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Lightroom Mod Apk Full Preset Update Latest Version 2023

Lightroom Mod is one of the most suitable applications for those who like the world of photography or art. The advantage of this application is that it is able to process and edit photos with very satisfying results, as is the case with other applications but seem more flexible and practical.

How can it not be that nowadays everyone needs praise through posting on social media platforms with the “like” sign that they have been waiting for, some have even taken several re-shoots. Now you will get even more praise if you subscribe to this Lightroom Mod apk application, believe it or not, just prove it.

Lightroom Mod Apk Review

Lightroom Mod Apk Review

Well, for those of you whose hobby is photography, it feels unethical and incomplete if you are not good at processing photos even if you have a super expensive camera, because having a camera often results in less than optimal shots, so the photos are not good. If you have an application from Lightroom Mod, the results will look stunning.

So if you have subscribed to the application, you no longer need another sophisticated camera to get maximum and ideal results. Here you just need to polish it with the features that have been provided in the application, then the results will look much more aesthetic.

The interesting thing about using the application is that you will be presented with a photo retouch feature which allows each user to play color effects. Then there is also a color tone processing feature that is very complete when compared to other editing applications.

The use of the Lightroom Mod application is also supported on Android and iOS devices to make it easy for everyone who needs it, especially the current millennial generation who are thirsty for the virtual world and upload it to the media platform.

Furthermore, the application is equipped with various interesting features and tools, ranging from cloud storage, healing brush, geometry, adobe sensei features , and other features that can produce the best and stunning photo editing for Smartphone class. Interesting right?

Interesting Features Lightroom Mod

You should know that applications that come from the mod apk version are always interesting, because they are able to produce updated, sophisticated features and give a different impression when compared to the original version.

Here we convey information about the interesting features of the Lightroom Mod application:

Color B&W

The first feature of this mod application is its flagship feature, because this feature allows each user to adjust the color of the photo for aesthetically pleasing and attractive results. Here you can freely adjust the color as desired.


The second feature is that if the photos you take are too big or there are parts of the photo that are not important, you can use the Crop feature to cut or remove useless parts of the photo.

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Furthermore, this feature can allow each user to produce quality photos with super high resolution as well as those produced by advanced cameras and premium editing software.


You can use the optical feature to repair damaged photos or images. Then also this feature is able to produce from fish eye lenses which sometimes get distortion that seems less symmetrical.


Also note that the use of the Vigneting feature in Lightroom as a tool to adjust the darkness at the edges of the photo. Usually this feature is used to fix problems that occur in photos with a landscape position. Thanks to the sophistication of these features, you can generate new sky colors exactly as they appear in the entire frame.

Split Tone

You can also use the Split Tone feature to change the color tone in a photo, so the results will look cold or blue.

Spot Removal and Adjustment Brush

You can use the function of the Spot Removal feature to make photos more beautiful and clean photo objects that you feel are less attractive, for example, there are spots, pimples, or anything that is less comfortable to look at, so the photos will seem smooth and clean.

Tone Curve

Finally, the Tone Curve feature or the default directly from the Lightroom application, its use can darken objects or also brighten according to the part you want. The way the feature works is by lowering the graph or also raising the curve for a photo that looks bright according to individual tastes.

Lightroom Mod Apk Download Link

So that you can experience the advanced features it has, make sure the device specifications of your Smartphone are really ideal and supportive. Then also pay attention not to carelessly download the application, because it is feared that it contains malware viruses that damage the device system.

Here we share a trusted download link for the Lightroom Mod application, as follows:

The download link for the Mod version of the Lightroom Mod apk :

App Name Lightroom Mod Apk
Price Free
File Size 75 MB
Developer Third party
Download Link Here

How to Install the Lightroom Mod Apk

If you have downloaded the application and the file is already in the storage folder menu, then install it immediately. Now for those of you who don’t know the installation process, pay attention to the following steps below, because there are slight differences with applications in general that you can get through the Play Store service.

  • The first step you have to do when you have downloaded is save it in a folder. But make sure you change the file name first to make it easier to search.
  • Next, do the Activation of Unknown Sources or Unknown Sources on each Smartphone device, precisely on the Settings or Settings menu with the aim of giving installation permission.
  • Then make sure you select the word Security and just click on Unknown Sources by checking it.
  • Just click Install right in the application folder that you downloaded.
  • Wait a few moments until the process is really successful.
  • If suddenly a notification appears that requires you to create an adobe account from the mod then just click the cross.
  • Good luck.

Advantages of Lightroom Mod Apk

As you already know, Lightroom Mod is a sophisticated application that can edit and process photos to make them look more attractive and get maximum results. This application is also equipped with a myriad of superior features that other editing applications do not have at all. You’re curious aren’t you? here are some of the advantages it has:

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There is a History Editing option

The first advantage is that the mod application is equipped with a History Editing option which allows each user to automatically save settings and effects in the application history in a format such as PSD. This means that you no longer need to be afraid if you forget to save or exit the application at any time.

