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Instagram Apk Download + Latest Themes 2023

Instagram Apk Download- The use of social media in the world today is very high. Even today’s human life has been heavily influenced by social media. One of the most popular social media nowadays is Instagram. Instagram itself already has millions of users around the world.

Even Instagram is now widely used as a business media, promotion, and field for content creators to work. Curious about what Instagram can do? Let’s discuss in full this application with millions of users.

About Instagram Apk


Basically Instagram is an application that can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. In simple terms, this application allows its users to upload, edit, and share photo and video media with others.

As a social media, of course Instagram has the concept of connecting with other people. If on Facebook we know the term add friend, then on Instagram this term is similar to following and follower.

People who follow your Instagram account are called followers and you can also follow other people’s accounts.

On Instagram there are many interesting features that can be explored. Like the main of course feeds. Where you can see the posts of people you have followed before. In addition, here you will also see some ads from other people’s accounts who use IG Ads.

Then the latest, there is also Instagram Reels. If you are a Tiktok user, you must be very familiar with this concept. Where every user can share a short video that you can watch on the Instagram Reels section by pressing the reels icon in the middle of the application.

There are more than 90 million people who use Instagram. This makes Instagram a very lucrative market for businesses and a place where many people make money.

We will also discuss how to generate from the Instagram apk application on this occasion. But before that, you can listen to the following interesting features of Instagram.

Instagram App Features

Instagram has many interesting features that pamper its users, including:

1. Stories

Stories is a very popular feature and is another option when you want to share photos or videos without having to add to the photo or video collection on your profile. You could say stories are often used to share spontaneous moments.

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Like what, where, and sharing fun moments that don’t have to be posted on the feed. Story itself has many features that can be used. You can add stickers, gifs, text, images, and much more.

The latest, Instagram apk adds music to stories. This feature allows you to add your favorite songs along with their lyrics.

The story itself will disappear after 24 hours after being posted. You can also remove it before 24 hours by deleting it.

2. Instagram Shop

In 2020, Instagram launched a new feature meant to help business owners better market their goods using Instagram. Because previously they only relied on basic features on Instagram for this.

However, with the Instagram Shop, they can market their products better. A separate page is given so that you can see products that are intended to be sold on the Shop page.

However, there are several conditions that must be met if you want to be able to sell on Instagram apk with this feature. One of them you must already have a website for your store.

3. Chat

Not only can you share photos and videos, on Instagram you also have the opportunity to chat with other users. This feature further makes Instagram a complete social media because each user can chat directly privately with other people.

Chatting on Instagram is called direct message or commonly known as DM. In this DM, you can also create groups of more than two people to chat. You can send each other posts from outside to the group.

Interestingly, you can also make video calls. Not just one person, but several people. In this video call you can also open other people’s posts to be seen and discussed together. Very interesting isn’t it?

4. Live Streaming

In the story section, you may often see other users live streaming. This live feature was indeed available not long after they released the story feature. As the name suggests, with this feature users can do live streaming.

Live Instagram is often used to share many things. Starting from sharing experiences, knowledge, or just having fun . The live together feature is also good to use as a medium for live interviews with resource persons to dig deeper.

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Moreover, until now, this live feature continues to be developed until there is also a QnA feature so that streamers can hold questions and answers with the audience.

5. Business Account

Basically there are several types of accounts that you can use on Instagram. If you have just used Instagram and created an account, then you will only use a regular or regular account.

But there are other types of accounts that you can use and will really support your activities if you are a content creator or have an online shop on Instagram. The name is a business account. To be able to register a business account, you must connect the account with a page on Facebook.

A business account has many advantages when compared to a regular account. Here you can see the performance of each post and story that you share. Such as the details of how many interactions occur on a piece of content, the level of engagement of the content, and much more.

In addition, on your profile page you will get an insight feature to see a summary of your account’s performance over a certain period of time. The information provided is also very complete. Starting from the location of followers, age of followers, interaction of followers with your content, and much more.

This information is certainly very useful in making decisions if you are really looking for a lot of followers and high engagement through content on Instagram apk.

6. Feeds and Reels

We put feeds and reels into one discussion because these two features have similarities. That is, both display all content, both photos and videos from accounts that you have previously followed in the Instagram apk application.

In the content feed, you can give likes, comments, or even save a post so you can view it another day. The feed page is also the main page that becomes the landing page where you will immediately see this page when you first open the Instagram application.

As for the reels page, the concept is the same as the feed. It’s just that here you can only see the content of the reels. That is a short video of a few seconds shared by other people.

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Unlike feeds that only contain content shared by people you already follow, on reels you can find video reels from people you’ve never even followed before. This makes reels more diverse than feeds.

7. Filter Stories

Instagram Stories still have a lot of interesting things to explore. One of them is filters. Until now, filter technology for Instagram continues to grow more sophisticated so that you can use 3D objects in it.

Yes, you can use augmented reality technology that visualizes digital objects in the real world through filters. This method has begun to be applied and used by many big brands to do marketing.

Filters on Instagram are open to everyone. You can also be as creative as you want to include your own filter. Interestingly, the filter can also be used by other people.

7. Exploration

This exploration or exploration feature is a very interesting feature and is rarely realized by Instagram apk users. Even though this feature is no less fun with feeds and reels because you can find content according to your interests.

Yes, the exploration feature will provide content based on your interests. This interest can be seen from your search history on what content attracts your interactions the most.

For example, if you often search for and interact with film-themed content, your exploration content will contain more content about films. This is very interesting because you can focus more on enjoying the content that you really like.

This exploration feature is also a very good alternative if you are a content creator on Instagram. Because if your post manages to reach exploration, then the chances of engagement that you get on that post will be higher.

Download Instagram Apk

If you already know several types of Instagram application mods and their features above, maybe you can already determine which Instagram mod application to use. Since some of these apps are unofficial, they can’t be found on Google Playstore. To download it, you can use the link below.

  • Instagram APK Aero
  • Size 39 MB
  • Version Newest
  • Price Free
  • Download Link Download APK

That’s information about Instagram apk .Please decide for yourself which version you think is the most appropriate and ideal for you to use according to your needs. However, each version has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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