iOS 15.6 RC 2 Released: Critical iPhone Software Bug?

iOS 15.6 is coming and Apple had recently released the first RC (release candidate). It is striking that an RC 2 of iOS 15.6 has now also appeared. But what has Apple changed?

iOS 15.6 RC 2: second release candidate released

Quite a few beta versions of iOS 15.6 for your iPhone have already appeared . Recently, the first release candidate of iOS 15.6 was even released. Usually that means it won’t be very long (often less than a week) before the official version comes out.

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We actually expected that we could now install iOS 15.6, but Apple comes with a surprise and is now releasing a second RC soon. What exactly is new in this version is unknown, but probably there was a critical flaw in the iOS 15.6 RC 1 that needs to be fixed.

We’re not sure what that means for the release of iOS 15.6. iOS 15.6 RC 2 came out on Friday, July 15, so the release of 15.6 could be on Friday, July 22 this time. This will be around 19:00 Dutch time. Still, it is likely that the RC 2 of iOS 15.6 will still arrive sometime at the beginning of this week.

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New iOS 15.6 Features and Improvements

So it is not known of Apple exactly adjusting in iOS 15.6 RC 2. We do know what Apple is going to change in iOS 15.6.

  • Fixed an issue where the settings app keeps showing that the storage is full;
  • Fixes an issue that causes Braille devices to slow down or become unresponsive when navigating text in Mail;
    In the TV app, you can now restart, pause, rewind or fast-forward a live sports match that is already in progress;
  • A tab in Safari no longer opens a previous page.
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As you can see, this interim update mainly focuses on bug fixes and bug fixes. The new feature in the TV app is only of interest to people in the United States and Canada, as they can access live streams of MLB baseball games.