Luna Coin Prediction

Luna Coin Prediction 2022, Can The Price Go Up Again?

This time StoriesBase wants to discuss Luna Coin Prediction . For those of you who are interested, then please read the following review to the end so as not to misunderstand.

Recently, crypto investors are facing a serious problem. Namely the decrease in the price of the Terra Luna coin, which is owned by the Terra Foundation (the second largest holder of BTC in the world).

The decline in the price of luna coin has many holders worried about their future fate. Moreover, if Luna is completely removed, it could also have an impact on the largest crypto currency, namely Bitcoin.

This makes many people wonder if Terra Luna can get back up again? Of course you also question this, right? If so, then the following review might be able to answer your questions.

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Luna Coin Prediction Is Luna Coin Coming Back?

Luna Coin

Previously, we must understand that previously Luna Coin has been delisted on several crypto exchanges. For example, like on Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges that you may know about.

However, it turns out that this happened because of Miss Communication between the Terra Foundation and Binance. So Binance finally delisted Luna Coin as a form of protection for its customers.

And after long negotiations from the Terra Foundation with Binance. Finally Luna Coin can be traded back on Binance with BUSD.

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Luna Coin Prediction, Can the Price Go Up Again?

Terra Luna

In this case, you could say that Binance was a factor in the rise of the Luna coin. In addition, the Terra Foundation has also released the latest proposals for improvements to the stability, ecosystem, and algorithm of Luna Coin .

With the hope that Luna Coin will be more accessible and can meet applicable regulations. At this point, we can conclude that Luna Coin is making a new start.

So is Luna Coin at the current price still worth buying? Here’s the explanation.

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Are Luna Coins Still Worth Buying?

Luna Coin

In fact, buying or investing in Luna crypto coins is still feasible. However, we still have to take further steps to minimize losses.

For example, by buying luna coins in a not too much amount. This can certainly minimize losses if something unexpected happens.

To be sure, you have to keep abreast of the development of Luna coins on Binance. And always update the latest news from the Terra Foundation or Binance about Luna Coin.


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