MetaShooter, The World's First Hunting Themed Metaverse Project

MetaShooter, The World’s First Hunting Themed Metaverse Project

MetaShooter , a metaverse with the theme of Play-To-Earn hunting continues to take big steps to bring the hunting metaverse to an unprecedented level.

Reporting from, Sunday (1/5/2022), MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based unique hunting theme Metaverse built on blockchain and Unreal Engine.

With the release of the project, the team joins millions of gaming enthusiasts in a global community of gamers where they have the prospect of experiencing realistic hunting while developing the skills they can produce.

With its unique project, the MetaShooter team will increase interest in the crypto market by innovating with P2E games that can solve industry-related problems such as illogical ecosystem, boring gameplay, lack of visuals, actual utilization of rewards and so on.

MetaShooter Features

MetaShooter offers different features. For starters, it will feature sharp graphics that will give users a real-life hunting experience.

They can complete missions, challenges, hunt and get rewards. The game also has chat sessions, leaderboards where players can communicate with their peers elsewhere. MetaShooter is developing a proper metaverse on the blockchain .

Players are not fixated on strategy. They have the resources to develop their hunting strategies, become more effective at hunting, and increase their chances of winning hunting tournaments and trophies.

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This 50 sq km gaming space will remind players of Grand Theft Auto 5. The MetaShooter team has partnered with major companies such as Master Ventures, BlueZilla, AscendEX Ventures, Metavest Capital, Good Games Guild (GGG), Zignaly, Kangaroo Capital, FishDAO, KPC, Zelwin and many others.

Reach Multiple Partnerships

Several launch pads such as Ignition Paid Network, BSCPad, Babylons, Starter XYZ, Polypad, Blokpad (Bloktopia), and Community have also shown interest in the project by partnering with the team.

In addition, MetaShooter reaches out to many other partnerships related to game development, game guilds, e-sports arena, and so on, such as Earn Guild, GG Arena, GGG, Yield Yeti, Speed ​​tree, Nvidia, and Polygon studios

Game Development

Game development is scheduled for April to May. Alpha version will be released for guild members, early investors, invite key holders, and NFT badge holders.

Players can earn NFT and other cool rewards by completing missions and challenges. In Alpha, players will be able to experience one of the hunting areas of MetaShooter which already offers a lot of activities. They can also stake their MetaShooter token, MHUNT, on their dashboard. On launch day, utility tokens can already be used.

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Games linked to MHUNT tokens and NFT assets are referred to as Demos and will be available in the next three to four months. The mobile version of the game and the full game will be available between the next six to nine months while the Open World VR version is slated for next year.

The release date will be announced later. The full game will consist of all the game modes and technologies that MetaShooter will use.

Survey: Metaverse Will Be Most Popular Place for Crypto Transactions

Previously, the metaverse would be the most popular place to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, according to a recent survey.

The survey was conducted by a video streaming service company, Agora which has been listed on Nasdaq. The survey was conducted by Agora directly within the metaverse.

The company asked 300 US-based developers a series of questions to learn more about what they think of the metaverse and what it holds for the years to come.

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“Developers were surveyed because for them, the growth of the metaverse enables the development of new communities and allows them to better connect with users,” Agora said in the survey report, quoted from, Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

According to the results, 57 percent of respondents think the metaverse will be the most popular place to buy, store and trade cryptocurrencies, while 18 percent disagree and 25 percent feel neutral.

In addition, 70 percent agree that advances in crypto and blockchain technology will be critical to shaping the future of the metaverse, while another 9 percent disagree.

Business opportunities

Survey participants were also asked who they thought would have a metaverse. 55 percent of respondents said Meta (formerly Facebook), 9 percent said Google, 7 percent said Microsoft, 6 percent said Apple, and 5 percent said Amazon.

A number of analysts have predicted the potential of the metaverse. Citibank, for example, estimates that the metaverse could be a USD 13 trillion opportunity, or about 186 quadrillion with five billion users by 2030.

Meanwhile, investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley both said the metaverse could be a business opportunity worth USD 8 trillion