Most Effective & Connected Editor App on Smartphone Camera

Furthermore, the advantage it has is that it can be installed on Smartphone devices, so that later you don’t need to be complicated anymore with the transfer, edit, or save process. Here you can take shots using the camera from your device, continue to edit them, and upload them directly to social media platforms, making it quite effective and practical.

Maximum in High-Resolution Photos

How can it not be that this photo editing application is able to process photos with super high resolution results obtained through DSLR cameras, or even in formats such as RAW. This ability makes this application suitable for you to use if you are a beginner photographer or even a pro.

Has Various Interesting Features

The last advantage possessed by the mod application is that it has various interesting features that will make your photo editing process look like a professional quality. You should also know that one of the techniques that must be mastered is editing and manipulation.

Most people nowadays are reluctant to upload their work, and of course they go through the editing process first, even though it is not complicated, such as adding color, brightness, or even cleaning noise around the object. Many also provide additional effects with the aim of maximum and satisfying photo results.

Thanks to this Lightroom Mod application, you can enjoy various interesting features that allow each user to experiment freely to find a point of satisfaction. There are many effect options that you can use, ranging from white tone, cinematic, colder look, teal orange, and others.

Those are some explanations about the advantages possessed by the Lightroom Mod application to later be taken into consideration in processing and editing photos for satisfactory results.

Disadvantages of the Lightroom Mod Apk

Where there are advantages in it, it definitely has disadvantages, as is the case with this Lightroom Mod application. Here we want to provide an explanation of the shortcomings of the application, here are the points:

Can Get Banned

Did you know that Lightroom Mod is an application designed by a third party that does not have legality or an official license for circulation for public consumption. So here it is very vulnerable to being banned or blocked by related parties.

At risk of being exposed to malware viruses

The second shortcoming is of course very clear, apart from being vulnerable to getting banned, of course, applications like this mod apk are prone to being infiltrated by malware viruses that can damage the device system of each user. That’s why we warn you to be selective in choosing the site, even though not all mod apk types are dangerous.


The next point is that this application is unofficial because it was developed by a third party, so legally it is certainly not legal and violates copyright.

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Does Not Completely Guarantee User Security

The last thing you should note is that the third-party design modification type application does not fully guarantee security for every user. How can you guarantee 100% that the circulation itself is still secret and not for public consumption?

Difference between Official Lightroom and Lightroom Mod Apk Version

The basic difference that you can use as a reference between the original version of Lightroom and the Lightroom Mod Apk is in terms of legality. For more detailed differences, the following is an explanation:

Lightroom Application Original Version

Official Developer from Adobe

For the original version of the Lightroom application, it is clear that it was developed by Adobe itself and is the same as the version on PC devices. Adobe itself oversees various photo and video editing applications ranging from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and others.

To be able to enjoy all of its features, you must subscribe

Obviously that’s the advantage that will be obtained by the developer, and this is very reasonable. To be able to access all of its features, you have to update to the premium version for a specified fee.

Easy To Use

The ease of use allows all people to enjoy the features provided, so there are no restrictions on its use.

Providing Security Guarantees For Each User

If you have subscribed to the official application, you no longer need to be afraid of things that are harmful, because you have been monitored to be safe and protected from hacker attacks or even malware viruses.

Can be obtained through Google Play Store Services

Finally, to get the official version of the Lightroom application, you only need to access the Play Store services that already exist on each device without any other special way.

Lightroom Application Mod Apk Version

Developed by a third party

As we all know that for the latest version, Lightroom Mod was developed by a third party with the aim of providing easy access and satisfaction with alternative or instant ways.

Its Free Features Can Be Accessed by All Users

Interestingly, for users of the mod apk version, you don’t need to update or even pay to be able to access all of its features, because it’s free.

Easy In Operation

Same with the official version that the mod apk version is also very easy to use, so anyone can enjoy it.

Does Not Completely Provide Security Guarantees

The level of security provided by this third party is not complete, because of course you are still wary of being sanctioned by the authorities, because it has violated the existing rules.

Must go through a special link

For the mod apk version that you have to use a special link in order to get the application, especially the installation method is slightly different from the application in general which is obtained through the Play Store.

Is the Lightroom Mod Apk Version Safe for Smartphones?

As we already know that to know the level of security of an application is the developer. So far, the use of the Lightroom application for the mod apk version has not taken any casualties, meaning it is still safe.

But the most important point that you must remember is that security is everything when deciding to subscribe to an application, because it involves personal data that is confidential.

The thing that you should pay attention to is to first look for a valid and really trustworthy link source. The amount of information you get about an application you want will strengthen your considerations, so that later there will be no risk that can be harmful, whether it’s the user or the Smartphone system device itself. Basically, not all mod-type applications are really dangerous, depending on the source of the link you get.

So from that, please download Lightroom Mod by using a valid and completely harmless link like the download link we have shared above. Let’s immediately download the Lightroom Mod application for much more interesting and maximum photo results.