How to travel wherever you want in Pokémon GO with fake GPS location

How to travel wherever you want in Pokémon GO with fake GPS location?

Pokémon GO continues to be a success. Many trainers across the planet pick up new Pokémon and Lure Modules every minute, as well as achieving unprecedented achievements every day.

The game’s augmented reality offers a great way to relax and enjoy the outside world. But if you can’t physically move around or would rather spend a more leisurely day, then you need a custom fake global positioning system (GPS) solution for Pokémon GO on your Android or iOS device. Thus, it is possible to explore the Pokémon universe freely, without necessarily having to go beyond the door of your house.

Is it possible to mask the location on Android or iOS for Pokémon GO 2022 ?

Yes, there are still plenty of ways to mask GPS location while enjoying Pokémon GO . The real challenge in this case is finding a working solution that doesn’t get your account banned in the title.

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Niantic, which is behind Pokémon GO , is heavily dedicated to detecting any trainer that uses any location modifiers or other types of enhancements not authorized by the company. Unfortunately, this means that it doesn’t take much for your profile to come under suspicion.

So, even though there are several tweaked or hacked apps that offer the functionality, it is necessary to have a reliable Pokémon GO spoofer . After all, wandering around the territories of Pokémon GO without any worries is an advantage that no one would pass up.

How to cheat GPS location for Pokémon GO in a safe way?

WooTechy’s development team created a spoofer for Pokémon GO called iMoveGo . This Android solution works from the desktop and actively changes the GPS location on whatever mobile devices are being used.

The app has been tested frequently to run with the official Pokémon GO app without any problems, so with it, there’s no risk of your account getting banned or permanently closed . Furthermore, the tool even works with the latest versions of Android and iOS, including iOS 16.

Step by step to use the iMoveGo joystick in Pokémon GO

The iMoveGo app has a unique joystick, a feature that mimics real-time movement in Pokémon GO . The feature unlocks complete control over the trainer — even if whoever plays the title stays on the couch or in a library between classes. Just use the commands on the keyboard of the device you are using or on the touch screen while in the application.

  • Download iMoveGo and connect your mobile device to your computer. If using iPhone , skip to the next step; but if using Android , follow the instructions on iMoveGo to enable Universal Serial Bus (USB) debugging or check out the full instructions by clicking this link .
  • Then select Gaming mode for Pokémon GO and use “Social” mode for other apps. Wait until the GPS assistant is installed on your smartphone.
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Now, enter the location you want or the GPS coordinates in the search bar. Select Joystick Mode (first option) and move your character through the following commands:

  • press W/S (or ↑ / ↓ arrows) to go forward or backward;
  • press A/D (or ← / → arrows) to adjust the direction;
  • click the arrows or drag the tip on the edge of the green circle to mimic a 360 degree movement
  • or just click the “Move” button to move automatically.

Explore more features in WooTechy’s iMoveGo

In addition to the amazing functionality for Pokémon GO on Android, iMoveGo offers other very useful features, including:

  • support for other location-based apps such as Snapchat, Find my, and dating and messaging apps;
  • creating destinations with multiple points on a predetermined route for more efficient collection of Poke Balls and other in-game benefits.
  • banning prevention through realistic walking-based human travel speed emulation so Niantic doesn’t suspect modifications.
  • Compatibility with all iOS and Android devices.
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You can try iMoveGo for free on the WooTechy website to experience the usage and functionality of this highly advanced tool. But remember: some features require a premium version subscription.

Excellent prices await you! They range from the monthly plan ($9.95 per month — five devices) to the quarterly plan ($19.95 — five devices). If you prefer, you can purchase a lifetime license for $59.95.

FAQ: WooTechy Spoofer FAQ for Pokémon GO (Android/iOS)

1. Is WooTechy’s iMoveGo spoofer for Pokemon GO safe?

Yea! This location modifier is reliable and does not reveal your actual physical position while playing Pokémon GO.

2. How do I reset my location after using a fake GPS?

All you have to do is restart your device (which you would do in any other situation). If you’re using an APK instead of iMoveGo, you might have to follow some more complicated steps, as sometimes alternatives like this don’t reset the location manually.

3. Do any fake GPS apps work with Pokémon GO?

APK solutions may work for social media apps, but will not display GPS signal errors in Pokémon GO . The best option to avoid title issues is to use a computer software-based tool such as WooTechy’s iMoveGo .

There’s no reason not to have fun exploring the world of Pokémon GO without physically moving around for hours and miles on end. However, even though there are several solutions for this purpose, most will result in your banishment from the game.

As such, the best alternative is to download a simple and easy-to-use location modifier such as WooTechy ‘s iMoveGo. So you have the freedom to go wherever you want in Pokémon GO!