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MX Player Apk Download Latest Version Full 2023

In this modern era, a cool application called MX Player Apk has appeared. This application allows you to watch various interesting video content without being complicated. Just using a smartphone and an internet connection, you can already see cool content that used to only be seen on a TV or laptop.

If you are interested, you can access this MX application for free on the Playstore. Because the size is also not too big, MX Player can be installed on devices with specifications that are not too qualified though. So the compatibility is very high. As we know, currently on the Playstore there are lots of player applications that you can choose from.

However, the existence of this MX Player provides a lot of convenience to its users. According to our own view, this one application presents a very flexible and practical interface design. The use of this application also makes it easier for you to create or remove subtitles on content.

Learn more about MX Player

Learn more about MX Player 

As we explained earlier, MX Player is an application that you can use to easily watch video or music shows. Although you can download it for free, this application ensures that users get the video display in maximum graphic quality.

This application also supports various types of video formats that you have. So functionally, this MX Player is not inferior to MP4 or MP3 file players on computers and laptops. The resolution presented by MX Player is also fairly maximum because it is able to present HD resolution images for you.

In addition to the points above, this application is also equipped with various cool features that will make it easier for you to access all the content in it. Because the Apk is small, this application will not slow down your device due to full storage.

So far, millions of people have withdrawn from MX Player on the Play Store. Aren’t you interested in using it? If so, you are in the right place because here we will discuss it thoroughly for you.

What is MX Player Apk?

Besides being available in the original version, you can also access the MX Player application in the MOD version. Has anyone ever heard of this term? MOD itself is an abbreviation of modification.

So the original application that has been developed by the developer is then modified by a third party. The goal is that all the features in the application can be accessed for free. Not only that, the existence of this one feature also aims to open all services that are locked in the application.

Unfortunately, we can consider this MX Player  application as an illegal application. So the development does not get permission from the owner of the application at all. But there are lots of people who use this mod version of the application because it is considered more reliable.

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If we talk about MOD applications, of course this application is far superior when compared to the original version. The weakness of this application is only one, which is labeled illegal because it does not get development permission from the main owner.

That’s why you can’t find this MOD version of the application at all on the PlayStore. To download it you have to use an external link. But make sure to be careful because these external links run the risk of bringing in dangerous viruses or malware.

Features MX Player Apk

Currently there are lots of multimedia players that you can find in various App Markets. To face this competition, each developer has embedded cool features in the applications they have developed. Of course this also applies to the MX Player that we are discussing.

In this application there are many extraordinary features that will make it easier for you to access multimedia files and enjoy them. After we have summarized from various sources, it turns out that there are 10 excellent features that this application has. Curious about anything? Check out the review below?

1. Zoom perfectly

The first feature that you can get in the MX Player application is zoom perfectly. This service allows you to enlarge or reduce content very easily. Just move your two fingers on the screen and the image will automatically enlarge.

The resolution of the enlargement is also not kidding. So the enlarged image will not experience any blurring or breaking of sharpness at all. This feature is very useful for those of you who often analyze video or image content.

2. Incredible hardware acceleration

Like other multimedia players, you can also use MX Player as a means to analyze the hardware acceleration of a device. If we compare, the graphical results that are raised by MX are much more optimal than other applications.

The motion picture that is played will not experience any lag or cracks at all. Even the resulting image quality is far from blurry. Most multimedia lovers reveal that this one feature is only owned by MX Player. There is no similar application that is equipped with this sophisticated feature.

3. Gesture subtitle

In other multimedia player applications, subtitles will be located automatically at the bottom of the video. As a user, you cannot customize this at all. But not if you choose to use MX Player.

This application allows you to change and modify the subtitle location very easily. So the display of text will not interfere with your comfort when watching the content in it.

You can place the text above, center, or adjust it as needed. Not only changing the location of the subtitles, the size of the subtitles themselves can also be changed just by moving your finger. Not all players are equipped with this one feature.

4. Smart Lock feature

In addition to the points we have explained above, there are other features that are no less cool in this MX Player application. This feature is Smart Lock. The existence of this one feature allows you to securely lock content from the reach of others.

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So when the Smart Lock feature is activated, you have to enter a special code into the app to re-open the currently playing content. If the code is not entered, the application will completely close access for the user.

This will automatically prevent other people from seeing what’s on your device. The existence of this one feature helps increase your privacy as a user. This one feature is also one of the main reasons why there are many people who use the application.

