Netflix Mod Apk Premium Watch Videos For Free

Netflix Apk Mod Premium Watch Videos For Free 2023

Netflix is ​​an app that can be used to stream movies or series online. This app is paid and must be subscribed to every month. But if you use Netflix Apk Mod that kind of thing will not happen.

You can watch the various types of services available. But you don’t need to log in first because you can directly enter and enjoy anything easily. So you don’t need to spend a large amount of money every month.

More information related to Netflix Apk Mod and the things in it can be seen in this article. How to find out how to install and some alternatives if you want to watch videos for free.

About Netflix

About Netflix


Netflix is ​​an application that is usually used for streaming. Usually someone streams videos using YouTube or the like. But the spectacle is there not premium.

If you want to get premium and very well done shows, you can use the Netflix apps. By using this application you can watch various types of films, be it cinemas or exclusives issued by Netflix.

Besides that, you can also watch various types of very interesting drama series from any part of the world. Moreover, there are many interesting and challenging series because they have anti-mainstream themes and have a perfect storyline.

If you want to watch various shows on Netflix, one must first pay a subscription fee for 1 month. So they can enjoy whatever is available there without any restrictions at all.

If you want to watch Netflix cheaply, you can use the marketplace in Indonesia because many share sharing accounts. In addition, you can also use the account together with friends to be more efficient.

Features Offer

The features offered by the Netflix apps are quite a lot, ranging from standard Netflix to modified ones. In general they will offer several things which will be discussed below.

1. Video Category

The first feature that this application has is the presence of quite varied categories of videos. In general, the categories given are in the form of serials, followed by films and finally, documentaries.

Furthermore, in each category it will also be divided into several different themes. One of them is a theme for going on an adventure or it could be a romance theme that is in demand by many people around the world.

With the presence of this category you can make the search process easier and faster. Even when you are confused about what to watch, you can go directly to the search and get what you are looking for easily.

2. Generated Content

If you often watch certain types of shows, there will be generated content immediately. This means that you will be recommended with several movie or series titles according to the themes you often watch.

This feature is perfect for those who are too lazy to find out what other shows to watch using Netflix. So only taking advantage of that feature you can get quality impressions with the preferred theme.

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3. Release Reminder

Furthermore, there are also reminders that can be used to know when a series or film will be released. There is a menu that contains various types of shows that will be released on a certain date.

You can go into it and then ring the notification bell. As soon as the latest shows appear, they are immediately in the form of pop ups or notifications at the top of the cellphone.

4. Smart Download

Downloading movie or serial files certainly requires a very large storage space. If you use this application, there is a feature called smart download.

The purpose of this feature is the ability to download automatically when connected to wi-fi. In addition, it will also perform automatic deletion when it has been watched to completion.

So you don’t have to worry if Netflix will fill up the memory on your phone. Because once downloaded, it will usually be deleted by itself so it can still be used to store other data.

5. Download File

If you experience problems with connections such as an unstable network. Then you can directly download the files available there. By doing this download process you will not experience problems with the network.

In addition, if we use a Netflix account in the form of sharing or used by many people. When downloading, you can watch videos offline so you don’t get hit by limit .

The resolution of the download is usually determined by the type of account used. But it is recommended to download the standard size only. This means that you will not download with a size that is too large and the time to do it is also long.

6. Diverse Documentaries


The collection of documentaries on Netflix is ​​quite diverse, ranging from documentaries related to food or documentaries related to investigations. Everything is presented with a very perfect packaging quality.

So if you feel bored when you are going to see a movie or series. You can go directly to the documentary section to find directly what is interesting or what is the most recent documentation.

No need to worry because all the documentaries here are already using Indonesian or English subtitles. So when watching you don’t have to worry if you don’t understand the context of the conversation.

7. Subtitle and Dubbing

Impressions released by Netflix have many advantages, one of which is the presence of subtitles and dubbing. So when you watch a movie or series there you won’t have any trouble understanding it.

Subtitles issued usually use Indonesian subtitles when using local Netflix. Furthermore, if you use the foreign version, there must be English subtitles used for watching.

In some countries there is usually additional dubbing using the local language. So the sound that comes out will not use the original language. But if you want to use the original language, you can also directly make the settings.

How to Download Netflix Apk Mod

If you want to download a modified apps from Netflix. Can use several methods or steps below.

  • The first thing to do is to open a frequently used browser application on your phone. Suggest using Google Chrome instead.
  • Go to Google then do a search: Netflix Apk Mod.
  • In a few seconds will appear a lot of sites that provide application modifications.
  • By using the site you can go directly to it and press the download button that is already available.
  • Wait for the download process to run until it’s finished.
  • After that, you can proceed to the next step before installing.
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If you want to directly download the modified application, you can also use the link below.

