Blacklist Hunter

Hunter X Hunter: 6 Member Blacklist Hunter!

The Hunter Profession is a very popular and most respected profession in the world in the Hunter X Hunter series. They are the chosen figure, where not everyone is able to carry out the profession as a Hunter . It takes excellent stamina, extraordinary physique, and also various epic intelligences to become a perfect Hunter.

However, as the story appears, there are many types of jobs or categories of Hunters. Based on the information, there are approximately 24 types of Hunters where each Hunter hunts for something different. One of these types is the Blacklist Hunter. Blacklist Hunter focuses on hunting down the most wanted and dangerous criminals. Here are the characters who are included in the Blacklist Hunter.


Kurapika is the most common and most popular example for Hunters who fall into the Blacklist Hunter category. With such extraordinary Nen abilities, it is only natural that he then falls into this category. Kurapika’s Nen ability is indeed very closely related to the Kurta power he has, named Scarlet Eyes.

By accessing this technique, Kurapika was able to use his Nen indefinitely. Kurapika has also developed other specific sub-techniques, which allow him to be able to lead or lure his targets out. Kurapika’s epic abilities – and various other unique powers – can make her formidable in battle.

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Binolt is actually a former serial killer who later has a profession as a Blacklist Hunter. He appears as a minor antagonist in the Greed Island arc. In terms of strength, he is much stronger than Killua or Gon. Binolt has a unique ability that he often uses in battle.

The name of the technique itself is Scissor Hands: Demon Barber. The Scissor Hands: Demon Barber technique allows Binolt to cut and consume his opponent’s hair. That way, Binolt will know various information from the opponent, ranging from age to ability. Binolt himself then managed to fall in the hands of Biscuit.

Bushidora Ambitious

Bushidora is a single-Star Blacklist Hunter, which means he’s not a random person. And also he was part of the disciplinary committee of the Hunter association. In fact, he was also the one who then gave suggestions regarding the revision of various Hunter rules. Even though he looked tough, in fact he wasn’t very strong.

His life was targeted by various Hunters or other criminals, whose strength level was below him. In his fight against Hisoka, Bushidora seems unable to do much. In fact, Hisoka in the end managed to kill his life very easily. Apart from that, many fans think that he is one of the strongest Hunters.

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Lippo is another example of a Blacklist Hunter on this list. What’s interesting is that apart from being part of the Blacklist Hunter, he also acts as a test supervisor for the third and fourth rounds of the 287th Hunter exam. Lippo is a Blacklist Hunter who managed to catch the figure of Johness, a serial killer in Zaban City.

With his authority as a Hunter exam supervisor, Lippo also often offered “help” to the prisoners in Trick Tower. He offered a reduced sentence for one year, if they would fight the members of the Hunter exam. Unfortunately, so far the ability level and various other things related to Lippo’s Nen have not been shown.


Saiyu is a member of the Blacklist Hunter group and also a part of the Zodiacs group. He has the nickname “Monkey.” In terms of appearance, the figure of Saiyu seems to have a character design similar to the legendary character Sun Wukong. And his abilities are truly extraordinary.

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This is because Saiyu is also part of the Zodiac group and is one of the best Hunters. Saiyu was so confident in his abilities, where he even once challenged Ging to a fight. However, the fight never materialized. Saiyu is also known to be very skilled in martial arts, which makes him superior in close combat.


Seaquant is a Blacklist Hunter who is also the dungeon guard of the Zoldyck family. In appearance, maybe there is nothing special about this figure. Seaquant had previously encountered one of the Zoldyck family members and was amazed by their prowess. This is what later became his reason for serving the Zoldyck family.

With his status as a Hunter, Seaquant certainly has strength that is not arbitrary. He also most likely has abilities that are no less epic. However, as with some of the above characters the Nen abilities of Seaquant have never appeared or shown in the story.

Because it has a dangerous task, Blacklist Hunter has a very efficient Nen ability to use in combat. So, it’s no wonder those who are part of this category are those who have skills in fighting, both physically and using Nen.