Download MangaOwl Apk Read the Latest Manga 100% Free

MangaOwl Apk Read the Latest Manga For Free

Do you like reading manga or comics on your phone? Instead of looking for obscure manga reading sites, it is recommended that you download Mangaowl Apk. Through this application, you can read manga or comics safely and conveniently only on your Android phone.

Also, Mangaowl is a free manga reading app forever, you won’t be asked to subscribe to access the content in it. So you can get unlimited sources of entertainment from this app.

Unfortunately, it’s this very useful app that you can’t get from Google Play. But don’t worry, we have provided the download link. Well, below you can see About Mangaowl Apk, features in it, download link and how to install it on mobile.

Review MangaOwl APK

Review MangaOwl APK

So, what is the Mangaowl apk? Mangaowl is the app version of the popular manga reading site, the Mangaowl apk. This site is the most favorite site for manga fans to read free and unlimited manga.

Due to the large number of daily visitors to the Mangaowl site, they took the initiative to create a version of the app. So, if you can access the Mangaowl site through a browser like Google Chrome and the like, the Mangaowl app must be installed on your phone first.

Like other manga reading sites and apps, you can enjoy thousands of manga titles on mangaowl for free. This application is not a paid application, although the features in it and the complete collection of comics are very worthy of being called a premium service.

If there is a problem, of course there is no manga translation in Indonesian in it. So, the translation of all manga in this application is still in English. Of course, those who cannot speak English fluently can learn while reading manga in the mangaowl application.

Is MangaOwl a Legal App?

An Android application is called legal or official if it comes from a known source, in this case Google Playstore. The problem is, MangaOwl is currently not available on the Google Playstore, and can be downloaded from elsewhere.

You could say, the legality of this application is still in doubt, the point is that it has not been registered with Google, as the owner of Android. In conclusion, MangaOwl is an illegal application, not available on Google Play, and must be downloaded from other unofficial sources.

Because it is not official, usually Android will refuse to install this kind of application. Android will detect that the app is unsafe, and could harm the device. The good news is, you can solve this problem quickly and easily.

How to? If you only want to install illegal apps like MangaOwl, then all you have to do is set Android to install apps from unknown sources. Once this setting is enabled, you will be able to install MangaOwl on your device.

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Is MangaOwl APK Safe?

Because it doesn’t come from an official source, many potential users ask, about the safety of installing and using the mangaowl apk. The risks of using an unofficial app are great, especially if the app contains a lot of ads, even viruses for malware.

Of course you don’t want this to happen right? Therefore, Android prohibits the installation of unauthorized applications, because it wants to protect its users. However, if the user insists, he should take responsibility at his own risk.

However, so far the use of mangaowl is fine, and there are already many using it, running into the millions. Of course, if there is a problem, they will definitely protest and ban the use of this application. However, there have been no reports of problems so far, which means everything is fine.

Bottom line, this app is safe, though not 100%. This app is not listed on Google Play yet, but because it is not yet registered. So it’s not because the application is considered bad and harmful to users and devices.

MangaOwl APK Features and Advantages

Actually it is not so surprising why this one application is widely used. Yes, MangaOwl does have a variety of features and advantages that pamper its users. These two things are needed by an application in order to attract many users and get many benefits.

If you are new and will use this application, you should first study the features and advantages in it. This is necessary, so that you are not confused when you are about to use this application. Well, here are the features and advantages of the MangaOwl application:

1. Lightweight Application

No need to worry, MangaOwl is an application that is quite light in size, its size is less than 100 MB. So, for those of you who still have a smartphone with minimalist specifications, you can still install this best manga reading application.

Even though it contains up to thousands of manga titles from various countries, MangaOwl will not overcrowd the HP’s internal memory. So, the application can still be installed on the smartphone smoothly, it will not overcrowd the storage space at all.

Actually, applications with large sizes are not a problem anymore, especially since there are many good specification smartphones that are priced at low prices. However, MangaOwl is fortunately light in size, so it can still be installed on old smartphones.

2. Does not consume RAM

MangaOwl APK is also light on RAM, apart from being light on memory. So, running this one application will not be a big problem for the majority of smartphones. In essence, almost all smartphones can run this application smoothly, even smartphones with ordinary specifications.

Usually, when an application overloads RAM, problems such as force close, crashes and so on will occur. However, these problems will not be experienced by MangaOwl, because it is light and does not burden the smartphone’s RAM at all.

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3. Have Good Graphics

Not only must games have the best quality graphics, manga reading apps like Mangaowl are also required to have them. Yes, Mangaowl is one of the few manga reading apps that has the best and most amazing graphics.

That is, all manga or comics in it are presented in extraordinary detail. So, readers can enjoy the best manga and comics dishes in excellent quality. Finally, reading manga will feel comfortable, so that they feel at home long in the application.

