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Naruto Senki 2023 Full Characters Unlocked Latest Version

Naruto Senki Mod is a game intended for Naruto fans around the world. Who is not familiar with this anime. Naruto is one of the legendary anime from Japan with a storyline and moves that are so memorable for its fans.

Currently the Naruto anime has ended and is continued with the Boruto Next Generation anime which tells the story of his son. But this does not necessarily make Naruto no longer popular among anime lovers and gamers.

For you fans of Naruto Shippuden, playing Naruto Senki is a must. In this one game you will reminisce with all the cool characters in the Naruto anime itself.

Not only the characters, in this game there is also a row of cool jutsu that are exactly the same as the anime version. Even this one game is also equipped with very detailed dimensional graphics and is exactly the same as the anime version.

About Naruto Senki Mod

About Naruto Senki Mod

Interested in playing this one game? Of course, it is very important for you to know more about this one game. Or maybe someone has tried to play the game but didn’t get into it? Naruto Senki is a very exciting game.

This game is an adaptation of the Naruto Shippuden anime with the main character Uzumaki Naruto. Previously the anime was released by a mangaka named Masashi Kishimoto. This anime is not only popular in japan, but throughout the world.

In Naruto Senki, you will play one of the ninja characters in Naruto Shippuden. Then you can choose your opponent from the various other characters in it. Of course you have to beat every chosen opponent.

This game uses the arcade genre. So don’t be surprised if in it there are many characters to choose from. Just like the anime, this one game is also very popular among Naruto Shippuden lovers.

In it there are many cool features that will make you feel at home playing for a long time. But not all characters you can play. There are some characters that are closed because you have to make a purchase first.

But don’t worry because now there is a MOD Apk version of Naruto Senki. The existence of this apk allows you to unblock and play all the characters in it. So the game will feel much more exciting and fun.

Features Naruto Senki Mod Apk

As we explained earlier, this one game has a myriad of cool features that will make you feel at home for a long time in it. Of course, it is very important for you to know and understand these features to make it easier to play.

So far there are 6 cool features that have been embedded into the MOD version of Naruto Senki. Of course these features will make the game feel more exciting. So what are these features? Check out the full explanation below:

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1. Full Grade

The first feature that you can get in this one modulation game is full character. Previously, we explained that the Senki Naruto game blocks some characters and requires you to buy them. But if you use MOD Apk, then there is no blocking at all.

All the characters in this one application are completely open. So you can play all the existing characters without exception. The good thing is that each character has their own formidable jutsu. So there are many mysteries that you can unravel.

2. Unlimited Money

Another cool feature in this application is unlimited money. With this feature, you can freely purchase various items in the game itself. Just like in the anime, there are tons of items to buy.

One of them is various types of ninja equipment such as shuriken and kunai to fight against enemies. The great thing is that your “money balance” will not run out at all even if it is used continuously.

3. Add Strength

Unlike the original version, in this MOD version of the apk you can increase the strength of the character that is being used very easily. You can use this feature when dealing with strong enemy characters.

With the presence of these characters, of course you can more easily win every match session that is passed. To add this power you just need to click one button. So the process is much faster and more effective.

4. Unlock All Skin

Another cool feature that you can get when playing this one game is the unlock all skin feature in it. By using this feature, you can explore much more easily in it. Each character you play is much more unique with different skins.

If you play the original Naruto Senki version, not all of these skins can be unlocked. But since we’re discussing the MOD version, of course there’s no problem at all in this. Everything is fully accessible and free.

Examples of skins that you can use are Naruto in Kyuubi mode, Kabuto in snake mode, Sasuke in Orochimaru Curse mode or even Itachi in Susanoo mode. Of course, there are many other skins that are no less cool in it.

5. Unlock All Mode

In this Naruto Senki game, there are two game modes that you can choose freely. The first mode is offline mode and the other mode is online mode. You can play these two types of modes freely when using the MOD version.

The existence of an offline mode also allows you to play games with more quota savings. You can even play it without using any quota at all. So cool isn’t it? Therefore, it is not surprising that this one application is being hunted by many Naruto-loving gamers around the world.

6. Anti Banned

As with other modified applications, the risk of being banned is always there. But we make sure you won’t experience it if you use this mod apk. because the developer has provided an anti-ban guarantee for its users.

But make sure to always follow the regulations that have been determined by the developer so that the risk of being banned does not occur in the account you have. Also do regular updates so that the security of your account is maintained.

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Specifications and Install Requirements Naruto Senki Mod Apk

If you are interested in playing the game above, don’t be in a hurry to download it. It is very important to understand the specifications and install requirements of the game we are discussing. The goal is that the game installation process runs smoothly.

On the other hand, the right requirements will also prevent you from risking a leg when the application is being played. then what are the specifications and requirements of the application? Just look at the following explanation.

Apk Name Naruto Senki Apk MOD
Minimum OS For Installation Android 4.4 Up
Minimum Storage 250 MB
Latest Version V. 1.22
Minimum RAM  2 GB
Root No Needed

Based on the requirements that we have described above, now you can consider whether the device you have is adequate for the installation of the application or not. Make sure to follow the standard requirements that we have explained so that there are no obstacles in the process.

