One Piece's Top 5 Strongest Marines

One Piece’s Top 5 Strongest Marines, Kong Only Ranks Fourth

The Marines are a powerful organization in One Piece , and they are known as the military face of the World Government.

The Marines are responsible for upholding justice, so they are often pitted against pirates.

The pirate population continued to grow rapidly after the death of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

Kong was the Supreme Commander of the World Government, but according to the ranking of who was strongest according to Gamerant, he was still far behind Garp .

However, later in One Piece 1048 it is revealed that Garp really respects Kong , because he had spent a figure stronger than Rocks.

One Piece’s strongest marine rankings are mostly dominated by Admirals who appear before and after the timeskip.

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One Piece’s Top 5 Strongest Marines

5. Aokiji


Aokiji was a Marine Admiral until after the events of the Paramount War. With the changing times, Sengoku thought it best to hand him the mantle of Fleet Admiral.

However, failing to defeat Akainu caused him to leave the organization. Nonetheless, Aokiji is a force to be reckoned with and can face Akainu in a balanced battle for 10 days.

His Hie Hie no Mi powers make him a threat to anyone in the world, and his control over Haki is very subtle.

4. Kong

Kong One Piece

Kong was a former Marine Fleet Admiral during the era of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. The likes of Sengoku and Garp worked under him, which shows that he himself must have had tremendous power.

Fleet Admiral is a position not just anyone can achieve. So far, only Sengoku and Sakazuki have landed this role, and both are strong enough to be considered one of the top-ranked One Piece worlds .

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In the Whole Cake Island arc, Mother Carmel claimed that if Big Mom joined the Navy, she would be so powerful that she could even become a Fleet Admiral, which gives fans an idea of ​​how strong Kong was back then.

3. Sakazuki


Previously known as Admiral Akainu, Sakazuki is currently the Admiral of the Marine Fleet , and obtained this position after defeating Aokiji at Punk Hazard. As a Fleet Admiral, it goes without saying that he is extremely powerful.

Sakazuki has the power of the Magu Magu no Mi, which allows him to create magma and transform into it. During the Paramount War, Sakazuki could fight Whitebeard for a long time and even inflict severe injuries on him.

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2. Sengoku


Prior to the events of the Paramount War, Sengoku was a Marine Fleet Admiral .

With the power of the Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu, Sengoku can match even the strongest pirates in his prime.

He is also the only Marine so far to possess all three types of Haki. According to Roger, he gave him a big challenge, meaning the two of them had close strengths.

1. Monkey D. Garp

Garp vs Roger

Luffy’s grandfather Garp reigns supreme as the strongest Marine in One Piece . Despite being only a Vice Admiral, Garp ‘s strength surpasses all other Admirals in the story.

It was evident from the fact that he could fight someone like Roger on an equal footing.

Garp’s control of Armament and Observation Haki makes him a threat to any pirate in the world.

His actions earned him the title of “Hero of the Marines ,” which is fully deserved considering his legacy.***