Imagine if the manga reading application has blurry graphics, of course the manga reading activity will be disturbed. You won’t be able to enjoy the manga to its fullest, even if the story is good.

4. 100% Free Forever

If you read manga on webtoons, or official apps like Shonenjump and the like, you have to pay for reading manga. Yes, actually this is positive, because all support publishers and mangaka so that they continue to work and make money from it.

The problem is, not all manga fans have access to webtoons and official manga reading apps. For students and unemployed who don’t have permanent jobs, subscribing to read manga apps is never an option.

However, they still need an entertainment name, right? Luckily, there are apps like Mangaowl APK, a manga reading app that is 100% free and valid forever. Meanwhile, there are no plans from Mangaowl to apply a subscription fee.

So, because it’s free forever, you won’t miss out on a complete and exciting source of entertainment. You only need to have an internet quota, and you can read thousands of manga on mangaowl for free.

5. Manga Always Updates Regularly

The advantage of the next mangaowl is that manga updates are always done regularly. Great stuff indeed, considering the amount of manga and comics this app provides. Of course, it takes a very hard effort to do so.

But it all feels worth it, because it’s very popular with readers. Each manga has a different update schedule, some once a week, once a week twice and so on. Whenever the schedule, Mangaowl is always updated regularly and on time.

So you won’t miss the continuation of the story for too long. Once you have entered the chapter update time, all you have to do is open the mangaowl and read the new chapter. So, the curiosity that had been held back during the previous week can be quickly overcome.

7. Huge Collection of Manga

The collection of manga and comics on Mangaowl Apk, which number in the thousands, is of course a major advantage. It is very rare to read a manga application that has this complete collection. The point is, you won’t be able to read all the manga in it, unless you do it for years.

When you open the app, you are immediately greeted by various manga titles in various categories. Because it has been well categorized, you will be facilitated to find the manga you want to read.

The following categories of manga you will find in MangaOwl Apk:

  • Raw Manga (Manga that is still raw, aka has not been translated into English).
  • Most Popular Manga (List of the most famous manga in MangaOwl, because of its high rating and many readers).
  • Last Update (Manga whose chapters were recently updated/added).
  • New Release (New Manga that has just been released or published on MangaOwl)
  • Must Read Today (List of manga that must be read today).
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8. Read Manga of Various Genres

Mangaowl also provides manga in a complete variety of genres. This will make it easier for users to find their favorite manga genre. For example, say you like the adventure genre, then just click on the genre and find the manga you want to read.

Besides the adventure genre, of course there are many other manga genres that you can find in mangaowl, such as:

  1. Action
  2. Adaptation
  3. All Ages
  4. Award Winning
  5. Comedy
  6. Cooking
  7. Crime
  8. Drama
  9. ecchi
  10. English
  11. Fantasy
  12. Gender Bender
  13. Indonesian
  14. Japanese
  15. Josei
  16. Manhua
  17. Music
  18. Ninja
  19. Novel

There are many other genres, it is impossible to list them all in this article. If you want to know, you can check it yourself when you have installed the app later.

9. Easy-to-understand language

Mangaowl is a global manga reading app, so it uses English as the teaching language. Not only as a teaching language, manga was translated into English for a while.

Users from Indonesia of course shouldn’t complain, they definitely have to start learning English to understand the storyline of manga on Mangaowl Apk. Fortunately, manga is translated into everyday language, not formal language.

Of course, anyone who doesn’t really understand English can still follow the manga’s storyline, as it uses easy-to-understand language. Let’s read manga while learning English, if you don’t know can use Google Translate.

Download MangaOwl APK Free

MangaOwl is not yet available on Google Play, but you don’t have to worry. Yes, you can download this application easily via the official website. However, you have provided the download link specifically for you below:

Name Version Download
MangaOwl Apk 1.2.8 Download
MangaOwl Apk 1.2.7 Download
MangaOwl Apk Official Site Download

How to Install MangaOwl APK

Because it doesn’t come from an official source, of course, the installation of this application is different from other applications. As mentioned above, Android will refuse to install apps outside of official sources, but it’s still easy to fix.

For better understanding, you can check the tutorial below:

  • First, download MangaOwl via the link in the table above.
  • While the download is still in progress, open HP Settings, enter the Privacy and Security menu and then tick the Unknown Sources option.
  • Once the download is complete, go to File Manager > Downloads and search for MangaOwl APK.
  • Then click MangaOwl APK to install it on your cellphone.
  • After the application is installed, you can immediately use it to read manga for free.

Either way, it doesn’t rule out that MangaOwl APK is a complete and free manga reading app. You can find many popular and booming manga titles in it. You only need a cellphone and an internet package that is enough to do it.


That’s all a brief review of MangaOwl Apk in this article from so you can play the game right now. Get all the interesting features and use them according to your individual needs to make it easier for you to play the game later. Hopefully what we share is useful for all. That is all and thank you.