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One Piece 1054: Did Zoro Return Enma After the Wano Arc? Here’s The Answer

One Piece 1054 will be released on July 22-25, 2022 tomorrow.

However, some leaks related to One Piece Chapter 1054 keep coming.

One of them is about the sword that Zoro is now holding , Enma . Will Enma be returned to Hiyori after the Wano Arc ?

Did Zoro Return Enma After the Wano Arc?

Here’s the explanation.


In the previous chapter, or in One Piece 1053 it was explained that Luffy became one of the 4 new yonko, besides Teach, Buggy, and Shanks.

Luffy was shocked when he first found out he was the new yonko.

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In addition, the fact that the secret weapon Pluton is in Wano is also revealed . It was from Nico Robin’s conversation with Kozuki Sukiyaki.

Admiral Ryokugyu is also present in One Piece 1053, where he has the power of a Logia-type devil fruit, his body parts can grow plants.

Now, One Piece Chapter 1054 raw Reddit spoilers have been opened by leakers.

One Piece fans are currently looking for spoilers for Luffy’s latest One Piece 1054 manga.

Is there One Piece 1054 Reddit spoilers already ? Here’s the information!

It was informed that One Piece Chapter 1054 will air on July 25, 2022.

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Even so, information on One Piece 1054 Reddit spoilers is starting to appear.

So how was the One Piece 1054 Reddit spoilers theory revealed.

So far, there have been more leaks or One Piece 1054 Reddit spoilers have been exposed.

The leaks or spoilers have been milling about on social media timelines.

Among them on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, to Facebook.

The latest leaks reveal about Zoro ‘s sword, Enma . Enma is the sword that Zoro currently uses.

However, it is known that Enma was Kozuki Oden’s previous weapon. Kozuki Oden has 2 flagship swords, namely Enma and Ame No Habakiri.

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After Kozuki died, the two swords were given to his children.

Enma was then given by Hiyori to Zoro , in exchange for Zoro ‘s sword , Shusui, which was Wano Kuni’s property.

So , after the Wano Arc , Zoro will return Enma to Hiyori ?

In the leaks, it is said that Hiyori will let Zoro take Enma on an adventure. Because Enma is known to match Zoro’s character .

” Enma will not return to Wano . The sword matches Zoro ,” the leaks wrote.

Well, that’s the information regarding One Piece 1054 Reddit spoilers .