One Piece Chapter 1050

One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoilers And Prediction

One Piece chapter 1049 was released on May 15, 2022. Before you finish reading it, you may be impatiently waiting for One Piece chapter 1050 spoilers.

As we well know, One Piece is one of the longest running manga series in history and remains one of the most popular. And every week, One Piece spoilers are always being hunted by fans, including the One Piece chapter 1050 spoiler .

The recent One Piece story has given us some major upheavals. Some of these not only shake the foundations of the storyline so far, but also give us some new epic scenes that we can’t wait to see in the anime.

So, it’s no surprise that after chapter 1049 came out, you already wanted to know the spoiler prediction for One Piece chapter 1050. While waiting for the development of the story, we will tell you everything you need to know about the prediction for spoilers for the upcoming One Piece chapter 1050.

One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoiler Prediction


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One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoiler Prediction

From what we know at this time, the title of chapter 1050 of One Piece is still unknown. Episode titles are usually revealed ahead of release. Three days before, there is usually a leak from the official platform that publishes One Piece.

Even so, we can expect predictions for the continuation of the story plot or spoilers for One Piece chapter 1050. Although it is not known for sure at this time, it can be predicted from the last chapter, which is 1049.

Based on Chapter 1049 will see Luffy and Kaido fighting for supremacy in the final battle over the skies of Wano. With Luffy ‘s Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun and Kaido’s Flame Bagua clashing, only one can come out on top and it will be interesting to see if it was the Yonko who did it or the man carrying Wano on his back now.

More importantly, One Piece 1049 will most likely focus on Momonosuke and his task of moving Wano out of that precarious situation. At the moment, it seems there aren’t many hurdles left in Wano.

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With Big Mom already defeated, Onigashima’s fire extinguished and even Orochi dead, Kaido is the only threat left, and in order to defeat him, Onigashima must be removed from the path of the Luffy vs Kaido fight. So don’t be surprised if you see that most of One Piece chapter 1049 will likely be focused on Momonosuke who moved Onigashima out of the way of the fight between Luffy vs Kaido.

Meanwhile, the One Piece chapter 1050 spoiler prediction is that fans will most likely see Luffy and Kaido continue their battle for supremacy to the end. Most of One Piece chapter 1049 is showing Momonosuke’s efforts to save Onigashima.

We will also be reminded of One Piece 1047. In that chapter, Kaido mentioned the importance of Haki . In his opinion, a powerful Devil Fruit ability could only take a person so far, and for them to truly rise to the pinnacle of an era, increasing their Haki and bringing it to its best level was the only way.

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Whereas in One Piece 1048, Luffy reminded fans of the Ryuo concept he learned from Hyougoro in Prisoner’s Mine in Udon. Thanks to this ability, Luffy can channel all of his Haki into Kaido’s body and do internal damage without even touching him.

So, looking back at the previous chapters, the One Piece chapter 1050 spoiler prediction is the possibility that fans will see the true test of Luffy’s haki. Fans will likely also see the big progress of the Luffy vs Kaido fight towards a conclusion.

The possibility of Kaido’s defeat will pave the way for flashbacks and the post-war plot of the story begins. With that, the Wano Arc episode has reached its end and fans with Luffy and his pirate crew can continue their journey.

This is the One Piece chapter 1050 spoiler prediction that we can share with you. What do you think? Do you see other possibilities?