Download Link Naruto Senki Mod Apk

Apk Name Naruto Senki Apk MOD
Developer Dry
Price Free
File Size 48 MB
Update Date Latest Version
Download Link Here

Next we will discuss how to download one application from start to finish. The method is not at all difficult, you only need to take simple steps to realize this download process. Just look at the following explanation.

  • First you just need to click on the link that we have provided above .
  • After that you will be taken to the download page .
  • Here will be shown the icon and size of the application.
  • Click the download button below the application icon
  • After that, just click the submit button.
  • After this the download process will take place automatically .

You just have to wait for the download and installation process to complete. How? Isn’t it easy to download the Naruto Senki Apk MOD application?

How to Install Naruto Senki Apk MOD

Next we just have to discuss how to install this application. It’s not difficult at all. It’s just that a special method is needed to outsmart the security system on Android. This is because the application is not downloaded on official portals such as Playstore.

So the system on your device will detect it as an untrusted app. You only need to change the security settings on the device so that the application can be installed without any problems. just look at the following explanation.

  • First of all you just need to download the application according to the steps we have described earlier.
  • After that you can directly open the settings menu on each device
  • Select the security menu in it. If you don’t find the security menu, you can use the privacy menu.
  • If you have, just tap the application menu in it
  • Scroll to the very bottom and select the option “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources”
  • If you have you can immediately close the settings menu or this setting.
  • Open the File Manager menu on your device
  • After that, just tap the APK option
  • Find the pre-downloaded Naruto Senki Apk
  • Click apk then select install.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.

Now the application is ready to use. You just need to follow the next rules to start playing this cool game.

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How to Play Naruto Senki

Next we will discuss how to play this one game on your device. Just follow the full explanation below.

  • First of all the application will give you a training mode first.
  • Then after the training mode is complete, you just have to choose which character you want to use.
  • Click start after you choose the best character according to your individual taste.
  • Choose a jutsu that suits the character
  • Also buy some items that you think will maximize the potential for victory in each battle session.
  • You’ll start to face your opponents, dodging your opponent’s attacks as much as possible while continuing to attack them.
  • Defeat the opponents you meet so that the game can be finished immediately. Every time you defeat your opponent, you will get money which can later be used to
  • buy items. But this doesn’t really have much effect because in the MOD apk, your money is fully charged and will not run out.

How to Unlock Hardcore Mode in Naruto Senki Mod

In this one game there are lots of game modes that you can choose from. One of them is hardcore mode. To play this mode, the method is also not difficult at all. Everything is already available on the system. Just look at the following explanation.

  • First you just need to open this game.
  • After that you can immediately open the training mode in it
  • Select the desired character.
  • After that, just fight the enemies that appear in each game session.
  • To unlock hardcore mode you have to win 5 matches in a row with different characters.
  • If you have entered harcore mode, also win 5 matches in a row using different characters.
  • If you are successful, then this hardcore mode will be permanently unlocked .

How? Isn’t it easy to open hardcore mode in this one game? In hardcore mode, the prize pool is much higher. So you can collect money to buy items more easily.

Characters in Naruto Senki Mod Apk

In this one game there are lots of characters that you can choose according to your individual needs. Of course, the existing characters have the exact same appearance as the characters in Naruto Shippuden. Just take a look at these characters below.

  • Akatsuki Sasuke
  • Asura Path Menma
  • Bijuu Mode Minato Namikaze
  • Deidara Edo Tensei
  • Deva Path Naruti
  • Gaara Hashirama Mokuryu
  • Hashimara Mokuryu replaces Gaara
  • Itachi With Naruto
  • Kakashi Killer Bee
  • Kakashi Susano’o
  • Kakuzu Sasori
  • Yamato character
  • Killer Bee substitute for Kimimaro and Kakashi
  • Itachi and Naruto Combination: Susano’o Time
  • Madara Rikudo
  • Madara Rikudo with one eye
  • Menma
  • Minato Anbu
  • Minato Namikaze
  • Mokuton Neji
  • Nagato Edo Tensei
  • Naruto mode 4 tails replaces Jiraiya
  • Naruto Rinnegan
  • Naruto Six Path with latest jutsu
  • Naruto x Menma Bijuu
  • Obito Masked Sharingan
  • Raikage
  • Rinnegan and Bijuu Naruto replace Deva
  • Naruto Rinnegan
  • Sasuke
  • Sasuke The Last
  • Yamato

Of course there are many other characters that you can find in this one game. But some of the names above are the main characters with skills or jutsu above average. for you Naruto Shippuden lovers, it certainly won’t be difficult to recognize the various characters in this game.

Interested to play it? Download the Naruto Senki Mod Apk game right now. Make sure to download it via the link we have provided above so that there is no risk whatsoever when you download and install it on your respective device.


That’s all a brief review and download link of Naruto Senki Mod Apk in this article from so you can play the game right now. Get all the interesting features and use them according to your individual needs to make it easier for you to play the game later. Hopefully what we share is useful for all. That is all and thank you.