5. Multi Core Decoding

You can only find this Multi Core Decoding or MCD feature on MX Player . The existence of MCD allows you to optimize internal storage automatically. With the existence of this one feature, the device is not easy to experience lag when the application is in use.

This is the reason that makes MX Player has high compatibility with smartphones with specifications that are not so qualified though.; Many users have proven that this opinion is not just a hoax.

6. Change the subtitle color

The use of this MX Player application also allows you to change the color of the subtitles on videos very easily. There is a special service that can be accessed to change the color of the text. Just click on the subtitles and select the desired color.

After that the subtitle color will change automatically. This one feature makes it easy for you to understand subtitles easily. Usually there are moments where the subtitle color is exactly the same as the background color. So the text is not readable at all. This feature is here to anticipate it.

7. Dark theme available

This MX Player application is also equipped with a Dark Mode or Dark Theme. This one mode is specifically for those of you who easily experience eye fatigue when watching smartphone content with strong lighting for a long duration.

This dark mode will make your eyes comfortable when watching video content in a dimly lit place. So the feel is really similar to the cinema. Of course this will increase the fun of watching you.

8. Free app service

You can have this MX Player application for free without paying a penny. All the features in it can be accessed for free as long as you create an account before using the application.

There are many reasons why you should create an account first. One of them is to ensure that the application settings that you apply can still be restored even if the old application is not used or you change devices.

9. No need to root

Another cool feature of this one application is that it does not require root at all when it is about to be installed. So you just need to download the app on the official app portal. If so, just install the application on each device.

This MX Player application has an algorithm that is very compatible with the operating system on the device. Generally, applications that require rooting are applications that do not have compatibility with the standard operating system of a device.

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10. Very simple user interface

Another advantage of this application is that it is equipped with a very easy to understand user interface. Of course, this is the main reason why many beginners prefer MX Player over other multimedia players.

Of course, the series of features that we have described above are the main reasons why MX Player has a popularity that continues to increase every year. Even though it is equipped with cool features, it turns out that the MX Player developer is still continuing to innovate so that the performance of the applications they release is truly maximum and can be useful for many people.

Link Download MX Player (MOD dan Original)

If you are interested in using this one application, we have prepared a special link to download the application. Since it was first launched, there have been several versions of MX Player released both from the MOD and the original versions.

Here we have prepared all versions of the MX Player for you. Just choose the one that best suits your needs and install it on the respective device. Here is a detailed list of the various versions of the MX Player and the download link.

Version Release Date Key Features Apk Size Download Link
1.45.8 April 12, 2022 Premium Unlocked, No ads 53.85 MB Download
1.43.0 December 29, 2021 Premium unlocked, No Ads 42.28 MB Download
1.41.9 December 6, 2021 Free download, No ads 22.49 MB Download
Original November 25, 2021 Paid 16 MB Download

How to Download the MX Player Apk Application

1. Original Version

  • Click the link that we have provided above.
  • You will go directly to PlayStore automatically
  • Click Install, wait for the process to complete.

2. MOD version

  • First you just need to click on the link that we have provided above.
  • You will be immediately taken to the storage site for the apk, namely Media Fire.
  • The site will show the specifications of the application
  • If it is appropriate, just click the download button which is right below the application icon.
  • A captcha code will appear to make sure you are not a robot.
  • Just enter the code that appears in the available column
  • Or select the image according to the instructions given.
  • If you click submit
  • Wait a moment because the site will process your answer.
  • After this click the Download button again
  • Applications in RAR format will be downloaded automatically.
  • The downloaded apk will go into your device’s internal storage.

How to Install MX Player

1. Original Version

You just need to download the app on PlayStore and the system will automatically install it. After this the application can be directly used on each device. But not all of the features above you can access in this original version.

2. MOD version

  • To install this application you must first open the settings menu.
  • Enter the security menu
  • Select the Privacy menu in it
  • Just click the Application Privacy menu
  • Find the option Installation from unknown sources
  • Check the small box next to the menu
  • Close the settings application or settings
  • Open file manager
  • Find the previously downloaded MX Player Apk.
  • Click the application and select WINRAR to open it.
  • if it’s not there, you have to download WINRAR
  • Select the Extract Here menu
  • Click the MX Player file with .apk extension
  • Choose install now
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.

If you are interested in using this MX Player Apk application, following the regulations we have described above is a must. Understand the information we provide in as much detail as possible so that there are no errors in the process of downloading, installing and using the application.