One Piece Chapter 1054

One Piece Chapter 1054: Release Date, Predictions and everything you need to know

One Piece Chapter 1054Chapter 1053 The One Piece manga is the final chapter before Oda takes a short break.

According to reports, the One Piece manga will be on hiatus for one month, which will start with the release of One Piece chapter 1053.

The One Piece manga will be resumed in mid-July, to be more precise, it will be available on July 25 , 2022 .

The reason for this long hiatus is that Oda will take a short break while working on the final saga of the One Piece manga.

Maybe not too long and we’ll be patient in a few weeks. Of course, the next chapter will give fans impatient waiting.

There are so many interesting events in One Piece chapter 1053 such as the anger of the Gorosei, the reactions of Morgans and people in various parts of the One Piece world, the identity and abilities of Aramaki (Ryokugyu/Greenbull), Pluton in Wano land, Yonko and a new Bounty.

We have also received important clues regarding chapter 1054 or a new chapter that will come, namely the world is in chaos.

As Aramaki said, “The Navy loves parties but this is not the time. The outside world is currently in chaos.”

Plus the news of the defeat of the two Yonko and the Bounty attached with the name “D”, requires the World Government and the Navy to act quickly.

Another clue is that there is a poster with a fairly large picture of Sabo, a sign of whether he has really been caught or has suddenly become a fugitive because of his presence at the Levely.

And I’m really looking forward to how Arabasta will be completely eliminated in the future? Be it the reaction of the world even Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat crew.

This refers to the Levely meeting, where Garp feels something different. I hope the outcome of the Reverie meeting will be clarified in the next chapter.

And on the other hand, it was shown that the citizens of Arabasta were complaining sadly about their country being hit by a bad accident after getting news in the newspaper.

Meanwhile we don’t know what will happen when Aramaki will meet the bad generation pirates later, especially Luffy.

Was he going to do the finishing blow, or was he just trying to test things out. I think Aramaki’s interest in Luffy isn’t just what’s happening in Wano right now.

Maybe it’s been a while, or rather maybe through Fujitora who had met them first.

So much info and predictions that we can share regarding the new chapter of the One Piece manga which will be coming after the upcoming hiatus .

If we find the latest update about One Piece, we will share it here again.