One Piece 1054

One Piece 1054: New Release Schedule and Spoilers

Manga One Piece chapter 1054 is a topic that is being discussed hotly among fans even though it has not been released until now.

As is known, One Piece 1054 has been delayed for a whole month. This is because Eiichiro Oda as the creator will focus on ‘One Piece: Film Red’.

In One Piece 1053, which was released last week, the bounties of Luffy, Law, and Kid were revealed by Morgans. They all had a bounty of 3,000,000,000 each.

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On the other hand, Luffy, Yamato, and Chopper had fun at the party and eating while Brook had a concert playing ‘Moon Princess’.

In the chapter, Kid reveals to Luffy that Luffy, along with Buggy, Shanks, and Blackbeard are called the new ‘Four Emperors’.

So what will happen in One Piece 1054?

Here are the spoilers for One Piece 1054 from various sources.

Spoiler One Piece 1054

One Piece 1054

Until now, no official information or leaks have been released regarding the development of the story in One Piece 1054.

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Launching Sport Keeda, Sunday (26/6/2022), the One Piece 1054 spoiler has become a topic of discussion on Reddit.

One Reddit user has theorized that Oda Sensei will build something “much bigger than Marineford” in this chapter and beyond.

Fans seem to be speculating that Oda used symbolism, pattern repetition, and inversion as part of the storytelling

In addition, the circulating One Piece 1054 spoiler also mentions a battle between Admiral Ryokugyu against a combination of the three captains (Luffy, Kid, and Law).

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There are also leaks that 3 of Monkey D Luffy’s friends are Sabo, Vivi, and Boa Hancock. detained by world governments.

The three were detained by the world government, after Luffy was crowned as a Yonkou.

One Piece 1054 is scheduled to be released on July 25, 2022.