jang nara weeding

Jang Nara reveals wedding scene… “I will live happily as a good wife”

Jang Nara weeding
Jang Nara weeding

Actress Jang Nara expressed her sincere gratitude after a happy wedding ceremony.

Jang Na-ra held her wedding ceremony on the 26th at Bonnelli Garden in Seoul, receiving warm congratulations from her family and acquaintances. Jang Nara’s wedding was held privately, with only her parents and acquaintances invited.

The wedding was hosted by Park Kyung-rim, a broadcaster who is Jang Nara’s best friend, and led the scene to laughter throughout.
Jang Nara wore an elegant bell-line wedding dress and a shiny tiara on her head, boasting a more dazzling bride than ever before. As the wedding march came out, Jang Na-ra took the hand of his father, actor Joo Ho-seong, and took one step at a time, holding the groom’s hand and walking together along the Virgin Road. The guests always applauded.

Then, a godly wedding was held with the prayer and officiating of the pastor of the church that Jang Na-ra attended. As the congratulatory song, singer and actor Jung Yong-hwa, who worked with him in the KBS 2TV drama ‘Jackpot Real Estate’, appeared. “When filming ‘Jackpot Real Estate’, she promised that if her sister got married, she would go to the congratulatory song. I kept my promise like this today,” and then she sang ‘Love Light’.

The second congratulatory song was Park Kyung-rim and Lee Soo-young, the best friend of Jang Na-ra’s ’25-year acquaintance’, along with Park Kyung-rim. I hope that the two of you can use the language of love well forever.”

jang nara weeding
jang nara weeding

Park Kyung-rim, who served as the host, made the wedding more exciting with a variety of witty missions.I made Jung Yong-hwa shout “Goodbye, sister” three times, and Lee Sang-yoon, who acted in ‘VIP’ three times, “Goodbye and happy” three times. It unfolded and made the scene into a festive atmosphere.

At the start of her wedding ceremony, Jang Nara expressed her joy by greeting her guests, “Thank you for coming to the wedding,” and the guests cheered with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Jang Nara said, “Thank you so much for blessing me with your interest and love,” and “I will live happily and happily as a good wife at home and a sincere actor at work to repay the support, support and love you have given me.”

A representative of Rawon Culture said, “With the support and blessings of many people, Jang Na-ra happily finished her wedding. We ask for your continued support and encouragement for Jang Na-ra, who is starting the second act of her life.”

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