One Piece 1050 Release Schedule After Delay Complete with Spoilers

One Piece 1050 Release Schedule After Delay Complete with Spoilers

The story of One Piece 1049 has brought many surprises to fans.

One Piece 1049 focuses on Kaido ‘s childhood story in the Vodka Kingdom until he was finally recruited by the strongest pirate at that time, the Rocks Pirates.

Even One Piece 1049 may have offered the conclusion of the Kaido vs Luffy fight .

Then after the extraordinary duel at Wano Kuni, fans were looking forward to the continuation of One Piece 1050 . When is the plan for One Piece 1050 to be released?

Unlike the weekly manga releases, this time the gap between One Piece 1049 and One Piece 1050 manga takes 2 weeks.

Currently, Eiichiro Oda is taking a hiatus for the release of One Piece 1050

This break is a time for writer Eiichiro Oda to rest.

On the other hand, Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump itself, needs a break from One Piece manga from time to time.

Because when One Piece is on hiatus, there are empty slots that can be used to publish other interesting manga. That way, there is room for everyone.

Spoilers for One Piece 1050

spoilers for One Piece 1050 


After the duel between Kaido vs Luffy , the citizens of Wano Country were shocked by a loud shock.

It turned out that the shock came from Kaido who was lying down after being involved in fighting Luffy .

Then what about Luffy’s condition ? Luffy is also sprawled out on land around the Flower Capital. Luffy ‘s eyes were closed from exhaustion and his body was full of burns.

At that time, Luffy had returned to his normal form but was unable to move.

In this condition, it is possible that Luffy will be helped by Momonosuke who is closest to him. Luffy needs to be brought to Yamato for further assistance.

One Piece 1050 also uncovers a CP0 agent who escaped from Onigashima Island. He was the masked agent who reported to the headquarters that Kaido was defeated by Luffy ‘s overwhelming power .

One Piece Release Date 1050

One Piece 1049 Spoiler

With this hiatus, here is the latest schedule for spoiler releases for the entirety of One Piece 1050 .

  • The first spoilers will be out around Monday (23 May) or Tuesday (24 May)
  • Full spoilers will be out sometime Wednesday (25 May) or Thursday (26 May)
  • The chapter in scanlations (RAW) release will be around Friday (27 May)
  • One Piece 1050 official release on Mangaplus website on Sunday (29 May)

In other words, the official release of the One Piece 1050 manga is on May 29 on the MangaPlus app or following the release version of the website.

Those are the spoilers and the release schedule for One Piece 1050 after a week-long hiatus for writer Eiichiro Oda.