Name Netflix Apk Mod
Version 8.14
File Size 21 MB
Download Link Download

Netflix Apk Mod Apps Installation

Standard apps do not require a fairly complicated installation process or change the system. But if you use a modified application, it is possible that some of the steps below must be carried out.

The first thing to do is to first change the settings on the cellphone so that the security system changes. That way the application can still be installed even though it comes from an unknown source.

  • First, open Settings or Settings on your Android phone.
  • Once inside, you can directly select the menu at the bottom, namely additional settings or additional settings.
  • After entering there you can go directly to the very bottom, namely privacy or security.
  • After successfully doing that you can go to the menu that says: install from unknown sources.
  • This section must be activated first.
  • If it is active, you can immediately proceed to the next stage.

If the installation section from an unknown source has been activated previously. You can skip directly then continue to the points below.

  • First, open the Netflix Apk Mod file that was previously downloaded using a browser.
  • Go to the download tab.
  • After entering you can directly press the APK file available there directly.
  • Wait for the installation process to run to completion.
  • When it is finished, it can be directly opened to be used to see various types of kites.

Tips for Using Netflix Apk Mod

There are several tips that can be done if someone wants to take advantage of the Netflix Apk Mod. Read more in the points below.

1. Update regularly

First, make sure to update regularly. This is done because the number of users of this application is very large, so the possibility that Netflix will know when everyone is streaming will be very large.

It is known that the application will usually be immediately blocked so that it cannot be used to access various types of services. If it’s like this you have to change again to a new application with more or less the same capabilities.

That’s why at least once a week you have to update the Netflix APK file. By doing this, you can always enjoy various types of quality and interesting shows because the categories are abundant.

2. Watch Anything While You Can

It’s a good idea to watch it immediately while you can. This means that you have to watch various types of shows, be it movies or series that are on the Netflix Apk mod. By doing this you don’t have to worry if suddenly the application can’t be used anymore.

Moreover, there are many people who use this application, so the possibility of problems is also not small. So when you have free time, immediately download any movie you want to watch and then finish it immediately.

3. Don’t Use Main Account

It’s better not to use the main account, be it email or the like. Moreover, using a modified application whose security is not guaranteed and will not steal the data you have.

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You can still use another account or email as long as it is not related to the main data. So even if in the future there is a problem with Netflix, you won’t have a big enough problem either.

4. Try to Download First

The last tip that must be done when using the modified Netflix application is to download it first. That means you have to do it first on the video that you want to watch.

This method is done to avoid any system detection by Netflix. So if you want to watch it is recommended to download it first so you don’t need to do the streaming process which sometimes also has problems with the network.

Furthermore, you can also watch offline or there is no network at all. After completing the download, you can immediately turn off the connection first. Then you can directly open the same application to watch.

Netflix Apk Mod Alternative

Actually there is another alternative that can be done if someone wants to watch shows from Netflix for free. Check out the full method below.

1. Borrow a Friend

You can borrow a friend first if you want to watch some Netflix shows for free. By doing this you don’t need to use modified applications that might be dangerous if you continue.

At least you can borrow for a few hours if you want to watch certain shows. When you want to borrow, tell a friend in advance so you don’t experience double login on different applications.

So the risk of having problems like one cannot login can be avoided. In addition, you can also buy one account to use together to save money.

2. Joint Venture

If you want to watch Netflix for free or cheaper than using a mod application, a joint venture is one way you can do it.

The purpose of this joint venture is to buy one frequent account which can later be used by up to 5 people. So every month you can pay a cheaper amount compared to buying your own account.

This method is quite recommended because it can avoid problems with the cellphone being used. So instead of getting a virus or the like when using a mod application, it’s better to just use a joint venture.

3. Search Premium Account

The last alternative that can be done if you want to get a safer shadow from Netflix is ​​to use a premium account. There are a lot of premium accounts shared by others out there when you google it.

You have to look for various types of premium accounts that are usually shared by people for free. The account is usually a sharing account so it can be used by more than one person.

If you use this type of account, you have to download it first if you want to watch. By doing that you can immediately watch easily without having problems with the limit screen.

Netflix Apk Mod is an alternative if you want to watch for free without paying. Having to spend to watch Netflix is ​​quite large. So not everyone can afford it every month.

That’s why you are advised to always use a modified application or you can also use an account that has been shared. Sometimes accounts that have been shared for free can be used for a certain period of time. The most important thing is not to change the password.

Finally and no less important is always to be careful when using the Netflix Apk Mod application. Especially if you enter it using a personal account. It could be that the account you use is in the data or just stolen by irresponsible people.