New Emoji for iOS Are Coming

New Emoji for iOS Are Coming (and Here They Are)

Do you also use a lot of emojis in your messages? Then you are lucky. There are likely to be 31 new emojis in iOS, including a shaking face and a goose. You can read which more they are here!

New Emoji for iOS

You regularly get a whole series of new emojis on your iPhone . With iOS 15.4, 37 emojis recently appeared, such as the sensual lips and a ‘pregnant’ man. A total of 31 new emojis will be introduced, but it is not yet certain that they will all be added.

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The Unicode Consortium (which provides standard encoding for graphical characters and symbols) is currently considering the addition. In September, it will be decided whether these new emojis will eventually get a place in iOS.

New Emoji ios

There will then be a donkey, a goose, a jellyfish and a number of new colors of hearts. The final look of the new emojis for iOS is not yet determined. In addition, Apple, Android, Microsoft, Twitter all have their own version of the emoji. The examples in this article were created by Joshua Jones of Emojipedia .

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World Emoji Day 2022

For fans of emoji, it’s even more fun: July 17 is World Emoji Day 2022. It is the day to celebrate emojis and has been around since 2014. Did you know that the 😂 ‘face with tears of joy’ is by the way the most popular emoji of 2021? This emoji accounted for 5% of total online emoji use. You can read more about this in the article ‘ These are the most popular (and least liked) emoji of 2021 ‘.

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By the way, you don’t know what some emojis mean in iOS? Don’t be ashamed, that’s not always clear with every picture. In the article ‘ the meaning of commonly used emoji ‘ we list them for you.