want to use this application again, they can be opened and used.

But not a few also don’t know the steps, because that’s why many people need a review on how to temporarily disable wa without having to turn off the data plan first.

There are many ways we will share in order to be able to disable wa (whatsApp) that is running on the Android and iOS/iPhone OS systems as follows.

1. Without Using Additional Apps

If you want to disable the WhatsApp application, you can do it directly without using the help of other assistive devices.

Usually, this method of disabling wa is more widely used by users because it is not difficult and very easy to do so it becomes an option.

  • Please go to the smartphone settings
  • Just scroll down and select the application manager
  • Please look for the WhatsApp application
  • Click and please select the force stop menu
  • After you are sure you want to stop WhatsApp temporarily, please continue by clicking OK.
  • Done now WhatsApp has been successfully deactivated
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2. Disable WA With Background Usage

There are also other ways you can do to disable WA (WhatsApp) such as turning off data in the background so that there are no active activities.

How to disable wa is also a lot of choice because it doesn’t require another application to stop WhatsApp. Besides that, the easy process makes a lot of interest.

  • Enter the settings menu
  • Please scroll again then select the application
  • Find the app you want to disable
  • Next, just select the cellular data menu
  • Please allow providing data in the background
  • Done

3. Disabling WA with Hibernator Application

You can find this application in the player store search with the name Hibernator which has a function as a tool to be able to temporarily disable wa (whatsapp) without turning off internet data first as follows.

  • Please download Hibernator first on the play store
  • Install the app
  • Please open Hibernator and just select Launched Apps
  • Please search WhatsApp
  • Select menu Shaw the settings
  • Select the data access menu
  • Activate the menu to improve WhatsApp temporarily.

4. Disable WhatsApp with the Greenify App

There is also a Greenify application that you can use to help stop the WhatsApp application on an Android smartphone temporarily and can be reactivated if needed.

  • Download & Install Greenify
  • Open the Greenify app
  • Make sure the cellphone is not rooted
  • Select My Device is Not Rooted
  • Choose manual setting in Hibernation Only
  • Select WhatsApp and click deactivate
  • Done

5. Disabling WA with the Mobiwol Application

Next you can also use another way to disable wa messenger or others by using Mobiwol which can be downloaded via the play store.

  • Search Mobiwol on Playstore
  • Download and install the application
  • Please select the Firewall Ruls menu
  • Please click the WiFi icon press it until it turns dark
  • If so, the WhatsApp application will automatically stop
  • Done.

Those are some ways to be able to disable WhatsApp (WA) on Android and iOS smartphones, please select it and try to apply the steps so you can stop the chat application.

There is also a way to disable wa apart from the above which in our opinion is simpler but can only be used temporarily as below.

How to disable WA without turning off data

How to disable WA without turning off data

How to deactivate wa (whatsapp) account is not a difficult thing because it has been done by many people when they want to stop activities in their whatsapp account,

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In addition to the above method, you can actually disable wa using the method that many people usually do, namely the following.

1. Force Stop Option

In fact, how to disable wa (whatsapp) temporarily without having to turn off internet data is very easy to do.

Now for those of you who don’t know how, please follow the steps below properly and correctly.

  • Open the Settings menu on each cell phone
  • Then enter the Application menu
  • Please look for the WhatsApp application
  • After that, click the Force Stop menu

If you do this, the WhatsApp application will automatically stop or be temporarily disabled.

2. Delete WhatsApp Application

If you no longer want to use WhatsApp for some reason or want to change it, then you can directly delete the application as follows.

  • We recommend that you delete all messages in the WhatsApp application first
  • Continue to log out and tap the application then select uninstall
  • Then WhatsApp will automatically stop

When you delete the application, it will automatically deactivate the WhatsApp account, so people who want to make calls or send messages will not enter or are pending.

3. Disable Cellular Data

How to disable the wa application can also be done by disabling the internet network because if there is no connection, it will not automatically run.

  • Go to settings
  • Select SIM card & Cellular Data
  • Click and tap mobile data
  • Then automatically internet-related activities will stop including WhatsApp

But this method is only temporary, if you activate it again, the activity will continue and WhatsApp can be active again as usual.

When disabling Cellular Data, not only WhatsApp is stopped but all internet-related applications cannot be run because this method is considered ineffective.

How to Activate WhatsApp That Has Been Deactivated

How to Activate WhatsApp That Has Been Deactivated

If you want to restore a WhatsApp account that has previously been deactivated, the method is very easy, even anyone can do it.

There are two ways that you can use to normalize WhatsApp accounts and applications to their original state after deactivation. Here’s how.

1. Cancel Deactivation

The first way you can use is the same as when you deactivate WA (WhatsApp) but here you choose to reactivate it so it can be normal again.

  • Enter the settings menu
  • Select application section
  • Find whatsapp application
  • Then click allow install
  • Automatically you can use your whatsapp account again

2. Re-Application Download

The second way you can do to disable WA is by uninstalling WhatsApp, then download and install it again then enter the cellphone number used for verification and you can return to using the account.

  • Please press the whatsapp application and hold
  • Uninstall or delete the app
  • do refresh in smartphone
  • then download the whatsapp application from playstore
  • Let the app install automatically
  • After successful, please enter the HP number
  • Verify by entering the code from the SMS into WhatsApp
  • If you enter, it means that you have successfully reactivated an account that was previously deactivated
  • Please try by creating a status or sending a short message to a friend
  • Done
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Those are the two easiest ways to reactivate a WhatsApp (WA) account that has been deactivated.

The method is very easy and can be done without using other assistance applications, just select one and then try to use it again.

Is it safe to disable WA?

How to disable WA without turning off data

If you have never deactivated your WhatsApp account, you may be a little worried about its security for fear of something unwanted happening.

But actually Deactivating a WA (WhatsApp) Account is not too much of a problem because this is only temporary, not permanent, so don’t worry too much.

WhatsApp accounts that have been deactivated at any time can be reactivated and used as usual either chatting, video calling or viewing and creating statuses.

If you are still worried, you should choose the simplest method of disabling such as turning off cellular or background data, this will be much safer.

Can Deactivated WhatsApp Return?

How to temporarily disable WA

WhatsApp is used to carry out chat activities and so on using a verified phone number ID so that even if it is disabled, it can still be reopened.

Because this is a way to temporarily disable it, of course it can also be reactivated so that it runs as before before deactivation.

Usually people deactivate WhatsApp accounts because they don’t want to be disturbed, so they stop their activities in the chat application.

Effects When Deactivating WhatsApp

How to Activate WhatsApp That Has Been Deactivated

What is the effect if we deactivate the WA (WhatsApp) application on our smartphone, what is the impact? We will describe it in more detail as follows.

  • Can’t do activities in the WhatsApp application such as chatting, video calling, creating and reading status
  • People who have your WhatsApp number will not be able to contact via WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp application cannot be used
  • Communication is more difficult because you have to use other social media applications

There is no excess effect when you disable a WhatsApp application, this also applies to the application which can be temporarily stopped.

If one day you want to open WhatsApp again, you can still do it by going through the steps provided in this article.


Everything can be done very easily, you can choose one of the methods above according to what you want because it has the same function to stop activities in your WhatsApp account.

The information we shared above is to help friends who want to temporarily deactivate their WA (Whatsapp) account in various ways.

To return it as before, you can do it by canceling the deactivation of the WhatsApp account or reinstalling it.

Hopefully with a review on How to Temporarily Deactivate a WA (Whatsapp) account without Disconnect Wifi or Mobile Data, it can be useful and useful for people who want to do it, thank you