Chapter 1050

One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoilers Schedule: Kaido’s Fate Determined?

In the last One Piece chapter, after a very long and tiring battle, Luffy finally managed to defeat Kaido. Kaido looks tired and unconscious after getting an attack from Luffy. The fans were curious about Kaido’s fate. Will Kaido get back up again? What will happen to Onigashima? What is the fate of the flower capital?

In the previous chapter, we looked back at Kaido’s past. We see how since childhood Kaido has become the strongest warrior in the Vodka kingdom. The Vodka Kingdom itself is not a big empire so they have to make various efforts to be able to pay “taxes” to the World Government.
Kaido and the Vodka kingdom‘s army must attack other regions and seize all the treasures from those regions. Apart from that, we also finally know that it was the Vodka kingdom that handed over Kaido to the World Government. Having managed to escape several times, the navy managed to recapture Kaido. Until then Kaido went to Beehive Island and joined the Rocks pirate group.

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Chapter 1049 yesterday also showed us that at first Kaido was still curious about the figure of Joy Boy. However, in the end Kaido knows that Joy Boy is the one who will defeat him one day. That’s why Kaido seems to be trying to prepare himself to be able to fight against Joy Boy by going to Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1050 Release Schedule

Based on available information, chapter 1050 which was supposed to be released this week had to be delayed. Because, this week the One Piece series had to take a break where this break was a holiday for Oda. Therefore, the schedule for the release of the chapter has changed to next week. Same goes for its unofficial scan schedule.

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Leaks for chapter 1050 will only be released a few days after the Japanese version. The scan results that are leaked for the chapter will likely be released on May 25-26. And the full scan of the unofficial version will be out on May 27th. Meanwhile, the official version in English will be released on May 30, 2022.

One Piece Chapter 1050 Prediction

Momonosuke showed a lot of development in this arc. However, it’s still not perfect character development. In chapter 1049 yesterday, after trying his best, Momonosuke finally managed to create a fire cloud. The fire cloud could keep Onigashima from falling on the Flower capital.

Perhaps, we’ll also see how Momonosuke recovers from his exhaustion and helps the samurai and others descend safely from Onigashima. Furthermore, chapter 1050 may return to present the past story of Kaido. Previously, Kaido’s past that appeared in the story was related to his childhood and how he was able to join the Rocks.

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In chapter 1050 we will see another story of Kaido’s past which could be related to the reason why he is in Wano. Also, an explanation regarding the Oni race which is still unanswered until now. Finally, the fate of the samurai and everyone in Onigashima was saved thanks to the water brought by Raizo and controlled by Jinbe.

However, the problem is that the island of Onigashima is still floating. Momonosuke had indeed managed to recreate the fire cloud that held his island, but the island was still floating. Chapter 1050 can present a story that shows how the fate of those in Onigashima will be. Besides, we still don’t know what will happen to Kaido next. Will Kaido get back up again? We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.