One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Did Kaido Finally Lose?

One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Did Kaido Finally Lose?

The One Piece 1050 spoiler is believed to provide a conclusion to the fight between Luffy and Kaido. Is it true that Kaido is certain to lose?

In chapter 1049 , Kaido and Luffy seem to be at their limit. both of them knew that this final attack would be the one that would decide the victor of the battle.

Right at the climactic moment, Kaido had a flashback that told his life journey since childhood. At one point, Kaido tells King that Joy Boy will be the one to beat him in the future. However, the All-Star dismissed the possibility of Joy Boy appearing today.

One Piece 1050 spoiler prediction

One Piece 1050 spoiler prediction

Several spoilers about the One Piece manga chapter 1050 have started circulating on the internet. However, some forums like Reddit are quick to take down the spoiler because there is no solid basis for its content.

The contents of the spoiler discuss that after Luffy managed to knock down Kaido and Momonosuke who landed Onigashima island safely, the Yonkou finally admitted defeat.

It is alleged that Kaido did not die when he was hit by Luffy’s attack. But so strong, Luffy’s punch is said to be able to make Kaido give up. Despite all the atrocities he has committed, Kaido still seems to have self-respect and knows when it’s time to admit defeat.

It could be, Kaido remembers his promise, that Joy Boy will be the one to beat him, which is probably Luffy. Chapter 1049 also ends with the irony expressed by King.

“Then, I don’t think we’ll ever meet him,” said King in the past, which Kaido recalled as his body hit the ground.

Is it true that Kaido will admit defeat? We can only look forward to it when chapter 1050 releases on May 30, 2022.

This is the One Piece 1050 spoiler that we can share with you. What do you think? Do you see other possibilities?