Lost Life Apk

Lost Life Apk Download and How to Install the Latest Version 2023

Lost Life Apk is a horror type adventure game which has been very viral lately. Lost Life is also the talk of overseas gamers. This is because the content of the game is different from other mobile adventure games.

Although it carries a theme that is almost the same as other mobile games, Lost Life has drawn criticism. Most people think some of the episodes are vulgar and dangerous to play. Curious? The following article will review it thoroughly!

Lost Life Apk Review

Lost Life Apk

Developer Shikstoo Games developed Lost Life Apk as a mystery puzzle game with horror genre. The main character of Lost Life is a little girl who runs away from home. This little girl always looks gloomy and always just holds her cell phone.

In this game, players take on the role of a boy exploring and interacting with the little girl. The task of the player is to investigate what happened to the girl and the final mission is to succeed in making her happy again.

Many players find Lost Life a very fun game to play. Each episode of the game presents a puzzle that must be solved. This game is a simulator type game, where players are free to do whatever they want with the girl.

Why is Lost Life Apk Included in the Dangerous Category?

Developer Shikstoo Games made Lost Life Apk a simulator game that is different from the others. The developers themselves have issued a warning that this game is not to be played by minors.

This is due to inappropriate content in some episodes. At the beginning of the game, players will face an ordinary adventure game. Players must complete missions in each level, the higher the level the more difficult the puzzles will be.

However, as the game progresses, there are several episodes of Lost Life Apk that contain content that is inappropriate to watch. Game players will be presented with scenes of sexual violence faced by the little girl.

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In addition to pedophile acts, there are also episodes that contain love scenes interspersed with violence. Therefore, Lost Life has been heavily criticized. Many people think this game can be very dangerous if played continuously.

In the end, Google responded to the criticism by banning the game. As a result, now people can’t download Lost Life through the Google Play Store or the App Store again.

If players want to try playing this game, please download it on several websites that provide download links. For players who have downloaded and played the original version of the Lost Life Apk game, they may feel a bit disturbed because of the many advertisements milling about.

In addition, it turns out that the original Lost Life has no choice of languages ​​other than Russian. This certainly makes it difficult for players who do not know the language to understand the storyline and how to play. On this basis, third-party developers developed the Lost Life Mod application.

Advantages of Lost Life Apk Mod

The Mod version of the Lost Life application has many advantages over the original version. The size of the mod version of the game is also no different from the original version, so it will not add to the burden on mobile devices. So, what are the advantages of this modification application?

1. Attractive 3D Graphics Quality

Lost Life Mod Version gets a very noticeable improvement in terms of graphics. There is an improvement in terms of appearance with the addition of 3D effects, so that players feel as if they are actually there and experiencing life.

The Mod version produces an almost lifelike shadow effect, the movement of the characters is smoother, and the colors also look more natural. This condition will certainly give a different sensation of playing, because quality is really considered.

2. Cool Sound Effects

Not only does it produce stunning 3D graphics, the Mod version’s audio has been improved, resulting in cool sound effects. The sound effects make the atmosphere even more horror, gripping, scary, and successfully makes anyone who listens to goosebumps.

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3. Unlimited Money and Coins features are available

Lost Life Apk tells the story of the harshness of life on the streets. In the original version, it tells the story of the character who has to struggle to find money to meet the needs of his stomach. The hardships of life on the streets give rise to an episode, where the little girl has to accept inappropriate and violent treatment from an older person.

It is these vulgar scenes, violence, and sexual scenes that have caused Lost Life to be banned and considered an illegal game in Indonesia. Fortunately, the Mod version has the feature of “unlimited money” and unlimited coins”. These two features make it easy for players to make money.

This feature allows players to have an unlimited amount of money and coins. Both items can be used to buy various necessities to complete missions and puzzles in the Lost Life Apk game. The existence of this feature also eliminates adult scenes and violence, because all necessities can be purchased with unlimited money.

4. No Ads

The Mod version provides a better playing experience than the original version, because it is ad-free. Players can enjoy the storyline and the game better without the distractions of ads milling about. Don’t worry, even if you don’t advertise, you can still play for free.

5. Can Play All Storylines

Lost Life Apk is composed of various storylines with their own characteristics. Unfortunately, in the original version, players can’t play all the available storylines. If you want to continue to the next session, players must purchase to get access to unlock new adventures.

However, if the player already has the Mod version, then there is no need to worry anymore. In the Mod version, all access to storylines and adventures has been unlocked. Players can play all available sessions for free and freely.

6. All Items Free

Not only can play all the storylines freely, the Mod version also allows players to use all available items. These items can be used for free. This is very advantageous, considering that in the original version all these items, especially the premium ones, had to be purchased at a high price.

8. Can be played offline

The developers of Lost Life designed this game to be able to run offline. This makes players can still play it even if there is no internet connection. You can play this game anytime without time limit.

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Some of the advantages of the Lost Life Apk Mod version above will make the playing experience more enjoyable. The Mod application is made in addition to improving existing features, it also avoids inappropriate scenes in the game. So, how to play this game?

How to Play Lost Life Apk

Lost Life is a simulator game where the character is a little girl. Like other simulator games, players can do anything to this girl. The way to play is simply by sliding the screen to do something about the character.

Unlike most games that provide tutorials, Lost Life doesn’t include gameplay at all. Players have to guess for themselves by exploring the buttons to find their functions one by one.

How to Download and Install Lost Life Apk on Mobile Devices

As mentioned above, Lost Life Apk is not available on Google Play Store and App Store. Players must look for download links to sites that provide them for free. Be careful, make sure to choose a credible site.

Not picky, but applications like this are often tucked in with viruses or malware that are quite dangerous for cellphones. Therefore, do not just press the existing link. Do a check first, then follow the guide below:

  • Please visit one of the following websites to get a link to download Lost Life for free, namely An1, Apkpure.com, Rajaapk.com.
  • Download the lost life 2 apk mod via the link and wait for the process to complete.
  • After the download process is complete, go to the “Settings” or “Settings” menu on the mobile device.
  • Select the “More Settings” menu and then proceed to the “Allow Installations from Unknown Sources” menu. Activate the menu.
  • The next step is to return to the home page of the mobile device and then enter the “Storage” menu.
  • Do a search for the application file of the Lost Life Apk game that you downloaded at the beginning.
  • Press the file until the “Install” menu appears. Press the “Install” or “Install” menu to start the process of installing the app on a mobile device.
  • When a warning text appears that reads “Installing Applications from Unknown Sources”, press “Continue”. The installation process will continue.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete and the game is ready to play.

Many gamers are curious about this one game. This is due to the plot and the way the game is fairly uncommon. However, some players claim to be able to get the following benefits: