How to Solve Instagram Can't Load Home

5 Ways How to Solve Instagram Can’t Load Home

How to Solve Instagram Can’t Load Home,Instagram as a social media platform that is quite popular today, it seems that it cannot be separated from the so-called disturbance or bug .

why is my instagram not working 2022 ? One of the possible annoyances on Instagram is that the app doesn’t load the homepage. For some of you Instagram users, you may also have experienced this annoyance. Ideally, the home page will display a row of uploads from users.

When the issue of Instagram not being able to load the homepage occurs, instagram problems today users cannot see uploads from other users that appear on the home page. The home page display just looks blank and white.

Then, when this problem occurs, users usually also cannot see the Instagram Feed that is loaded on other users’ profile pages, while the message “instagram can’t refresh feed” appears, as shown in the image below.

The reason why is my instagram not loading can arise due to several factors, one of which is not having an adequate internet connection. As usual, features and activities on Instagram can only be accessed when connected to an internet connection.

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If you don’t have an adequate internet connection, disruption of activity on Instagram can be very possible. The next cause can arise because the version of the Instagram application is outdated, so users cannot access the features smoothly. That’s an example of why Instagram can’t load the homepage. Then, how to solve it? Check out the explanation on how to solve Instagram can’t load the news feed , which is listed below.

1. Instagram Can’t Load Home Make sure the phone is connected with a sufficient internet connection


As mentioned above, the problem of an empty Instagram homepage can be caused because the cellphone does not have an adequate internet connection. The Instagram application requires an internet connection in order to access its features. If the phone is not connected to an adequate internet connection, Instagram will not be able to load the latest news on the home page.

To overcome this, you can check the remaining internet data package quota you have If your data plan quota is still available, but you still can’t load the home page, you can try to reconnect your phone to the internet.

How to activate airplane mode on the cellphone to turn off the cellular internet network connection. Wait about 30 seconds, then turn off airplane mode, by clicking the airplane icon in the quick settings menu. If your phone is connected to a WiFi network, you can turn off and on again the WiFi connection on your phone, by clicking the WiFi signal icon in the quick settings menu.

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2. Reload Instagram app


How to solve Instagram can’t load home can be done by closing the application completely, then opening it again. Each type of phone has a different step for closing the application completely. Follow the app reloading guides available on each phone. Reloading aims to refresh the system, so that the application can run smoothly when restarted.

3. Clear Instagram app cache


How to solve Instagram can’t load home next is Cache or temporary data that accumulates from the application can sometimes cause interference Cache or temporary data that builds up from apps can sometimes cause a nuisance. The same goes for the cache of the Instagram app on your phone, which might get in the way of loading news feeds Thus, the way to solve Instagram cannot load the homepage can be done by trying to clear the cache of the application.

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Usually, the clear cache option can be found in the app’s settings menu. Then, select the Instagram app and click on the option to clear cache or clear data.

4. Update Instagram app version


Then, the above problems can also be solved by updating the version of the Instagram application. App version updates usually bring fixes to a number of glitches, including perhaps a fix for the blank Instagram homepage issue. Application version updates are usually carried out through the application store available on each phone, the Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iPhone.

5. Reinstall the Instagram app


You can also try reinstalling the app to solve the blank Instagram homepage issue. This reinstall is useful to make sure the app is installed properly on the phone, with no corrupted files that might be causing some problems.

Reinstalling can be done by deleting the Instagram app on your phone, then downloading it again via the app store and starting the installation. That’s five ways to solve Instagram can’t load news feed, hopefully it’s useful.