One Piece 1049 Reddit Spoilers

One Piece 1049 Reddit Spoilers, Happy Wano People! Kaido Falls in the Flower Capital

The latest leaks of One Piece 1049 Reddit Spoilers were opened by leakers.

One of them, leaks One Piece 1049 tells about finally the people of Wano are happy!

It turns out that Kaido can finally fall in the Flower Capital.

Here’s the explanation.

Here’s One Piece 1049 Reddit spoilers .

In One Piece Chapter 1048 it is explained that the battle of Luffy vs Kaido is not over yet.

Meanwhile Kaido has turned into a fire dragon.

In One Piece 1049 , some theories are strengthened that Luffy has not been able to defeat Kaido . However, there are also leakers who have revealed that Kaido lost in this chapter.

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Here’s the explanation One Piece 1049 Reddit Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1049 raw Reddit spoilers have been opened by leakers.

One Piece fans are currently looking for spoilers for Luffy ‘s latest One Piece 1049 manga . Is there One Piece 1049 Reddit spoilers already ? Here’s the information!

It is informed that One Piece Chapter 1049 will air on May 15, 2022.

As for the information on One Piece 1049 Reddit spoilers are starting to appear.

So how is the One Piece 1049 Reddit spoilers theory revealed?

So far, there have been more leaks or One Piece 1049 Reddit spoilers have been exposed.

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The leaks or spoilers have been milling about on social media timelines.

Among them on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, to Facebook.

Here are some leaks of One Piece 1049 Reddit spoilers .

In One Piece 1049 , it will be informed that the people of Wano are finally having fun.

Because they saw Kaido fall in the Flower Capital!

The people of Wano are grateful that finally their suffering will stop with Kaido ‘s defeat .

” Kaido fell in the middle of the flower capital, wano people see that finally the country will be liberated,” the leakers wrote.

It also seems that One Piece 1049 Reddit spoilers to be the end of Kaido ‘s journey .

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After previously Orochi was defeated by Denjiro, it seems that Kaido ‘s adventure stopped at this chapter.

This made the people of Wano rejoice over the pirate heroes.

Although he will not lose completely, some hints have shown that Kaido will lose against Luffy in this chapter.

“We are in the late stages of Wano . Looks like Luffy beat Kaido here right?” That’s the information from a leaker regarding One Piece 1049 .

It’s just that the truth of the latest One Piece 1049 leaks has not been confirmed .

That’s the information regarding One Piece 1049 Reddit spoilers .